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  1. We started well enough, Miko should hit the target with a header, McKenna has a good effort saved and Donnely misses a great chance. Raith get a goal and then it's heads gone for the next 15 mins and never in the game after that. First penalty is harsh for me as he wins the ball and the tackle isn't dangerous. It was no different to other tackles later in the game for corners etc. Second penalty is a joke imo and yellow card followed by red summed up the day. Raith fully deserved their win though and were consistent throughout the game commanding the midfield. We missed the dig and graft of Whatley and Gold and our back four had an off day.
  2. I'll keep that in mind. Glad to see someone using there second post on the forum to accuse people of not being proper fans though, very good of you.
  3. I agree to an extent but a lot of people are struggling and many companies are going under. The point I was trying to make is that people shouldn't be shamed for asking for a refund that has been offered because the club accepted the quality was not there.
  4. Haha, I'm glad you had a perfect stream the whole match, you must have had access to the camera nobody else got. The positives for me was that the stream connection and quality was good other than the camera being down. No buffering and an HD picture. It was bleak watching all the outdoor terracing empty though. It was good seeing the team in action but almost made me miss the afternoon out more. I had a steak and black pudding pie so that helped a little.
  5. I'm not asking for a refund but I wouldn't blame anyone that did so. The stream for must of the first half was terrible and whilst not the clubs fault people still payed £10 expecting a bit more than what was delivered. All this talk of your not a true fan of you want your money back is a lot of shite. If you went and bought a fish supper and only got the chips because the fish jumped out of the fryer would you just say that's ok I've still been fed so I'm happy,please take full payment.
  6. I thought they may have moved the camera further up the stand and to half way at least.
  7. I have to agree with you. Your paying for a service not making a donation.
  8. I think this was just the pre match camera. They seem to be having issues switching to the gantry
  9. Absolutely but I don't think anyone is getting too upset are they? If nobody posted on the forum it would be rather pointless.
  10. While this is correct we have already lost income from a league game being shown on BBC. If we can get a stream out tomorrow it will bring in much needed income for both ourselves and Montrose. It would also be a good way to give it a proper test before the League starts.
  11. I agree that a fixed line is more ideal but would be a short term solution. The amount of people watching has no bearing on uploading the video to the server.
  12. The likes of Pars TV have streamed live games from Gayfield. I assume they must have used 4G rather than a fiber connection.
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