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  1. You're right, I'd be wanting at least double that for him
  2. Is Syvertsen still kicking a baw for yous? Know he was injured again a while ago but wasn't sure if he was back or not
  3. I'm very against this whole Dumbarton fully deserved the win We dominated the first half, they dominated the second half. It was a shite game in shite conditions and a draw was fair. I'm putting this "Dumbarton dominated" narrative down to them having the better second half with the wind behind them so it's more recent in memory
  4. Alloa 0-2 Falkirk Cove 1-0 Montrose Dumbarton 0-0 East Fife Peterhead 1-1 Clyde Queens Park 1-0 Airdrie
  5. It's only open to people that subscribe to our 1877 Rewards scheme. Other fans are welcome to do so to get entry of course
  6. Loan window closes at the end of September and I’m sure free agents can be brought in at any point
  7. Clyde 1-1 Cove East Fife 0-0 Peterhead Falkirk 1-0 Queens Park Montrose 2-0 Dumbarton
  8. Alloa 1-2 Queens Park Dumbarton 0-1 Cove R East Fife 0-1 Montrose Falkirk 2-1 Clyde Peterhead 0-0 Airdrie
  9. This is only a rule in England, Scottish teams can still stream in the UK if they wish - obviously up to each club though
  10. Airdrieonians 0-2 Falkirk Clyde 1-3 Alloa Athletic Cove Rangers 3-0 East Fife Montrose 1-0 Peterhead Queen's Park 1-0 Dumbarton
  11. Had nothing to do except pick the ball out of the net once so hard to say
  12. 78, it's on the bottom of the match report where it always goes when it's drawn at a game
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