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  1. All 22 of them have seen first hand what kind of quality GH recruits so I don't think there's much to worry about there.
  2. Surely the biggest thing to come out of this AGM is that it's now safe for CC to return?
  3. Very difficult to recruit well in January but as a starting point get Mcdaid back to Dundee and get Lewis Neilson back in on loan to play in at centre back beside Dixon which also provides cover for Williamson when he gets injured again. If Krasniqi isn't up to it as Sheerin alluded to in the Q&A get him back to Huddersfield and bring in another centre mid so we never have to see Hetherington again otherwise get Krasniqi on the park to show what he can offer. Get Gullan or preferably Jakubiak in on loan as neither of them are getting any game time at their parent clubs. Get Telfer moved further up the park and depending on whether it's 4 or 6 loans we can make bring in a left winger or give Ben Weekes a run of games as he can't be any more non existent than Mcguffie or Mcdaid are.
  4. Like Brad Mckay on a 3 year deal, Mcguffie on a 2 year deal, Jaime Wilson on a 2 year deal and Steven Hetherington on a 2 year deal. All highly incentivised contracts though.
  5. I think that figure includes the Rawlins money as that was all in this calendar year. They put the 300k in January 2021 did they not.
  6. Ditching playing out from the back was what M&M tried and that went terribly. Hoofball galore. Someone else by some miracle might get a tune out of the current squad but in reality we're most likely relying on a wave of new recruits in January to turn us around. A right sided centre back to partner Dixon with Lemon as cover. Another fullback for when Williamson inevitably gets injured again. Two new centre midfielders unless the new manager thinks differently on Krasniqi. A left winger and get Mcdaid back to Dundee. Two strikers. Basically a brand new starting 11.
  7. Apologies I thought they were the same thing.
  8. Given the patron's weren't keen on Holt the first time they tried to invest in the club I'd imagine/pray his days are numbered. Hopefully along with a whole host of players in January/June. Wilson, Hetherington, Mckay, Hall, Mcguffie, Mcdaid, Ompreon.
  9. We just got scudded 6-0 off the newly promoted team who had just went on a run of 6 games without a win. The lambs well and truely deed mate.
  10. Queens Park have kindly put the highlights up, so many players in that squad that need to get so far to f**k. Starting with Hetherington as that back pass for their third goal perfectly sums him up. Forever playing sloppy passes. Hopefully we can punt Mcdaid back to Dundee as well as he offers absolutely nothing. Luca Connell & Connor Smith look to have had field days yesterday(granted the full QP team clearly did), both are loanees and both are miles ahead of any loans we've brought in yet again. Sheerin needs to go but I don't have scooby who comes in and changes that squad around. Holt also needs to go as his recruitments lead to this shitshow. Another shite season.
  11. This season's a write off again really as no matter who comes in after Sheerin they'll be stuck with the horrendous squad we have. Talking at least 5 quality players needed in January in order to turn our fortunes around. Another big cull needed in the summer so yet again it's another rebuild and Holt's clearly not the man to oversee that rebuild.
  12. Sheerin showed promise when he came in and compared to M&M actually had us playing some decent football but the recruitment yet again has been absolutely shocking. Coupled with the fact Sheerin's refused to switch things up on the tactics front teams have sussed us out and nullified us easily. Ben Hall, Brad Mckay, Hetherington, Mcguffie. Wilson, Ompreon all are nowhere near good enough. I'd rather see Ben Weekes get a chance than the invisible Mcguffie act week in week out. The last few interviews from Sheerin unfortunately show he's not got a clue how he's going to fix things and he looks totally scunnert. Two massive 6 pointers coming up and I feel that'll be the end of Sheerin.
  13. I think that was the weekend one of the teams were playing in Newcastle so Fergus couldn't have took both games.
  14. Chances of Sheerin changing it at half time to actually have a good go at it? I'm going slim to none.
  15. Gary Holt needs to go I don't think anyone will disagree with that his signings have been absolutely shite. Sheerin's edging closer each week to following him out the door. Then see if Brad Mckay or Jaime Wilson have any decent party tricks they could perform at half time for the 3 and 2 years they have left on their contracts if not whack them in the pie stands. John Robertson with 4 goals and 3 assists in 12 games for Edinburgh City this season in the league. Was never the answer for our out and out number nine as Edinburgh City have been playing him on the right wing but he'd have been a much better option than Jaime Wilson & from the little we've seen Ompreon or Akeel Francis mark 2.
  16. Fancy us for this which means we'll most likely get beat. Martin Williamson Hall Dixon Mccann Telfer Hetherington Morrison Nesbitt Mcguffie Ruth
  17. Boaby swing the bar, boaby boaby swing the bar.
  18. Brilliant finish for the first as well. Definitely a player there it's just a shame we're relying on a 19 year old to be consistent in every game.
  19. They also published screenshots of football manager to show what it thought of our team and interestingly Gary Holt got a 5/20 for his ability to judge a players ability which isn't really far off the mark. Alluded to him being better suited as a fitness coach which I found amusing.
  20. You can have good players but when they are then surrounded by absolute guff you aren't going to perform well as a team. Williamson's been out injured for the majority of the season and therefore most weeks we've had a defence which included Gary Miller and one of either Ben Hall or Brad Mckay so it's no wonder we've been conceding shocking goals. You'll also notice nobody will have a Falkirk striker in their team not even on the bench which again shows why we've been poor this season. So to sum up yes I absolutely think we have some of the best players in the division but we also have a good number of absolute diddies.
  21. Telfer showed his quality last season and I think this season the fact he's had to play a deeper role has been to his detriment. Nobody's going to argue with you on Hetherington but they are completely different players. Aside from the fact Brown can actually play football Hetherington's supposed to be a ball winning defensive midfielder whereas Brown's more a playmaker. Grant Gillespie's far superior to Hetherington though and it would be a tight call between Telfer & Brown.
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