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  1. You seem to be doing an alright job at acquiring people who've been with us lately so never know...
  2. Agreed, would be a bit silly to lose out on a potentially decent talent because we were a wee bit worried the next manager wouldn't be so keen on him. Especially if the deal was on the table before the season ended.
  3. Ultimately I'd imagine it's too big a risk to be signing players on long-term deals when we're still uncertain as to how good they are. Especially when players of all ages can end up with serious injuries, leaving with potentially earning a wage even if we know there's going to be a whole season when they're not playing at all. We'll be on a fairly tight budget, and if we're handing a player a deal that's longer than a year then we need to be close to certain they're worthy of it. Otherwise there's a risk you're using up a place in the squad on someone who's either not as good as you thought they'd be, or who's a permanent crock.
  4. Good news, talented young player and had a couple of very good performances.
  5. At the rate Sevco are going the SPFL might get their wish by not having to schedule a post-split game since they'll be down in 7th place.
  6. Shown a lot of improvement from when he first signed as well. Still only 24 too and seems to be maturing into a very good player.
  7. Duffy got us out of League One but despite our calamitous 13-14 season that was essentially the basic expectation for him when he came in. Our only real challengers financially/stature wise in that league were Dunfermline, and they had an absolute nightmare of a season. While we did show plenty of resilience in eventually getting promoted we shouldn't have been relying on the last day to go up ahead of Forfar and Stranraer. There's really no reason we shouldn't be at a mid-table level in the Championship - that's Duffy again just about hitting expectations, not punching above his weight. Until we collapsed our 16-17 season was genuinely excellent and there should be a lot of goodwill towards the guy for that, but ultimately goodwill can only go so far and it gets to a point where changes need to be made.
  8. Players will be dumbfounded at seeing an attacking Rangers performance.
  9. Nah, the 2-year deal would (or certainly should) have been at least partly dependent on Duffy having another good season and getting us a play-off spot again, either sustaining what we'd built in 16/17 or building on it. Instead he's gone backwards and a lot of our failings have been down to him. Wasn't much else that could've been done in the end.
  10. He's done an alright job all things considered, but ultimately things started to fall apart this season and his tactical failings have been obvious. While some managers can last through poor spells on goodwill, he's not earned enough of that to be rewarded for increasing failures.
  11. McCoist would be a grim appointment if that comes about. No confidence we'd improve if that were the case.
  12. Morelos finally showing some attacking intent there.
  13. The Isa storyline was alright, quite liked the scene with Winston in the confessional. Mick's consistently crap though. And for someone known as a junkie does not do drugs. At all.
  14. Didn't actually think that was too bad, Mick was shite as per usual though.
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