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  1. Keep them and have 2 unhappy players on the books. Makes sense.
  2. At this point, it is very much heading the same way as last season.
  3. It’s the same story as last season. Naysmiths January signings were terrible (apart from Wilson) and we were so very nearly relegated and it cost him his job. We’ve been a bit unlucky this season with losing 3 key players but the replacements are rubbish. I’ve seen Queens managers sacked for less...
  4. Ahh the Ainsley Harriott meme, was not expecting that...
  5. The gubbins cart horse that scored against yous the start of the season. Some boy 😍
  6. To make matters worse, Partick score with the last kick of the game. Just get us doon.
  7. You hardly bring a support on par with the likes of Dundee Utd, pipe down.
  8. We need to talk about Dobbie, his body language and performance last few months has been worrying. Something isn’t right.
  9. On this day 6 years ago Scotland U19 beat Switzerland u19 4-2. 4 recognisable faces in that picture for queens fans.
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