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  1. There chat stendels getting his jotters and Robertson looked at. Could be the rumoured alessio situation that there was a get out clause with no loss to either party
  2. I'm lost. What was bigoted about it? It's an insult directed at the rangers fans nothing else. I would never directly call a Protestant a *** so not sure what is bigoted. There's probably (a minority) catholic, Muslim, Sikh and Jewish the rangers fans and they would come under the *** banner because they are fans of said club, no other reason
  3. You could say the exact same about what they said regarding stendel and mcphee (or the countless others). Neither were there on sportsound to give a balanced view or defend themselves but were never given an apology
  4. Zebra finance has stopped all payment plans. Shit load of clubs affected/fans
  5. On a Masonic conspiracy note, Stevie G received (allegedly) a phone call from McLean apologising for missing a foul in the lead up to the hibs goal.
  6. Took voluntary redundancy and just finished up today. Was wondering if there was anyone driving for amazon flex? looking at this until i figure out what to do next.
  7. Sun reporting the arse cheeks want Colt teams in the league. Considering they are actively looking for a way out of Scotland to chase the money they can f**k off. More deserving clubs could get the two places they want. CELTIC and Rangers are lobbying for entry for their Colts teams into SPFL League Two — possibly as early as next season. SunSport can reveal that Celts chief executive Peter Lawwell and Gers supremos want to ensure they get the benefit of their revolutionary Irn-Bru Cup experience on a WEEKLY basis for the immediate future. And it’s believed the feeling of the majority of SPFL clubs has been positive on their involvement. Now there are discreet moves behind the scenes to prepare a formal proposal for League Two to be extended by the addition of Celtic and Rangers’ development teams. Premiership chiefs met last week and SunSport understands Lawwell made clear how keen they are to set the ball rolling on it. There are a number of lower league clubs concerned about the idea — but the Old Firm, buoyed by general feedback from other teams, reckon they can be persuaded to agree to it. The SPFL would also have to consider what would happen if either of the kids’ sides were to win the league. But SunSport’s information is that both Celtic and Rangers would initially be happy to forego promotion. It has also been suggested they would consider playing every game away from home, although it’s unclear if that could be practical. READ MORE: Old Firm key battles: Kolo Toure v Kenny Miller Old Firm hype won't bother Rangers midfielder Niko Kranjcar Rino Gattuso makes shock return to one of his former clubs Respective first-team bosses Brendan Rodgers and Mark Warburton — who go head-to-head for the first time at Parkhead on Saturday — are supportive of the concept, anxious to provide a better platform for their up-and-coming starlets. An SPFL insider said last night: “There’s an appetite, certainly among the bigger clubs, about the idea of colts and Under-20 teams in League Two. “Even though both clubs lost games in the Irn-Bru Cup there’s a feeling at the top level of clubs that the experience has helped the young players. “There would be some challenges regarding making it happen but the feeling is there’s a will for it. It’s something the League itself would also appear willing to consider.”
  8. It's £25 for a kids ticket in the Famous Five. Seniors £200, student £160, child £135 and yoofs £160 other stands so a decent wedge can be lost to the club if you play the system.
  9. .Net have got a thread in full flow just now about hibs taking action by having an exclusive gate for adult and child in the Famous Five. This has been to weed out the adults from screwing the club over for a few hundred quid by buying kids season tickets. Turned into quite a ding dong. Is this kind of thing a problem at your own club or is everyone squeaky clean?
  10. Sod all to do with after footy chippies but we get a chippie van that comes round. Once got a smoked sausage supper that looked like a dehydrated boabie. Still for £3.50 what would you expect
  11. Section E. No seat numbers on tickets so free for all I guess
  12. Did the p***k ever congratulate hibs on winning the cup?
  13. There are salary details of palace players kicking about on Twitter. This boys alleged to be on £50k per week
  14. So while we've started banning our fans for their behaviour have sevco started dishing out Medals of Honour or special memorial sash's to those that came on to the pitch (late) to 'save' the players and 'protect' the 23k other Orcs?
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