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  1. Palmer has given SOD some decent competition. He's been in the doldrums this season, needs to be more cavalier. He's getting there, though. SOD will rise again. McKenna is your typical big, strong lump but his problem is that he's too 1-dimensional at the moment. Needs a move away from McInnes to reach his full potential. Findlay will take over the left CB role when he's back fit. Findlay is a modern CB: strong, pacey and can play football. McKenna and him might work together, with Findlay reading the game and telling McKenna what to do. Not sure how well he follows orders, though. Forrest and McGregor were relatively disappointing again. McGregor woke up with about 10 minutes to go and started zipping passes about. Where had that been all game? Mind you, at least they didn't call off. I'm looking at you, Tierney, Robertson and Fraser. Taylor, Gallacher, Naismith all did well. Jack has played himself into contention. He could be the disruptive, hard b*****d we need beside McTominay. McGinn is an absolute machine. Christie could be even better than McGinn. Great result! Onwards and upwards!
  2. Was the speed issue fixed for the actual game or is it still as bad as folks were saying about the beta? I like big databases, so I'll stick to 2019 if it means a new laptop.
  3. Get that carthorse Devlin off and bring on Stuart Findlay. He'd keep the Ruskis at bay and get a couple of goals to bring us level.
  4. I'm thinking when Sir Steve Clarke said Burke up front, he actually meant Chris and not that total donkey in the no.9 shirt. Olly has has been utter mince and tatties, with a stewed onion in the middle of the pan. Boak
  5. SOD's assist for the first is a thing of beauty. Porteous had no chance. A thing of beauty. Pass of the century. Or, if you work for BBC Sportsound - "a big lump up the park." Just checked my notes on this... Derek Ferguson also thinks Carlos Alberto's 1970 WC Final goal was "a bit of tippy tappy then just a heids doon big toebasher". Willie Miller describes Zlatan Ibrahimovic's overhead kick from 30 yards V England as a "failed clearance". Richard Gordon thinks Diego Maradona's goal against England was "Headless chicken type flukery."
  6. Well, that was unbelievably shite. Refreshing, in a way, but not a good way. We were clueless. Brophy got bossed by two big lumps. He needs to try to find space, but he got absolutely zero support. We hardly created anything. Jesus fucking christ on a bendy bus.
  7. I was being polite. [emoji6] The good thing for us is that we don't have MJ in charge. He'd have gift-wrapped and delivered SOD to them for the first offer. Having Bowie in charge gives me hope.
  8. I don't think the SOD rumours are true. 900k would be an insultingly low bid for the 9-times capped Scotland international right back. Especially from a team about to be £25 Million better off for selling a crocked KT.
  9. Thanks for that - I might still give it a go, but I'll have a look at some other options too. I had a look into Everspace, but the guy I watch play it on twitch just made it look like a boring grind. X4 has got poor reviews on steam, too. I've still to do a bit of research into Elite: Dangerous, but it might be the best option.
  10. Looking for a new game, and I fancy a bit of spaceshippy RPG action, with dogfights and exploration and trading and the ability to upgrade your ship. Been thinking for a while about trying Eve Online, but it looks incredibly tough to get into. Also considered Elite Dangerous, but been told a lot of the game is spent travelling. Anyone got any info about these games or other suggestions?
  11. Yeah, I heard he struggled. Still, he's only young. Hopefully he'll learn from it.
  12. Lewis Morgan and Glenn Middleton seem to be the next big hopes. Hastie at Motherwell (if he's still at Motherwell?), too. Can't think of any on the right. Does Chris Burke count?
  13. Actually, Kuro didn't say that. He said he'd rather have him than Roberto Martinez. The implication was all yours. If it helps, I too would rather have Steve Clarke managing Scotland than Martinez, as I've seen him take poor players and improve them. Mind you, I'd rather have him back at Killie. Genuine question - would you rather have Clarke or Gerrard at rangers?
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