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  1. ????????8 men, we only need 8 men????????
  2. I swear to god. One day I'm gonna get past week one.
  3. So now I got a nice waiver wire pick up at TE. I'm still looking to offload Jordan Cameron but now just looking for a WR of similar value. Anyone interested?
  4. I'm sure another top 5 pick will ease the pain.
  5. The ideal trade would be for me to get a RB1/WR1 plus a TE2. You would get a TE1(Cameron) and a WR/RB2. If that make sense.
  6. The strong get stronger. Well done Bishy. Next time wear a mask though.
  7. Week 1 QoS Week 2 Morton Week 3 Dunfermline Week 4 Albion Rover Week 5 Hibs Week 6 Hearts Week 7 Ayr
  8. This is torture. Between injury, suspension and the bye week I have 13 (thirteen) players out. For week 4. What chance does a boy have?
  9. Yup. After he dropped an easy TD that would have put the game out of reach.
  10. FAO of Dee4Life. Just wanted to apologise for ever doubting your opinion on Jared Cook. You were right and I was wrong. Your clever and I'm dumb. Your incredibly handsom, I'm not attractive. P.S f**k you Jared Cook. I hate yi!!!
  11. 6 players out, 2 doubtful and a starting QB who had to be dropped. It's only week 3. Unreal!
  12. Correct. That's the issue. I've seen us play. If I hadn't already play QoS I'd have them next week aswell.
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