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  1. Would that be around the time they spent half a million on an artificial pitch? No point at all in looking at the P&L column over a short period without having a breakdown of where it came from
  2. "Within seven days of the date of the ITC request, the former association shall, by using the appropriate selection in TMS, either: a) deliver the ITC in favour of the new association and enter the deregistration date of the player; or b) reject the ITC request and indicate in TMS the reason for rejection, which may be either that the contract between the former club and the professional player has not expired or that there has been no mutual agreement regarding its early termination. 5. Once the ITC has been delivered, the new association shall confirm receipt and complete the relevant player registration information in TMS. 6. If the new association does not receive a response to the ITC request within 15 days of the ITC request being made, it shall immediately register the professional player with the new club on a provisional basis (“provisional Annexe 3 59 registration”). The new association shall complete the relevant player registration information in TMS (cf. Annexe 3, article 5.2 paragraph 6). A provisional registration shall become permanent one year after the ITC request. The Players’ Status Committee may withdraw a provisional registration, if, during this one-year period, the former association presents valid reasons explaining why it did not respond to the ITC request." FIFA regs from the SFA website. Take it we either have made a mess of the form, or don't know the rules
  3. I'm sure I read somewhere that the SFA grants provisional clearance if there hasn't been a reply within 30 days?
  4. They will be, but in digital format. I read that Sony were working on letting users link licences to their account which would then let them download games they already own.
  5. Its probably a decent strategy for the first bet, one team at evens and one favourite. If it comes in remove your stake for the next attempt and continue from there as intended. Of course if you set out to do this the evens team is gonna come up and the favourite will lose...
  6. a_n_d_o

    The Walking Dead

    ... Before. When they were showing Rick how they catch them, they say Otis usually did this.
  7. Might be achievable if you rent out to footballers I was responding more to the OP's comments about greed, i'd be surprised if many (or any) details of this story are correct though. I think the more probable story is he was seriously starting a new company and looked to his former colleagues to help raise the initial capital needed (promising a small return but playing more the friend in need card), started using the money and costs escalated. It happens to experienced companies so for a footballer trying his hand in the market nobody should be surprised if he runs into trouble. ... Or he is a crook and decided to rip off ihs friends. ... Or he ran into massive and debt and was forced into participating in a scam. Guess we won't know for sure until we see the transcript of his phone calls....
  8. If they were greedy do you not think they would have invested far more? I think its probably more a case they would be trying to help him out by investing and if it makes money great. On the right scale and in the right area 20% would easily be achievable, think buy to rent and you can easily get 5-10% in most areas. You should also keep in mind those with lots of capital get better rates, the banks may screw the majority but they look after the rich
  9. I took the safe option of betting on a sending off in that game, couldn't decide whether it'll be messi or higuain that steals the show.
  10. Akpo, this is an interesting thread because its high risk, not because its successful or profitable. This is an accumulator of sorts, and 6 teams at evens is a horrible idea for an accy (still good reading though). If you want to make money you have to take risks, if you just want to add a bit of interest with low risk then put on trebles (you do understand the more games you put on the higher the risk?). Personally I put on 2 outrageous 8-12 team accy's and 2 relatively safe 6 team accy's. I'll then do a 'banker' accy where I take almost sure things and double chances to ensure I get my stake back. Sorry for the irrelevant interuption to the thread, continue your stories.
  11. On a more serious note there are a few tempters in the Europa league, Anderlecht but they've already qualified so i'd check they play their full strength side first. Lazio and PSG have good odds but away ties are always a bit more risky. And Stoke
  12. Stick it on Arbroath or just stick on £250-300 for the next bet
  13. I'm sure Gibbs has made more than 1 England squads if not playing counts? Who do you think will play more games this season Gibbs or Aurelio?
  14. And Gibbs is an England International
  15. I think he believed he was onside and thought he heard a whistle, hence the half hearted backheel. He doesn't look at all bothered at first and then a bit surprised by the reaction
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