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  1. Not from instruction I’ve been given personally - we also need to eat and buy things and can’t arrange deliveries to our homes when we’re working - but quite honestly work and shopping is about all I do anyway!
  2. All health and social care staff are exempt from the 10 day isolation period provided they have a negative PCR and negative LFTs for 10 days. It’s been the case for ages.
  3. Yeah I’m definitely planning on going back, it’s stunning.
  4. Lisa Cuddy


    Just getting around to New Blood and finished first episode. What is he like?? Come on, Dexter, you’re smarter than this!
  5. There are tours, but I was there last month and they weren’t running. No idea if it was COVID or time of the year. I wonder if it’s not well publicised after the damage caused during filming, plus trying to preserve history I’m guessing.
  6. Are you really pissy because I called you a doughnut? Bless
  7. Oh my god, this is like trying to teach Barrymore to swim The date is relevant because we’re more than a year on from the #metoo movement and we’ve still got guys like Redflag there thinking it’s ok to comment on preying on drunk women. Some guys on here have, rightly, pulled him up for sounding like a rapist. He defends this by saying “women talk like that as well” - not “some women” but “women”. I stated that no, this isn’t a “woman” problem. I don’t do this. I know countless women that don’t do it. But some guys on here have heard it so I must be wrong. Reminder: he said “women”. Not “some women”. You also don’t get to justify creepy behaviour by suggesting women are as bad. A creep is a creep. Some posters, like yourself, don’t seem to recognise the guy sounds like a predator and have decide to question me instead. f**k knows why, I’m just saying “woman here, I don’t do that!”. Why call out me? It’s one of the guys being the creep. Guys clearly aren’t listening to women when we say “we don’t like your creepy behaviour, please stop”. That’s why it doesn’t stop. That’s why women don’t feel safe. Please do better. Call out snide behaviour in your own camp and stop trying to turn the attention onto “women”. You are not helping.
  8. I’m not having a go at you. I also never said you could be described as a predator. Read it again, doughnut.
  9. You said you were disappointed that you couldn’t wait until the girl in the office was drunk because you fancied shooting your shot and she puts out after a few drinks, then we’re called out for sounding like a rapist. And you think you’ve been misinterpreted..: how?
  10. You really don’t see how you agreeing with him that women do this instead of something like “red, you do realise it’s 2021? Did you miss the whole #metoo thing? Maybe try not to sound like a predator, eh?” could be problematic?
  11. The issue here is a guy comes on this thread and makes a creepy remark about preying on a drunk girl at his work and when called on it and told to do better, he’s doubled down on it by suggesting women behave the same way. I’m sure *some* do. It is, by some distance, not all. You have put yourself on the same side as the guy being a creep. I’m not the only one calling out that behaviour. I am the only one you’ve chosen to pull up for it.
  12. You do like to mansplain. I’m not surprised you have to wait until the office junior is drunk before you try your luck.
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