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  1. https://www.glasgowfa.co.uk/pdf/gc_rules_2019.pdf Going by the rules here we need to play at least 6 first team players in each game
  2. Have to say East Fife’s live stream of the game for people abroad was excellent. Good quality and really nicely done
  3. He’s still no where near 100% fit after getting injured in the play off final, should never have started
  4. Agree Fitzpatrick did well upfront. Unlucky to only get one with a shot off the post and one off the bar, looked much better than he did at Hampden
  5. The Joma logo is annoying me on the home top, looks very far over to the right
  6. Don’t think we’d have any chance until after the Betfred Cup
  7. Winners of each draw are listed under the main match report that appears on the home page of the website
  8. There’s already a Scottish Supporters League set up, I’ll message you
  9. Look at him not even caring, he even knows that’s mediocre for him
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