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  1. Would be good to shake things up at the weekend against Clyde after the last few league games. Wouldn't be surprised to see Allan start given he'll have the added motivation of it being his old team. Kinnear Rowe Donaldson Mckay Mccann Henderson Morrison Max Kennedy Burrell Allan
  2. That'll explain why their both so used to silky soccer.
  3. After the last few seasons and the squad McGlynn was left it's madness to describe this season as mediocre. He's turned us around and then some in just two windows. We're only second in the league because of how good Dunfermline have been, you're talking about us not mounting a serious title challenge but they've only lost 1 game in the league this season so fair fucks to them. No manager is going to get every signing right but nearly every signing he's made this season has been an improvement on what we had.
  4. I'm not sure Morrison was offside for the goal in the first half and I'm very sure it was a penalty in the second half on Morrison but I'm more seething at the lack of care our team seem to have for the league after that Dunfermline game. Seem to be quite happy trying to coast into the playoffs.
  5. Queen's park were flying when they went into the playoffs as 4th spot last year right enough.
  6. Looks like a right waste of money, I know he's not had much gametime but in the games he has came on he's offered nothing. Agree with @Tea and Busquets he can't play as a lone striker which I thought it was weird we brought him in as our number 9.
  7. Said it in the Kelty thread, no idea why we didn't go 2 upfront from the start tonight. Another shite performance.
  8. Thought I was quick enough with the edit.
  9. Grant would become blind as well as deaf.
  10. How did Oliver miss? Get two strikers on now.
  11. See I'm not having that he wasn't as good as he has been this season granted but I put that more down to him not getting a proper run of games last season rather than his ability. Most improved is between Nesbitt & Mckay.
  12. I don't know how I feel about that one. He's been much better this season, nobody can doubt his workrate and McGlynn is clearly fond of him but from the little we've seen of Lawal he looks a far better option long term than Nesbitt. Expected him to get a new deal and be a squad player next season if we go up but not an extra two years.
  13. Kinnear Rowe Donaldson Mckay Mccann Hendo Morrison Max Kennedy Burrell Oliver In our last two games against Kelty we've never troubled them until we went two upfront so I'd like to see us start with the two in this game. Didn't work at Alloa but that was because we didn't play with any natural wingers in that game. Oliver coming short and Burrell going in behind.
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