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  1. Gotta be happy with that...... what a comeback....! Poor Martin for the pen, but he did have a decent half hour otherwise Ross County fans i know are livid. i wondered if they were just playing with us first half, and letting us wear ourselves out, and at 0-3 i was worried................. but I don't think they banked on our young lads and their fitness lasting 90 minutes. We were fantastic second half. I said on the GroupD thread, that by rights that should be our toughest game done... but i suspect Arbroath might have something to say about that.
  2. I for one am pleased with the score, and delighted with the performance. I am gutted we didn't steal the extra penalty point, our fightback deserved that nod of karma in our favour.... and to miss the pen (or hit the woodwork) rather than have it saved is worse still. Overall happy tho, and by rights we should have played our toughest game. Doubt we have tho......
  3. ^^ if you can't see them {our strengths} I'm not telling you! ^^ That's why we love you Steve!!
  4. If that is the case, sounds more like a personal Spotify issue than a club one!
  5. Fantastic goalkeeping today by your boy Hutton. He would have been any neutral’s MOTM despite losing 2. Coulda been 6! Antoniazzi (20) was brilliant today, wish he’d gotten a goal for his efforts, or MOTM, altho Watson was deserved enough. I thought we were worth the win and saw it out, but the last few minutes were nervy... we are Montrose after all!
  6. Think I'll pass thanks.... bad enough in real life. No desire to watch the highlights
  7. Sounds like a sore one on Saturday at Raith Rovers.... Was gutted not to be there, but in the end quite glad I didn't.
  8. and is Ramiro Gonzales buried underneath Speedo boy!?
  9. Reading the comments as a Montrose supporter, are you guys trying to lull us into a false sense of security!? Should we be super confident...? We are never super confident. From cuffing Brechin, to getting beat at Stenny, to beating Forfar, all in 3 weeks. We know nothing is a given. with The Mo. Sitting mid table in our promotion year is a fantastic place to be, and that'll do nicely for now.
  10. Awwww jesus, I'm off again! *tears * We just got a step at Links Park, Maz, Erin n Nana
  11. What makes a good away day? A half decent pub that welcomes fans is important, but as Tulloch Gorum says, not just about the alcohol. I live in Aberdeen, support Montrose so every game is an away day and involves driving. (except maybe Cove Rangers in the cup!) I find a good chipper on the way home can make a good day out great!
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