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  1. I was going to thank you for your sacrifice but then I realised you're the one that's winning from not going. I'm waiting until the teams announced before I determine whether to put myself through it again. Fully expect the below and if it is then we know Sheerin's not getting it. Mutch Miller Mckay Dixon Williamson Telfer Hetherington Mcguffie Nesbitt Mcdaid Ruth
  2. It's more that we're scunnered with what seems to be another year of shite.
  3. Shit season indeed but at least they didn't sign Brad Mckay on a three year deal and Jaime Wilson on a two year deal...
  4. Can't believe we've not signed anybody on loan today given Wilson's went out and Williamson's injured again.
  5. They've got Robinson, Shaw, Cameron and have just signed Callum Hendry on loan so they are maybe done on the striker front. Especially as that article was from a month ago.
  6. Add Brad Mckay on a 3 year deal to that.
  7. No deal at all would've been the safest option given he's absolutely pish.
  8. Could actually mean we get that striker today. Jamie Gullan please.
  9. We have a Brad Mckay & a Ben Hall. We also have Gary Miller as our only option at right back due to Ryan Williamson being out injured all the time. Definitely should be doing better with the squad we have but that's the norm for us so we're on course for another shite season. Fotheringham got a lot of stick from our fans last year due to the absolute shit show we produced at the end of the season. But I actually think there's a quality player in there, looked bright when he came on yesterday and Mcglynn will use him a lot more effectively than we did last year.
  10. They've made a few very decent loans recently in Connell and Smith. Given how we've started it's their league to lose.
  11. I wasn't questioning his ability to defend more the fact he can't actually play football with the ball at his feet.
  12. Just seemed like none of the centre mid's wanted to get on the ball last night. Can't be helping with Berra in at centre back right enough.
  13. Has hoofball become the norm from you lot this season now that Hendry's gone or was last night a one off? I only watched the second half but every second pass was a hoof up the park. Crazy how much one player can change the way a team plays.
  14. It's more concerning that we've fell that low that East Fife's seen as a really important game to be honest.
  15. The chances of us signing a 5th striker are slim to none. I doubt we'll bother signing anyone today when really we should be bringing in a right back to cover for Williamson when he's out injured.
  16. He should retire. Watch the second Montrose goal on Saturday if you're needing a bit of a laugh.
  17. Ompreon most likely came from Grainger and Wilson came from Sheerin as he played a blinder against his Aberdeen u20's in a closed doors game last year apparently. 16 new signings this summer so we can't complain about investment in the first team. We can however complain about the quality of some of those 16 players which mostly falls on Holt's shoulders. We've signed shite in Mckay, Hall, Hetherington and Wilson then very average players in Ross, Mcguffie and Ompreon. Paddy Martin Ryan Williamson Brad Mckay Mackenzie Lemon Leon Mccann Cammy Williamson Stevie Hetherington Ernaldo Krasniqi Aidan Nesbitt Craig Mcguffie Seb Ross Ben Weekes Declan Mcdaid Sammy Ompreon Jaime Wilson Michael Ruth
  18. They just said it was the opposite groin from the injury he's recovered from. So that could be good or bad news. Should really be getting another right back in on loan to cover for him whilst he's out as with his record he's more than likely going to be out again at some point in the season.
  19. He'd be a liability in a back 10 never mind a back 4.
  20. To be fair we ended up as a 3-5-2 on Saturday when Cammy Williamson went off injured. Ryan Williamson will no doubt be out for a while so given Gary Miller's our only option at right back he'll need to think of something.
  21. I think Ruth had a decent game on Saturday. He linked the play well and also gave them a few issues in behind. Really should have buried his first half chance but other than that I thought he looked promising. Nearly grabbed a winner for us right at the end too with some good play. My issue is that Keena should never have been dropped for him. They either play up top together or Keena plays as the loan striker. Krasniqi has to start next week after another poor performance from Hetherington but unfortunately I don't think Sheerin has that in him. His favourites have been picked and that's how it'll remain regardless of who's the better player. I also hope to god we're sourcing a right back to loan this week as Gary Miller can't be the only option all season when Williamson picks up injury after injury.
  22. If he isn't getting caught on the ball for taking too long he's giving it away with a poor pass. Always gives 100% but he's technically not up to it.
  23. I must be in the minority but we didn't play badly today, if we take our chances in the first half we go on to win that game comfortably. Sheerin is however digging himself a hole by sticking by his favourites as oppose to putting the best team out on the park. Ruth should have buried the first half cut back and Nesbitt's was even worse at the very start of the second half. Williamson away off injured again is far from ideal and we should be looking at bringing a right back in on loan as Gary Miller's not the answer. The fact Sheerin has to choose between Hall or Mckay as a starter is criminal and partly the reason why we're in this mess just now. Sheerin must have got some stick from the fans as he looked seething at full time and from what I saw he never bothered to applaud any of the fans before marching off at the end.
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