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  1. Have to admit that looks much worse than from any of the other angles. I was in the East stand at the side of the pitch on Saturday and I couldn't believe it was even a foul. When I see this then it looks much more reckless.
  2. Thanks again. Will show these to my Uncle and see if he can date them
  3. Poity I've just come across this thread. My Dad and Uncle played for a Dreghorn juniors in the 1950s. My dad recently passed away and I'm trying to track down any information on Dreghorn juniors from his time. Do you have anything which would help ?? Cheers
  4. My dad and uncle - Hugh and Bobby McGhee- played for Dreghorn juniors. My dad recently passed away and I'd be interested in finding out anything you have about Dreghorn from their time
  5. He was poor ? You're kidding eh ? Ngoo was poor. Mackenzie was poor. Magennis worked hard but created zilch. Eremenko played 3 balls - 2 for Muirhead and 1 for Obadeyi - which created the 3 best chances we had in the game ( outside the goals obviously). He did put his foot on the ball and he did play clever passes. He also played a couple of World Cup balls granted but that's his nature. He might not be all action but until he came on our midfield and forwards looked like they weren't talking to each other. Or else I was at a different game
  6. I was at a different game if Obadeyi was our best player. Magennis tried hard but Obadeyi, Muirhead and Cairney were all poor. I don't see where they equate to quality over quantity. Agree Eremenko did more in 20 mins creatively than all the rest in the entire game. It was a reasonably even game but we had zip in terms of goal threat. Willow Flood was head and shoulders above everyone on the park. Gonnae be a long season
  7. As a Killie fan I'd like to make a donation to Yoss's site. Huttons decency and moral backbone is in stark contrast to our Chairmans. A wee contribution might help me feel less unclean at the moment. All the best
  8. If Scottish football seriously needs these people then it can f**k right off. Sub human is the only word for it
  9. Brilliant protest - beats the shite out of the Robbers XI plans for a walk tomorrow. Next time the Classicos on I'll probably drool less over it now - really just Twisted Sisters Mark II. Mon the diddies everywhere
  10. It's like a day out for the remedial class. Will be an absolute sash bash. Please let them disgrace themselves badly - just before their appeal is heard ! That would be nice.
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