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  1. In ‘magic’ we trust. Great squad we have but not seeing the true potential due to a negative dud of a manager
  2. East started the season well at centre half but that's two goals in two games we've lost with him at left back that he should have done better with. We’ve got an actual left back on the bench as well
  3. Happy with that. On his day can be a game changer but just needs to be more consistent. Hopefully means we can push Paton up top now. Credit to Queens, we have an excellent squad this season.
  4. Aidan Fitzpatrick signs one year deal with QotS
  5. We have one of the best youngsters in Scottish football; you've got Willie Gibson. Regardless of his age he’s been tremendous, you’ve picked one of our best performers there. Hamilton done well to keep him quiet today and was limited to hitting the post with a free kick.
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