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  1. @RC55 FFC another excellent and in this weeks case much needed episode to help clarify the goings on at our club. Thought you both handled the questioning perfectly.
  2. I think that's very much the message the new board are trying to get across. Having just listened to the new Falkirk Daft podcast and not really knowing any of the new board at all I thought both Keith and Kenny came across very well, both apologising for the poor wording in the last statement. Since the very first pledgings for a fan ownership, I've had someone completely different in my head as to who I thought was Kenny Jamieson so now I'm trying to rack my brain as to who the hell I've had him mixed up with for all this time. For years we've moaned about the running/governance of our club and finally we've got the chance to change that by following the fan ownership model. It's horrific timing given the last two years of covid and the current financial climate but we most likely won't get the opportunity ever again so it's one we really need to grasp with both hands.
  3. It's the fact every post has been a negative one, tell us what you've enjoyed about this season or what you think the board have actually done well in their time?
  4. Anyone know how the U16's did against Stirling yesterday?
  5. Here you go pal, hope you have a fantastic week.
  6. Don't you just love the brimming positivity a new P&B account brings into this thread. Every so often just a wee sprinkle of shit flinging to make sure we don't get too excited about what's to come for our glorious football club.
  7. Yeah he said himself he's starting to feel sharper game by game, obviously been out for a hell of a lot of time.
  8. Nesbitt is a bugbear of mines as he offers next to nothing defensively due to how weak he is and most games he seems to be really ineffective yet still remains one of the last players to be subbed. However he always shows for the ball and having checked the stats he's got 4 assists in 8 league games this season which already equals his total for the whole of last season. We really need to be much more clinical infront of goal though as teams will punish us otherwise. Watching back those highlights we should have won 4 or 5 nil. Kennedy didn't really do much for me when he came on, should have scored and I can only think of him having one run of note which led to him hitting the first man with his cross. Still early days though so hopefully a lot more to come from him.
  9. My only gripe about today is not getting to see more of Lawal, could have had him on instead of Hetherington when Oliver came off.
  10. Comfortable but a very meh second half, only the result that matters right enough especially with the rest of the results today. Need to keep the momentum going.
  11. How sexy is it to see our holding midfielder in the opposition box never mind burying two chances.
  12. Herald says Alegria has trained all week and is back for this one, gives us good options off the bench.
  13. Why do they stagger the emails out to members? I've not received the update as of yet but from the above it's not good reading. Which is odd as every update up to this point has been fairly well put together.
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