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  1. Was driving doen south last week & the amount of c###s who when you're in the 2nd lane overtaking just sit brhind you then pass when you go bck into lane 1 instesd of just using lane 3 to overtake as it's empty is unreal, genuinely baffles me
  2. It's amazing how many people (including my same friends) think that thomas cook are giving away holodays, that form they need them to fill on is totally lehitimate too
  3. The listings were showing it on bt sport 1 with the prelims at 1am & main card at 3am the other day so was prob a delay in them being updated
  4. Jesus, people on here complaining it'd bad yet continuing to watch every week?
  5. Sure i read somewhere its back on 31st March
  6. Apparently theres been 2 winners of fully paid holidays including flights & accomadation at christmas who aren't responding to messages so they are being given away again. Gullible idiots
  7. Can imagine a break in happening next
  8. Will be a complete non event once Till misses weight again imo
  9. Bottlers, the heads gone would've topped yesterdays if they had gave him a penalty
  10. Ngannu & Lewis deserve to have their money taken from them after that
  11. Sat down to watch the ultimate fighter finale from last night there only for the recording to stop before the end of the main event, damn yanks & their filler
  12. That was shite, pirelli have ruined it
  13. All that money from the new driver & Williams can't update the overall livery
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