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  1. A few rumours going about of Ryan McGowan going to China for 400k.
  2. I see Coopers Rest in Easter Road has had some work done today.
  3. SPL/Lower Championship player Would be awful in a real league.
  4. Greggy Wallace


    Anyone watched the finale yet?
  5. Good lad. Although what were you doing at a Dwarf shaggers gig in the first place? Awful excuse for music.
  6. If you want a degree you'll have to get used to the idea of presentations. After the first one it is a piece of pish. One of the best ways of learning as well because you have to properly know what you are on about.
  7. You are always the first to bring it up you wee weirdo. On topic - we've got that Liff striker coming in if we pay our players. Can imagine a fair few going out, most notably Ryan McGowan who'll probably head down south for a small fee.
  8. Brilliant, haven't seen that video. The ground was absolutely buzzing in the 15 minutes or so before kick-off. What a day. One never to be forgotten.
  9. Third mate and f**k ye were the only two i enjoyed out of that. The miming thing which seemed to be the main thing just didn't work.
  10. 2.30 onwards is fucking glorious. the start has a few hibees talking about it being life changing.
  11. Thank you for that bite. Thanks. Same with you Akpo, that realisation that you are fucking murder is shite, isn't it bro?
  12. ALL TOGETHER NOW Oh it makes me feel like sinking the booze, when the jamtarts win and the hibees lose, oh jamtarts you got me sinking the boooooooooze Come on Rory and the rest of you wee pubes, join in
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