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  1. Obviously it's still in our hands but given how we have played for the majority of the season i've every right to wet my knickers. Especially when we've never looked like beating Partick or Airdrie in the two previous meetings this season.
  2. I'd take Ryan Willamson, always causes us bother when he plays. He ran rings round Dixon at fir park earlier this season. Think he's had injury issue's the last few seasons though.
  3. I think both squads are similar in that there's players I'd have from their squad in our team but at the same time they have their weaknesses. Ricky Foster at left back, Ciaran Mckenna isn't exactly Cafu at right back and their two centre midfielders aren't world beaters. We'll see how they get on tonight against Montrose then i'll start to panic.
  4. Not when we know we need a right back next season regardless. Depending on who it is could be a no brainer to tie him up before someone else does. See I can't say I see the hype about him whenever we've played Montrose I always think Steeves sticks out more but maybe i've just not been watching Ballantyne close enough or maybe he's just never been troubled. 1 assist in the league all season from a Montrose team that have scored a fair few.
  5. East Fife still have a very good chance of making it into the playoffs. They play Peterhead at home on Saturday then Airdrie on Tuesday night in what could be the decider. As they are only 2 point behind Airdrie currently with their game in hand against Peterhead still to go.
  6. Even if they win their cup ties we'll be playing 22. The deal was that every team had 18 games played before the 23rd of April. Which after Tuesday's set of results will have happened. It's 22 games barring a covid catastrophe between now and Tuesday so we're in it for the long haul.
  7. Same RB you were impressed with a few weeks ago by any chance?
  8. I don't even want to start thinking about them. 6 games to make sure we don't need to bother about them. Hoping for a draw or a Montrose win in the game tonight then we need to beat Cove on Saturday.
  9. I think his point is that Buchanan's gash and still managed to find himself a championship club so there's not that big a jump between league one and the championship. Going up obviously gives you a bigger budget and also a bigger pull in terms of you're more likely to attract players to play with you in the championship. I think our recruitment under M&M has been gash on the whole but I'd love to see the players that turned us down last summer to play in the championship as I'd imagine there was a fair few. Holt's in there to improve the player recruitment so we can see what he comes up with this summer. Neilson and Fotheringham for me so far have improved our team so that's 2/3 and we've not seen enough of Mclelland to make judgement yet.
  10. Hopefully they're currently looking at potential suitors for the managers position next season. Obviously everyone will have to apply but it's good due dilligence to have a gander at options.
  11. Problem is if we go up they'll definitely be given a shot at the championship. Recruitment is our main issue so Gary Holt needs to get that right in the summer if we do end up getting promoted.
  12. Nice to see the club putting up a video of Leitch acting like a decent footballer in training even if it was only Durnan at the end he nutmegs. Makes it a little more fathomable as to why they kept selecting him to start.
  13. See the pitch they've built at the back of our stadium is that ours with the intention of using it for our academy or any clubs who pay us to use it or is it council owned?
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