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  1. I think he's just dropping in to try take the ball, I don't think he's actually playing as a centre back. Deas is the only player in that Inverness team that would get near that St Johnstone side.
  2. Just much more quality in the St Johnstone team, remember it's Sean Welsh playing in the middle of the park for Inverness. Murray Davidson's having a field day in there.
  3. Mcgovern Duffie* Dodds Wallace Leahy Vaulks Miller Latapy Stokes Farid Subs: Krul Kingsley Aafjes Mcgrandles Sibbs Duffy Taylor *We've not been blessed with decent right backs in my time so I'm going with very early on Kieran Duffie
  4. I don't think that ones on us, from the outside looking in it just looked like he couldn't be bothered getting himself fully fit. He was unlucky with injuries but he never ever looked to be capable of putting in a 90 minutes with us even weeks after he'd had an injury.
  5. Shite! They'll end up with Ian Murray and possibly even a few of his Airdrie players.
  6. Maybe Mcglynn already had him in for a trial at Raith last year and doesn't fancy him. I don't know if that's the case but it could be.
  7. I won't be as optimistic as you are until we see what kind of squad he builds. The current contracted players don't give him much to work with so really on the park we're in as much of a mess as the rest at the moment.
  8. Did they go up? I'm sure @cb_diamond was under the impression you lot were going up?
  9. The same Connor Greene we had in our academy way back when.
  10. Got to be Dundee or St Johnstone he's on about.
  11. Nobody wants us to start signing a full team of dad's army again but you do need a mixture of experience and youth throughout the team. Benedictus with a younger centre back in beside him would be fine, Mcglynn obviously trusts him. Definitely need to bring in a bit of energy this year as we've been serveley lacking on that front for years, especially in the middle of the park.
  12. Yep, another Holt masterclass. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2021/07/09/goalkeeping-reinforcements-arrive/
  13. Jean's better than Luke Holt but I'm not having Doyle as a better option than Paddy Martin.
  14. Signing Colin Doyle in any playing capacity isn't logical.
  15. Aye hopefully you've just clicked on the wrong thread.
  16. He was never a talented player but by god we could do with a few players with his dig.
  17. Fancy sourcing us a few signings to kick start the glory days off.
  18. Dundee might take a punt on him. Hopefully doesn't end up at the scum.
  19. Which one of them we playing in goals?
  20. Still a fair few of their players that would walk into our team, again though that's not much of a brag. Wighton, Hamilton x2, O'Brien, Low, Henderson, Mckenna.
  21. With Brad Mckay at the heart of the defence I don't consider that a decent brag.
  22. Very easy for someone to say the right words, his signings will show us whether or not we should get optimistic.
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