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  1. I love this man. He doesn’t deserve the sh*t he has to play with but he sticks in there and gives his all. He loves this club and knows what it’s all about. A rare breed in the modern game, when will we see another? His time is coming to an end, I just hope fans are there to give him the farewell he deserves. The thought of no fans for his potential last game is sickening.
  2. FrankReynolds any reason why you keep giving red reactions on my posts? Absolute weapon
  3. Dunfermline away on Halloween is giving me the fear. They’ll have a field day against our defence. Nightmare on Halbeath Road 😱
  4. Maxwells body language suggested that to me too as he walked off but the replay says otherwise.
  5. My thoughts too with Shields. I thought he must have had a niggle as he has to be in the lineup every week for me.
  6. Had a look at his stats and Kingsley has only scored 1 goal in his career prior to them 2 beauties tonight. Surely that can’t be correct?
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