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  1. See a ICT player has a fistful of Daire’s shirt also. Ref was a numpty. The Inverness players obviously new that and were calling foul every time an Ayr player challenged them. Not a criticism of the Inverness players but we need to be better at that side of the game too.
  2. Thing is we’ve been playing hoofball for a while now both at home and away on artificial pitches, so I’m not so sure we can use the pitch as a reason
  3. Us Ayr fans getting confident of a win usually always works out well
  4. My mate just been down to cappielow to see about tickets and was told we are definitely in the stand. A bit pish but still going.
  5. Keep this up and we might just attract the players who want to play for Ayr
  6. The tedious crowd wanking Marvin DKB’s just can’t help themselves. Sad really.
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