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  1. If you call that a shagging, then I’d hate to be any bird you’ve been with.
  2. It really isn’t that great. I think you’re confusing us with Inverness.
  3. He done f**k all today. Basically playing with 10 men.
  4. Kidd missed a free header and a 1 on 1 with your keeper second half. We handed you that victory on a plate.
  5. We’re incredibly inconsistent. If Lewis Kidd wasn’t an absolute bottle job in front of goal then it would of been a different story. Also shout out to the usually reliable McCrorie Who had a mare.
  6. Getting beat by that rubbish. You love to ruin my Saturday night queens.
  7. Ahh good old inconsistency fc strike again. Missed chances coming back to haunt us.
  8. Semple the only injury ahead of the visit of Partick tomorrow. Must say that he looked in better shape when I seen him at the Christmas event on Sunday.
  9. Goosebumps every time I see that packed terracing going wild. Haven’t seen it like that in a long time.
  10. Queen of the South Christmas market was excellent today, well done to all involved. Management team and the players were fantastic with the kids and really made an effort.
  11. Had a few players missing last week that returned yesterday and made a big difference. That team last week should still of been good enough to compete with Queens Park but it’s Queen of the South, we like to make life hard for ourselves at times.
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