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  1. Great deal for me. 36 is not old for a centre half.
  2. Possibly but they have a designated media area and a gantry. Surely BBC can't just demand areas of the ground are closed off for them. We need any advantage we can get at the moment.
  3. Not doing ourselves any favours shutting half the East Terrace tonight.
  4. Almost 4 years ago. Unbelievable its taken this long and case is still ungoing.
  5. At least with Adarkwa he brings others into the game. Olusanya is never off the deck and PK looks lost.
  6. That is not possible but if Adarkwa is fit he is the best of the 3.
  7. He was correct in a way. It wasn't where they put the ball down for the free kick initially
  8. The keeper is probably getting that ball. It was running away quickly. I think it was a dive anyway.
  9. One of those that the pundits will call clever play or something along those lines. He just runs into Little and falls over.
  10. Not sure what El-Mhanni has done to be out of the lineup.
  11. Probably not but he didn't put a foot wrong all game.
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