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  1. If Hetherington's a starter we're going to be in trouble, even against Stranraer all he was good for was giving away cheap fouls.
  2. Most likely not but if we only managed another 1 or 2 signings before the start of next week I'd have him in there. He's very comfortable on the ball, would provide a bit of dig in there and keeps Hetherington nowhere near the team.
  3. PJ New Donaldson Henderson Mccann Yeats McGinn Mackie Mcguffie New Morrison The striker needs to be someone who keeps himself in between the posts, too often we put a ball into the box and nobody's there. The right back just has to defend better than Williamson which really isn't a hard stipulation.
  4. To be fair, the managers given a budget to use as he pleases. Rennie chose to spend that budget on Griffiths not the board. The money we spent on Griffiths was mostly from the B4L monies was it not? From what I gather they run in order to give the club money to spend on players in January which is what happened. Our issue this season is the contracted players are absolutely honking. If we pay them off that takes a chunk out our budget so we are relying on one of us winning the euromillions tomorrow night or someone being as stupid as Gary Holt in order to take them off our hands. Both of those things are about the same likeliness imo. McGlynn's said there's room for 1 or 2 more players in the budget and then some loans which means he's got to be very very selective with who he brings in. Probably why we've not made a signing in 3 weeks. Yeats should hopefully be offered a deal and you'd like to think he'd be on a relatively low wage so hopefully the 1 or 2 stretches to 3 and then bolstered by loans later in the window.
  5. A right back, two centre midfielders, a winger and two strikers.
  6. Hope streets gonni get yi, hope streets gonni get yi...
  7. Who is it that Ian Mccall has at Sevco in order for him to have his pick of their youth team year after year? Cole McKinnon is set to join Partick Thistle on loan from Rangers, according to The Athletic. He signed a new three-year deal at Ibrox this week and will head out on loan for experiece. Zak Rudden, Lewis Mayo, Jamie Barjonas, Rhys Breen, Kieran Wright, Adam Devine, Jake Hastie, Aaron Cervantes, Juan Alegria and reserve goalkeeper Andy Firth have all joined the Jags from Rangers under Ian McCall's Rangers watch.
  8. I'm quite happy to say I'm panicking, our options upfront are currently Gary Oliver, Finlay Malcolm and Jaime Wilson with one week until our first competitive game. We're also one McGinn injury away from being absolutely humped in the middle of the park.
  9. Must've seen Ethan Ross picking his squad number surely?
  10. On another front Cole Mckinnon has just signed himself a new three year deal at Sevco so surely they're ready to catapult him our way on loan now.
  11. I was trying to gazump BB as well but Will Vaulks was 2013 so previous to the Lee Miller he quoted.
  12. That's assuming he can find a part time team to take him. He scored 1 goal in 10 games for Elgin on loan last year so I doubt they'll be queuing up. Also even if he did go out on loan we'd still have him training full time with us at the same time, not exactly going to give him all the time off he wants to start a full time job whilst we're paying him his contract all year.
  13. See I was thinking about this last night and he's bound to know that's his career's done in football so surely at 25 you've got to think about having to forge a career for yourself outside of football so do you really want to just waste your time for another year knowing fine well you're the laughing stock of the club and you've not got a sniff of playing. That's assuming we offer him some sort of pay off right enough.
  14. He didn't really get much of a game for us and at the time he was only 17/18 so it was hard to judge as he clearly wasn't ready for first team football. Is the lad you've sign Justin Devenney related to him? As did he not just come from Killie too.
  15. But surely the budget could be stretched slightly...
  16. He's too soft, never really gets involved when the going gets tough which is useless when he's played centrally. That was the majority of our teams issue last year right enough which is obviously why Mackie got a big rousing applause when he showed a bit of aggression after getting mauled last night.
  17. Yeats on a two year deal hopefully. Anyone know if we're playing any more friendlies before the Morton game next Saturday?
  18. Dylan Forrest looked absolutely rotten last night. The lad Dunn, done well when he came on though.
  19. I've got the feeling we don't have said bit of cash in order for McGlynn to have the luxury of doing that. Donaldson, Henderson and McGinn still to come back in as starters when they recover from injuries but we've absolutely nothing upfront. Really surprised we don't have more trialists in at the moment other than all the youngsters. Yeats has done enough to earn himself a deal.
  20. Yeats was the stand out, got more involved in the physical side of the game tonight as well. Dominated the first half without really doing anything but Oliver as the lone striker spends too much of his time out wide so there wasn't really much of a threat. Game got really scrappy second half with Mackie reacting to getting scythed down and the Stranraer player receiving two yellows one for the foul and one for the handbags. Nothing really other of note in the second half other than Nesbitt hitting both posts with a shot from outside the box and Jaime Wilson missing a chance Jean would have scored. Goal was brilliant play from twinkle toes Mcguffie as he jinked in between two of their players, played a one two with Oliver then cut it back for Nesbitt to tap in.
  21. To be fair I think they are all on holiday looked like just wee Lewis Connolly manning the fort tonight with no FTV either because of the lack of folk I'm guessing.
  22. Anyone wanting a tenner on Ruth scoring more goals than Gary Oliver this season? Obviously still got players to come back from injuries but we're way short all over the park.
  23. Wilson was warming up with the other subs and someone's already said Seb Ross was sitting in the mainstand injured on Friday.
  24. Aye he's ok going forward when he gets his gallop on and has a decent delivery but defensively he's woeful.
  25. Do we have card machines at the PATG turnstiles? Stupid question I know but I've just never been through PATG for long enough.
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