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  1. I'll try going into William Hill because I don't have a mcbookie account
  2. What's the best bookies to ask to give you odds on something they don't have any markets on currently? I have done the request a bet with Sky Bet but I don't think they'll have got back to me by the start of the season(friday)
  3. What about the 4-0 win gretnas first season in the spl?
  4. In the post match interview from last night houston said we're trying to get in one possibly two players at the moment but he wasn't going to say anymore on the matter.
  5. How's james keatings been looking in preseason as I fancy him for top goalscorer this season but that depends on whether or not he's going to be a regular starter.
  6. Regardless of what point in the season they came in it still gave them 3 decent strikers. Dundee were an exception and tbh the league was p!ss poor that season anyway. Erskine and Andreu are midfielders but were both used more playing off the striker hence why I mentioned them. My post wasn't focussed on the last two seasons I just mentioned that I had been saying it for the last two seasons.
  7. Think for the last two seasons i've said that you need 3 decent strikers in order to get out of this league and for once it might actually happen. Hearts had sow, keatings and zeefuik. Hamilton had scotland, keatings and curier/andreu. Partick had Doolan, erskine and craig. I'm not too keen on housties 'experienced striker' approach as surely with baird at 29 that's experienced enough. We don't have a aerial presence at present upfront but that doesn't mean he has to go out and sign a big lump ie Lee Miller surely theres a promising striker down south that we could bring up on loan.
  8. What's your views on Paul Watson seen as we've just signed him?
  9. Kingsleys started at centre back for Swansea in their final preseason game in Germany.
  10. Mchughs looked very good, links the play well by bringing in the midfield with clever knock ons. As well as going in behind and has just scored his second of the game. Heffernans not good enough.
  11. Does anyone know if the highlights from yesterdays game will be on ftv?
  12. Never really got a look in last season with scott allan playing so well but looked very good in the second half of the season they got relegated I thought he was going to be a big player for them last season personally.
  13. Noticed on the bbc gossip page that apparently sam stanton's free to find another club. If it's not just paper talk i'd like to see us in for him especially if sibbs goes this summer although it also mentions dundee are rumoured to be interested in him.
  14. Off topic i'm sorry but does anyone know if the old Harthill manager Barry Morton's still coaching and if so who ?
  15. Phil Roberts has signed on loan with alloa
  16. Could also be a scout from a lower league club looking for players to get on loan.
  17. I'm looking for a team that play on saturdays in the stirling/falkirk area. I can play in midfield but prefer playing upfront. I started this season playing junior football then moved to an u21 team but they unfortunately folded.
  18. Sibbs has the ability to play at the top level he just needs to realise that unless he starts putting 100% in week in week out he won't go anywhere.
  19. Im disappointed we've signed baird he's never really caught my eye whilst playing against us also he's two foot nothing with doesn't aid our cause. Hopefully ill be proved wrong.
  20. The difference between loy and taylor is loy would have scored at least one of the 3/4 chances taylor had in the semi vs hibs.
  21. I don't really rate baird so I hope he's not coming to us.
  22. I've not seen much of us this season and from what I watched last night it's a good thing. We don't have one player that can change a game and houstons got us playing so defensive you would have thought you were watching scotland away to the czech republic with levein in charge. Second half was a wee bit better and it showed that had we actually went at hearts from the start we might have had a chance. Tactics ruin football.
  23. Is there a website or twitter that shows live junior scores ?
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