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  1. Brownlie is good cover to have back nonetheless but he’ll struggle to get into the team unless someone is injured/suspended.
  2. http://www.fcbuffalo.org/mcgrath-signs-for-nashville-sc/ Found a little info on him. Plays in midfield but can also cover at the back.
  3. At this moment in time I would say this is Naysmiths best starting 11 since taking over as manager. We are hard to beat and scoring goals. Very impressed with his January signings so far and there’s still a couple more to come which will help this small squad. If we can avoid injuries then I’m very optimistic of a successful second half of the season.
  4. My mistake I’m new to this and not familiar with users. Looks like Moffat has really stepped up while Shankland has been out injured...
  5. You watch every Ayr game like?
  6. Ridiculous. You clearly don’t see the work Dykes does. And Michael Moffat 3 goals in 19 games with 4 assists is hardly the best second striker in the league.
  7. Dundee v Queens

    We were unlucky against St Johnstone to be fair. Wasn’t much between the teams. 400 odd expected to make the journey.
  8. Dundee v Queens

    Dundee sign Andrew Nelson, familiar opponent having played for Falkirk last season and he scored against us.
  9. Aye it’s going to be a regular thing.
  10. Dundee v Queens

    Don’t see why they wouldn’t.
  11. Dundee v Queens

    Who’s all out for you guys? I see Andrew Davies has broken his foot.
  12. https://the72.co.uk/123118/queen-south-boss-hints-future-sheffield-united-loans-semple-success/
  13. 4 nil battering of top of the league, back into the play offs, Harkins sent off for Partick. It’s a good Saturday...
  14. Queens v Ross County

    Van Der Weg is dreadful by the way. How is he only 27? Looks late thirties at least
  15. Queens v Ross County

    I see his move is subject to international clearance. Would be a shame if the relevant paperwork wasn’t completed in time