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  1. I don't think we can really grumble at those odds to be honest, McGlynn's a much better manager than we've had over the last few seasons but there's still loads of work to be done on the squad front to have us performing on the park.
  2. The tweet from the club just mentioned that tickets would be available online in the next few days but there's been nothing mentioned since. I had a quick look online and can't see any tickets on sale for it either.
  3. Nothings been mentioned but I can't imagine there won't be a PATG option. I'm planning on just walking up so worse comes to worse i'll give you a boosty up so you can see over the fence for the first half and the second half we'll switch round?
  4. Christ Dawson all those loud orange walks have ruined you.
  5. The person we had watching him for QOS last season.
  6. Looked quite neck and neck for the title last season right enough so god knows what people are basing that opinion on...
  7. Aye we can't be signing players on the back of them scoring two goals against a defence that consisted of Ryan Williamson at right back, a centre back pairing of Mackie & Mccann and an unknown youth trialist left back. That would be madness.
  8. Took his two goals well but they were essentially tap ins, didn't perform well for QOS last season. In the preseason cup games for Killie last season I remember watching him miss a fair few chances as well.
  9. We've still got a lot of work to do on the squad front. At the moment we've only really got Gary Oliver as an option upfront and we've yet to sort out the middle of the park which has been an issue with us for years. McGinn will help with that but we need some legs in beside him, Finn Yeats was on trial against Killie and looked promising. Mcglynn's a much better manager than we've had over the last few years but he's clearly finding it difficult to bring players in. With us also having too many of the duds from last season still contracted I reckon it'll be playoffs at best. McGlynn said last week we still have scope for 1 or 2 more signings and then a few loans so hopefully he uses those loans to bring in a bit more quality. I think Scumfermline currently have the best attacking options in the league but they've also still got a lot of work to do to sort out the rest of the team, Airdrie have done well keeping a good few of their players from last season as well as adding Rae & Ballantyne but Easton will be a massive loss. Loans are normally the best way of bringing in some quality in this league so it'll be interesting to see who clubs bring in over the next 5 weeks.
  10. Shaun Brown was the young left midfielder that came on as a trialist on Friday night, number 21 I think he was. 18 year old who was on loan at Cumbernauld Colts last season from Dundee United, grabbed himself a few goals too. Looks to be a local lad.
  11. It's back to only being available for overseas subscribers. https://www.falkirkfc.tv/
  12. Hopefully Finlay Malcolm gets a decent run out on Tuesday, he can't be any worse than the number 9 that came on in the Killie game and it would be good to finally get a chance to see what he's like. Still want us to sign/loan for the below positions. We most likely won't get another 7 signings but if we managed to move on a few of the current contracted players it would be ideal. Right back - Ryan Williamson's rotten defensively so we really need a better option. Adam Devine's rated at Rangers but I think he's similarly better going forward than he is defensively. Back up centre back - So we never have to rely on Brad Mckay. Centre Midfielder x2 - Possibly could be Yeats if he continues to impress and another runner in there beside McGinn. Cole Mckinnon's obviously been linked. Winger - We only have the very injury prone Morrison and Mcguffie at the moment. Mochrie would be ideal or Kai Kennedy. Striker x2 - Both are likely to be loans as there won't be many decent options still floating about looking for a club. Kyle Connell looked good for Airdrie the season before last and managed 8 goals for East Fife last season which is good going considering how rank they were. Henderson from Hearts if they're loaning him out again.
  13. What was the deal with naming the academy players on the bench as trialist last night? Pearse Carroll, young left footer that came on in the middle of the park towards the end, was named but the rest weren't, is he the only one actually signed?
  14. I thought he was the best on the ball in the middle of the park, had a few tasty nutmegs in the first half too. Would have liked to see him get more stuck in but given he's only 18 and it was his first game for us I'd like to see him again. Stranraer will be a better game to see him in.
  15. Dan Armstrong would be a good signing, McGlynn had him at Raith as well, but I'm not sure about Innes Cameron, took his two goals well last night but he was up against Ryan Williamson's defending. QOS fans are dreading getting him back on loan.
  16. That's what we like, an exclusive. So Finn Yeats was the trialist? 18 year old who's just been released from Aberdeen. Played 10 games for Keith FC in the highland league last season. Looks to have played right back for them a fair few times.
  17. Nah I don't think it was him, looked too old to be him.
  18. Was warming up infront of the Mcallister stand.
  19. I honestly can't remember him making a tackle but he did look tidy on the ball, really reminded me and looked like a young Fraser Murray. Really tidy on the ball but not really interested in the battling side of the game. Did only look 18/19 right enough so hopefully we'll have another look at him.
  20. The only player that wasn't there from last season was Seb Ross.
  21. First game of preseason and a fair few injuries so I'll try not to be too harsh. Young trialist who started the game in the middle of the park was tidy on the ball and got on it quite a lot but he never once looked interested in making a tackle, just jockeyed his opponent until they popped the ball off. Mackie was impressive, played out of position at centre back but he was so composed on the ball, actually wouldn't mind seeing him in the middle of the park as he always looked to play rather than hoofing it up the park. Oliver wasn't up to much but it was a difficult night playing upfront on his own for the first half and the trialist striker that came on in the second half was absolutely brutal, which is frustrating when you've got the local lad Malcolm on the bench would have preferred to see him. It was never a 4-1 game but we created he haw aside from a few corners.
  22. What a depressing update, 3 out of the 6 new signings out injured for tonight as well as Aidan Nesbitt. 1 or 2 more signings left in the budget and then bolstered through loans later on in the window. Also sounds as if they are struggling to find a striker to sign which isn't really a surprise but it is extremely worrying.
  23. We had him when he returned from his scholarship in America. Was very raw and ropey at us and I don't think that's changed much. He's incredibly soft for a centre back so I can see why Mccall had him playing right back instead.
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