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  1. Cheers Aberdeen, we are going through! Looking at the scenario prior to yesterdays game I didn’t have much hope that we’d be going through. Delighted to be in the draw.
  2. Cheers Aberdeen, we are going through!
  3. Keep it going Aberdeen. Making my Sunday that bit better
  4. To be fair that was over 3 years ago he joined you, surely came on a bit since then
  5. Ciaran McKenna just joined us. A good edition for League 1 football?
  6. Welcome Ciaran McKenna. 6ft4 defender,(primarily centre back by the looks of it)
  7. Is it too much to be asking for atleast 2 new signings unveiled in the new kits?
  8. I was confusing your username with our biggest rivals in the world, Ayr United
  9. You’d think going by some of the comments on this that Josh Rae was Oliver Kahn All the best to him at Airdrie as he was good for us but when we’re up against him next season I’m hoping to see him picking the ball out the Airdrie net on numerous occasions!
  10. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/queen-south-boss-wullie-gibson-27243817?fbclid=IwAR0z9Qv77_YD9QHnVxC7B2J31jKFI7FeDGMvek2lRtJhwcr1Ck51wylNJKg Good update from the gaffer. Still wants another 4/5 players in. Also crazy that Wullie said: “I was here last year and we had 42 trialists or something at this stage.
  11. That’s all we have just now. Seems to be always last minute with our strips in recent years.
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