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  1. In terms of business politics i'm a relative simpleton, can someone explain to me what now happens with the Rawlins investment is that essentially just about over the line with no more hoops to jump through other than the legal ones with both parties?
  2. Be interesting to see how Scott Shepherd has developed and you've also got Jordan Allan who we had on trial last summer.
  3. Completely off topic so apologies but does anyone know what's happening on the defender front. We obviously had the trialist in the squad last Saturday, is he going to be signed or are we looking elsewhere?
  4. Will we find out the result of the vote today?
  5. The fact the deadline has been pushed back and the club have made a statement encouraging all shareholders to vote shows how tight this is going to be. We're going to be left disappointed by the MSG again aren't we. Time after time we get told that the MSG want change as well yet their actions completely differ from that stance. Shafting the fans left right and centre as always.
  6. Good to see Francis get off the mark early on and I think Miller's interview is just him trying to keep saying positive things rather than dueling on any negatives. M&M will know what went wrong in the game ie losing another goal from a set piece. Keena's scan is on Tuesday to see how bad it is so hopefully that doesn't come out too bad. Can we still sign players on loan up until the end of this month? As if Keena's injuries got him out for a few months hopefully we can sign another striker on loan so Sammon doesn't need to be involved.
  7. It doesn't matter how we won today, all that matters is the three points. Sad that Miller has to put himself on but to be honest I'd rather have a 37 year old Lee Miller coming on than Connor Sammon. Good to see Morrison step up to take another penalty again and stick it away.
  8. To be fair he was playing against a team with Jack Hamilton in goals.
  9. This exactly, don't understand why some of our fans never seen the player in him. Got made one of Hartley's scapegoats and was wrongly put back to Hearts.
  10. Yeah the fact he said that when Connolly's back we'll have a full quota makes me think Keena's fine. Had a look at Keena's twitter as well and he's retweeted his goal with 'off the mark' which doesn't strike me as post someone would put if they knew they were out injured for a while. But again Mcracken never named him specifically so who knows.
  11. I believe it's Ewan_Fife that gets the point for this one, who wants the point for the left back that's in on trial though?
  12. I'll wait on Sick Boy announcing it first.
  13. Hopefully he signs tomorrow then so we can play him on Saturday, if it's who my google searches have came to the conclusion of looks like he can play centre back as well.
  14. Mutch Mercer Durnan Hall Dixon Morrison Alston Gomis Todd Dowds Francis 2-0 Falkirk, one from Dowds and one from Alston
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