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  1. We've signed 17 players this summer. 3 on loan and 14 permanent players. Improved the squad - Paddy Martin, Leon Mccann, Mackenzie Lemon, Aidan Nesbitt, Michael Ruth Not good enough - Luke Holt, Brad Mckay, Steven Hetherington, Craig Mcguffie, Seb Ross, Jaime Wilson, Sammy Ompreon Undecided - Ryan Williamson, Cammy Williamson, Ben Weekes, Ernaldo Krasniqi, Declan Mcdaid. So that's 5 out of 17 signings we've got right with a further 5 still to prove their worth. All with a team of 3/4 including Holt looking at these players before they are brought in. Signing Brad Mckay, Jaime Wilson and resigning Ben Hall having witnessed him for the full second half of last season aren't small mistakes they are huge blunders so it's no wonder we're struggling on the park again this season.
  2. Or that when talking about pre contracts he said 'lets get a striker in so we're not panic signing with a week to go until the season starts' Jaime Wilson signs a 2 year deal 2 days before the season started.
  3. Nah if that was the plan he wouldn't have got a 2 year deal they've genuinely signed him as a starting striker then realised actually how honking he is.
  4. The Holt line about Jaime Wilson is laughable. He's 23 not an 18 year old kid having his first go at first team football. The fact they admitted he was signed as the starting striker as well makes it even more laughable. Did anyone ask who actually went to watch Brad Mckay attempt to play football?
  5. He has, as he's absolutely dung. That one on Saturday where he misskicked his clearance basically laying it off for the Airdrie striker sums him up.
  6. They won the middle of the park battle due to them having 3 in there against our 2 in Telfer & Hetherington. Easton had a field day when in reality someone should have put him 10ft up in the air early on. Mckay let his man go for the 2nd after a good save from Martin. Lemon let his man go for the 3rd but given he won every other header apart from that one I find it hard to criticise him. Albeit the majority of his headers ended up out the park. Keena looked like he'd been on a mad one the night before, didn't look fit at all which may have something to do with the knee strap he was wearing. Mcdaid for me was the worst of the lot, he was absolutely honking all game especially his corners and yet he stayed on the park till the very last minutes. Sheerin should have changed it earlier than he did in the second half but lately he's been second best in most of the tactical battles he's had against opposition management. Recruitment for me is the main issue as we've signed more duds rather than actually improving the team yet again. Having Mckay & Hall as one of your starters is criminal. Signing Jaime Wilson to then pop him out on loan to Elgin City in 2 months time is criminal. Opmreon's not been good enough just like Akeel Francis wasn't good enough. Seb Ross is a try hard and puts in plenty of running but he's not going to win you games. Mcguffie & Hetherington are very average. Williamson is definitely an improvement on what we've had but he's never fit. Nesbitt, Martin, Lemon, Ruth & Mccann I count as positive signings. Mcdaid & Krasniqi we've not really seen enough of yet to comment. Holt's got to go.
  7. This, all very well talking about how bad the recruitment was but to then have a sporting director who oversee's the signings of Jaime Wilson and Brad Mckay as well as resigning Ben Hall is absolutely criminal. Nobody was convinced by Holt when he was paraded like a price pony and now we've been proven correct. Sheerin made some shocking substitutions today but I actually feel sorry for him having to try pick a first eleven out of that shite.
  8. No point saying Gary Miller's fine as cover at right back as he's done. Should have been out sourcing a right back on loan the second Williamson got injured again at Montrose.
  9. Season after season. Shite after shite.
  10. The good news is we've went 2 upfront. The bad news is Brad Mckay's playing so we'll definitely concede. Martin Miller Mckay Lemon Mccann Nesbitt Telfer Hetherington Mcdaid Keena Ruth
  11. Stuart Taylor's, who seemed like our frontrunner for long enough, not having a good time of it at Accies. Scudded 6-1 at home to Partick tonight. That being said Rice never exactly left him much to work with.
  12. Only when he's ripped the last steak bake out of greggs having overheard the person directly behind him raving profusely about how much they are craving a steak bake.
  13. 2 in 4 is it not? Alloa, Dumbarton, Montrose & East Fife
  14. Definitely made a twitter account balls up. That or Sheerin's remit also involves covering the clubs tweets Monday-Friday. Keena video released by FFC twitter 'Well start him then' random tweet 'Deal' FFC twitter replying to said twitter random
  15. We should have scored again regardless of the changes. Mcdaid missed a sitter.
  16. There's a certain number that have actually signed contracts but obviously as with all youth teams if better players come along then other players will be released.
  17. I have no issues with Sheerin having a bit of a to and fro with the fans. I actually quite like it as it shows he cares. A bit of passion. Too many people seem to get the hump when players or managers actually bite back to the jibes they are getting when in reality why shouldn't they be allowed to defend themselves? He was in the wrong today with that starting line up and tactics so of course fans were also going to have a go. I will however have an issue if he reverts to 4-2-3-1 against Airdrie in the next game. Positives from today: We actually won a game. Lemon was a class act yet again. Sheerin saw the error of his ways and changed it at half time. Both strikers got on the scoresheet. Another game closer to Morrison returning. Martin looked solid.
  18. Well he didn't take the hints from last weeks performance he's sure as f**k got to take them this week. What a difference playing the 3-5-2 in the second half.
  19. Repeating the same things week in week out and expecting different results is the Falkirk way. He better fucking change this at half time.
  20. As if things weren't bad enough we're getting made to watch the 'highlights' of the game against Dumbarton again.
  21. Martin Miller Mckay Lemon Dixon Telfer Hetherington Mcguffie Nesbitt Mcdaid Ruth Old pals act remains.
  22. Having just listened to the Sheerin pre match interview I'm with the person on here who mentioned we should just stop doing them. Especially as Andy Thompson's weaseld himself back in. "You said a few weeks ago this is a squad game, it really is isn't it?" What kind of question is that? How about 'Other than Williamson who else is missing through injury tomorrow?'
  23. Good point, as Sheerin gave him a glowing review in his post match interview last week when in reality if Nesbitt is out injured Telfer should be pushed on one with Krasniqi taking the deeper lying role.
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