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  1. I don't think Arbroath fans have anything to bitter about. We went into the last 2 games of the season with the league title in our own hands. We fell short by a narrow margin and again in the playoffs but we had an excellent season and can be proud of the effort all the players made. It was a free hit for us and we will be back next season to try again.
  2. Obviously a hard one to take but we have had great season above all expectations. Should have won the game but couldn't take our chances and Inverness defending was decent most of the time. 300 mins at Gayfield without scoring against them sums it up really. Feel more sorry for Bobby Linn than I do for myself. He is a legend for Arbroath. Look forward to going again next season. Congratulations to the away fans that were at the game tonight, good support for your team.
  3. I thought it was only the final that couldn't be included?
  4. That's what I was meaning split left and right rather than top and bottom.
  5. It's not actually 2 tiers though only 1. Would have to have split it horizontally for segregation.
  6. We were having a guest away commentator earlier in the season which was actually quite good as it kept some balance.
  7. I find the commentary is not in harmony. Normally you have a commentator and an analyst but the second commentator keeps talking over Fraser and then starts doing the commentary himself. It's like they haven't established who is doing what.
  8. I'm not fussed which side is home or away to be honest. I would like the ends to be named something other than Harbour or Pleasureland though.
  9. I think this will be in the plans for next season with the ground development. Cash gate or ticket office it's all the same really and for games clearly under capacity there is nothing wrong with a cash gate. I think our online ticketing is very good though as you can buy all the way up to kick off with an instant ticket.
  10. I agree but it's a shame for fans of any side that there are no weekend games in the playoffs.
  11. Playing through injury for the club. That's what I call commitment.
  12. No playoff games on any weekend. Tuesday/Friday, Tuesday/Friday and then Friday/Monday. Better get the league won.
  13. Although some of the games haven't been the best it hasn't been anything like a collapse. First quarter 15 points, second quarter 19 points, third quarter 14 points and final quarter 7 so far with 5 games left. We have been fairly consistent all season but have drawn a lot of games. We have 4 less defeats than any other team so not what I would call a collapse. We had a goal of staying in the league which has been ticked off. Free hit at the rest of the season. It's not over yet and the team showed we won't give up.
  14. Sounding stupid is the theme of this thread though.
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