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  1. Last game was in Kirkcaldy and he was solid but aye that first game at Palmerston he was poor.
  2. Nice wee away day but horrible bogey team for us. Please, just get doon Alloa.
  3. The 2 defeats to Alloa have really set us back. Even just 4 points from them 2 games would have seen us in a nice position.
  4. Thought that patter had died, well done for bringing it back
  5. Absolutely skelped Jammer MacDonald ‘FUCKING YAAAAS’
  6. What we have is fine. Even if you take away Medube from Saturdays squad, our bench was strong. The return of Jones and Pybus soon possibly too and we should be positive about looking up the table with the players available.
  7. Absolute fanny of a man. Ex queens player but lost any respect I ever had for him.
  8. A lot of speculation about Ayo but this is a man that I hope we’re going all out to re sign.
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