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  1. I selected my answer now rather than next week so that I don’t have to move up an age bracket. I fucking hate getting older.
  2. You've let the wrong cat in. Yours is living with another family now. You'll just have to make the best of it.
  3. I hate to break it to you, but you aren't. You will either go out, be so knackered you'll be steaming/asleep by kick off, or you'll be too knackered to go in the first place. Sorry. Congratulations though!
  4. I've had no wildlife brought into the house today. They are allowed Dreamies.
  5. In-fucking-credible. I am so pleased for you. Fantastic news!
  6. I'm always feart that it'll melt the bin bags! Yes! This is me!
  7. Rose brought in a live blackbird this morning and ran up to the youngest's room to play with it. Youngest is most upset as he's scared of birds because he "got to watch the trailer for The Birds at school" (er, what the f**k???). Eriksen has surpassed himself by bringing in two dead mice and then killing a third one, which I shooed him away from after finding him throwing it up in the air and catching it in the back garden. I knew I should have called them Arya and Bronn. Little fuckers.
  8. There's a spare bed in my care home just now. Send her in, she sounds fun. Seriously though, I hope she's being well cared for.
  9. I've tried this before too, and if you're a busy type, disorganised, not very confident in the kitchen, or just want to get a bit more variety in, it's a great place to start. It's not the cheapest way to go about it, but you get to keep the recipe cards so you can then shop yourself and get it all a lot cheaper. I gave it up because of the price really. I loved cooking years ago, and liked trying out all sorts, but when I qualified as a nurse, started working 13 hour shifts, I was far too knackered for it most of the time. Adam took over a lot of the cooking, and he's really good at it, plus he loved a Sunday in the kitchen with Sky Sports and a few beers. I totally lost interest in it. I've had to start getting back into it though as I don't want to live on takeaway, and I don't want the kids to either. I ended up getting the Pinch Of Nom book and I've got my love of it back. I've a big cook book collection and I've been diving through them as well. The kids are really enjoying trying new things and the youngest has even told me that my cooking is awesome ("because it wasn't really very good before, mum") 🙄 I got the Pinch Of Nom planner a few weeks back and it's brilliant. I batch cook for work or just to have some easy reheatable things for when I want something quick. I'm also under 9st for the first time since my teens!
  10. That's easy! Drop it in her handbag. She'll have looked there at least 3 times, but that's irrelevant. You need to search a handbag a good half dozen times before you find anything in it anyway.
  11. Your doctor, without question, is the person to speak to. Yes, it could so easily be a mental health issue, but it could just as likely be physical. You describe the symptoms of someone who is anaemic, for example. This could be as simple as having a blood test and finding out you need iron tablets. It's very quick and easy to get that sorted - you can arrange that with a phone call. Even if it did turn out to be more complex than that, your doctor will want to check the simple first as it's the quickest way to get to the bottom of the issue. Good luck
  12. Well I know where it is now. I got up to find my living room destroyed, the strawberries untouched, the bucket broken and a dead mouse by the back door while Rose strutted about the place with her best "a girl is no one" face on.
  13. That's one handsome bugger. Our current total is 4 sparrows and one mouse. A live mouse. A live fucking mouse that better not be fucking pregnant. I don't even know where the b*****d thing is as Eric didn't have the decency to kill it before playing a game of catch and release on the living room floor before I had to step in and try and get the c**t humanely outside. I've now got a bucket with steps leading up to it and strawberries as bait. The little rodenty p***k better be in that bucket in the morning.
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