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  1. Normally ends in the players revolting, obviously helps Fordyce is his cousin and it'll be interesting to see where he plays himself. Listening to his interview it sounds as if it's been a rushed appointment as he mentioned the club had already dealt with the contracts for the players that have been announced as leaving, so it sounds as if he didn't have a say in that.
  2. Kabia still donning the navy blue gear, bring him home.
  3. Very hard to show consistency when you're in and out the team like a yoyo. I don't think he ever had 3 consecutive starts in a row under Rennie. Only 7 starts in 2022.
  4. Along with Allan Fraser or is he out the door again?
  5. At least we don't need to watch him shag us this year then.
  6. Just goes to watch his big team at the Tony Mac twice a season.
  7. Mcglynn would do a better job at the back than Mckay, so again that's not a boast.
  8. Coll Donaldson's a bit of a meh one, Mcglynn's obviously had him previously so knows what he's about but other than his early promise he's looked like a bit of a haddy. @TheScarf give us the rundown.
  9. Got your buddy cb_diamondtits to thank for that one, been running his mouth off for weeks on our thread about how you lot were going up. Only fair we return a bit of his kindness. Honourable mention to airdrieman also who lorded the signing of Kouder Aissa at the start of the season, that also worked out fantastically.
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