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  1. Ayr v Queens

  2. Ayr v Queens

    Surely be off
  3. I’ve said the same about our last couple of games and yet here we are...
  4. Ayr v Queens

    The pair of them have been missing for weeks...
  5. Abuse? Come on. He got a few shouts of disapproval on Saturday after making a horse's arse of it again. He hasn't come anywhere close to being abused by our support. I hear it every home game. Same folk in the Portland Drive Terracing every time.
  6. As for comments slagging Alan on this, I actually spoke to him at the fun day at the Palmerston arena and he seemed like a nice guy. He may not be the best keeper we’ve had but to constantly keep slagging him and abusing him is a bit much.
  7. I told you to put some cream on it...
  8. Ayr v Queens

    Playing either of them ahead of Maguire is bonkers.
  9. Take it to the vet then...
  10. We’ll take Adams, he’ll be a good player for us in League 1 next season
  11. Red and grey one for me Statement from the club regarding the Martin carry on. http://qosfc.com/news-4425