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  1. What were the club supposed to do about having to cancel the last two games due to a covid outbreak? The recruitment front is filled with holes yet again I'll give you that one as we still need 2/3 starters in our team but you can't have a dig at the club for having to forfeit games due to Covid. If the Cove game is on we'll have a bare bones squad which is giving me the absolute fear especially as we've not signed any new players this week.
  2. Still waiting on confirmation from either club that the game is actually on but no doubt the SPFL haven't even made their decision yet.
  3. They make Todorov, Ohara and Wighton look like Firmino, Salah and Mane.
  4. You've clearly not seen Anton Dowds, Aidan Keena or Jaime Wilson play football mate.
  5. Coming off the bench when the opposition has tired is where you'll see the best of him. He's positive on the ball and generally will have a go at his man but he never really had any end product with us.
  6. If one of our Covid 4 is Telfer and we have to play on Saturday then we're scunnert. A midfield pairing of Miller & Hetherington we'd be aswell giving them the 3-0 win. Why have we not recruited more than one player in the centre of midfield. It was glaringly obvious last season we got dominated in there and our only cover just now is Gary Miller.
  7. They are probably in dialogue with the SPFL just now to work out what's happening themselves. I'm sure as soon as they get the full picture they'll let us know. It is the SPFL we're talking about so we'll get the decision on Friday once Dundee's votes came out the junk folder.
  8. Our striking department at the moment wouldn't even get a game for @latapythelegend's Sunday team. We need someone who plays like Andy Nelson just not Andy Nelson. He comes with too much baggage off the park and injury wise, little white bags according to Dundee fans. This late on we're most likely going to have to rely on a loan which is hard to take especially when as some have said on here you've got a director of football and the best he's came up with on that front was Jaime Wilson and John Robertson. We need a miracle out the blue signing. Has Farid not got any young Moroccan mates?
  9. 10 days of rest and TLC the players will all be raring to go. Wilson hatrick 4-0 the bairns. COYB! OUR TEAM! OUR YEAR! OUR WORLD!
  10. Yeah it's highly unlikely that the game will go ahead as the 10 days means our full team basically would be self isolating until Sunday.
  11. It'll most likely be 'we'll give you 50k and a good sell on fee" I doubt they'll have been paying a proper compensation fee.
  12. QOS signing Cochrane on a two year deal. Would have gave us a bit of legs we need in the middle of the park.
  13. I've went Ferguson purely as I don't believe he's a good manager at all which will shine through at Alloa and I don't reckon Mulraney will mess about for too long before punting him.
  14. Rumour is we've got 4 positive covid tests so our starting line up will depend heavily on who those 4 are. Covid aside we're all praying on a half decent striker coming in before the league starts. Dowds will hold the ball in well and knock it off but he doesn't look like a natural goalscorer. Keena from the small bits we've seen of him is the polar opposite, he looks to be a natural goalscorer but one of those players who's just tuck away the final ball. We need a striker who'll run the channels, make a nuisance of themselves and create chances for themselves as well as scoring the chances others create(not much to ask for I know) Cove have Megginson who'll do exactly that in abundance for them and fyvie who'll dictate the play in the middle of the park. We may have to go all week without training and given the positive tests were seemingly on Wednesday we will most likely be without a fair few if the game goes ahead. If everyone was fully fit I expect we'd be lining up with the below. Mutch Williamson Mckay Dixon Mccann Telfer Hetherington Ross Morrison Dowds Nesbitt
  15. Definitely need another one in there to provide something different. Ruth might come good but we can't solely rely on that not when we've got a league to win.
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