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  1. Lisa Cuddy

    The Boys

    Why, why, WHY weekly now? c***s This is tremendous. Billy Butcher’s accent started as frustrating, but when I found out the actor is from New Zealand, that’s what I’ve chosen to hear him as. Starlight was dull as f**k in the first season but seeing a darker side to her developing has been fun. Queen Maeve. Oh, you’re in turmoil, you wee soul! f**k off. The Deep has been the most interesting character for me so far. He’s a nasty wee b*****d in the beginning, but he’s become so complex. Odd that US television is keen to make us sympathise with a sex offender though The gills make me look away, especially after they got finger fucked.
  2. You can’t/won’t ruin story time that way. Once he’s recognising letters and their sounds, it starts falling into place. My 11 year old started with Ben and Holly books (Ben is a piece of piss to sound out and put together) and it was fairly plain sailing from there. As he starts to get the idea, he’ll be so proud of himself. That’s not spoiling story time at all.
  3. You’ll love and hate it in equal measure. For every time you think “why? This just isn’t worth it”, something will happen that makes you smile, makes you proud of what you do and restore your faith entirely. It’s the best career I’ve ever had
  4. Can you plant lavender? Lots of cats hate it. Downside is you might be dealing with a weirdo that loves the stuff but worth a shot.
  5. I’m at my local car wash. This is the waiting room. Think I might be best waiting outside.
  6. I’m cool as f**k and a total bubblegum girl all at the same time.
  7. He’s an awesome boy and you’ve given him the absolute best in his older years.
  8. I selected my answer now rather than next week so that I don’t have to move up an age bracket. I fucking hate getting older.
  9. You've let the wrong cat in. Yours is living with another family now. You'll just have to make the best of it.
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