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  1. Us Ayr fans getting confident of a win usually always works out well
  2. My mate just been down to cappielow to see about tickets and was told we are definitely in the stand. A bit pish but still going.
  3. Keep this up and we might just attract the players who want to play for Ayr
  4. The tedious crowd wanking Marvin DKB’s just can’t help themselves. Sad really.
  5. David Craig’s (I’m sure it was him)screamer against Raith at Kirkcaldy. Seemed like he hit from about 40 yards but was probably more like 25. Some goal.
  6. See while I think this is slightly negative it does feel like we’re maybe losing out on players signing for us because it’s maybe a tough sell to convince them it’s the right move for them to come here. Not ITK but seems that way. I’m sure it’ll all come good.
  7. Money talks at the end of the day. Everyone has a price. We were not willing to or able to offer enough to make him want to move or travel, take your pick. Not a criticism of the decision makers just the reality. Just need to find the right people at the right money. I’m sure we will.
  8. Good effort by the ref but just fell short. Well done Inverness, deservedly in the final
  9. I’d actually like to see Airdrie get promoted. Just for the bantz. I’m probably in the minority though.
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