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  1. Never really got a look in last season with scott allan playing so well but looked very good in the second half of the season they got relegated I thought he was going to be a big player for them last season personally.
  2. Noticed on the bbc gossip page that apparently sam stanton's free to find another club. If it's not just paper talk i'd like to see us in for him especially if sibbs goes this summer although it also mentions dundee are rumoured to be interested in him.
  3. Off topic i'm sorry but does anyone know if the old Harthill manager Barry Morton's still coaching and if so who ?
  4. I'm looking for a team that play on saturdays in the stirling/falkirk area. I can play in midfield but prefer playing upfront. I started this season playing junior football then moved to an u21 team but they unfortunately folded.
  5. Sibbs has the ability to play at the top level he just needs to realise that unless he starts putting 100% in week in week out he won't go anywhere.
  6. I don't really rate baird so I hope he's not coming to us.
  7. Is there a website or twitter that shows live junior scores ?
  8. Is the falkirk jfc game at the grangemouth stadium and if so how much is it to go watch ?
  9. What's owain tudor jones like apparently hes signing with us tomorrow ?
  10. People moaning about macdonald waving to fans and clapping them at the end need to get a grip. All that matters is his performance and going by most on here he was our best player which says alot considering we conceded 4 goals.
  11. Easy hearts win we seen how much we will miss mcgrandles with last nights performance.
  12. Falkirk should put the incident out there to show how pathetic ross millen actually is. Having watched it again it's exactly how I told it last night millen stamps on biabi when hes on the ground then biabi jogs over to millen they have verbals then they square up and millen hits the deck just like lafferty. Mcgrandles refused to shake millens hand at the end so millen shook hands with alston then went straight down the tunnel. Absolute detest players who feign injury to get a player sent off, yes biabi does a few tumbles but he actually gets stamped on. Hopefully justice prevails and in my eyes millen should get a longer ban than biabi. Pathetic.
  13. Millen stamped on young botti when he was on the deck(the rolling about was rather embarassing though) then botti squared up to millen but there was no headbutt it was exactly as someone has suggested identical to the lafferty incident then after the sending off botti completly lost it and should be rightly punished for it but millen in my eyes should be banned through the sfa looking at the incidents again.
  14. As far as I am aware the full team has walked out and have all asked to be released.
  15. We as players are all mystified to this question aswell.
  16. We as players would have loved to have been able to carry on with baz and we all believe we would have had a decent season but why should we feel bad ? I agree no one likes to see teams go under but in this case why exist if it's not going to get anywhere with the man in charge. What's the point in struggling season in season out because no funds go into the team. Players signed with the club because they saw how good a manager baz was and bought into the style of play he was trying to inforce.
  17. There was no dictating we as a squad agreed that our manager and his backroom staff had been in our eyes unfairly treated and so no longer felt we could play knowing what had went on at the club. People here throwing allegations about I would like to advise them to find out the facts first before critising anyone involved.
  18. Im looking for an u'21 team or amateur team who are from the falkirk/stirling area. Im 19 years old and play upfront although I can also play anywhere across the midfield.
  19. Was quite disapointed to see comrie leave us I thought he looked promising small in stature but didn't shy out of a tackle.
  20. Just wondering how all the ex falkirk players are getting on, I know there's alot but obviously some of them are doing well as they've managed to get moves back to the championship ie white and weatherston. So how's smith,comrie,munn and hamilton doing ?
  21. Whats your opinions of campbell ? Pressley wanted him a few years back and at that time I was quite happy for him to sign as he had always caused us problems with his pace but he hasn't really scored alot of goals for yous.
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