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  1. 6 hours ago, Salt n Vinegar said:

    My perception is that because there's not much leaking of possible names, it could be someone quite senior.... 

    (Please, please, please 🙏 let it be a particularly tall, lanky, bespectacled streak of piss whose name rhymes with peas-hogg)


    5 hours ago, Zern said:

    My money is on the slithy Gove.

    The erratic behaviour, the drug-fuelled dancing, and above all his moist lips.

    We are spoiled for choice when it comes to Torys and sexual assault.

    Neither is unbelievable, but this is a pretty crowded field. No matter the current form, mind, I'd have my normal five-pound "saver" on that oily wee cúnt Penfold Francois.

  2. 6 hours ago, Hedgecutter said:

    This probably makes me a terrible person, but it's things like this which bring a brighter ray of sunshine into my life.

    Coungt me in on that as well. One of the few bright spots was having these types getting to understand the difference between "ex-pats" and "immigrants".

    i.e. none.

    The "discrimination" those pesky foreign airports are practising raises a wee smile, too.

  3. 2 hours ago, doulikefish said:

    Sausage mixer 🤣🤣

    Mrs WRK has spent years asking me why I'm watching "that stupid low-budget shite". (I'm a long-term fan)

    She was absolutely buckled for a good ten minutes after watching Ramsey and Horne getting battered by chipolatas. That Geordie lad is adding plenty of value with his mad games this series.

  4. Last day in the Prison Service today. The GDR* has finally dawned!

    After a couple of months shy of a quarter century, I'm off to pastures new, and no longer have to give a fúck about "residents" or their care**. As long as they're behind the wall, my new status as Joe Public is happy.

    It's been a long and sometimes bumpy road, but I reckoned I had one good assault left, and it was probably better to leave before it happened.

    * Golden Day of Retirement.

    ** I do still have an interest in the wider CJ system and its current failings, natch.

  5. It's always a reasonable shout for neutrals to support Scots teams against foreign competition. 

    Scots teams are not represented by flags of foreign nations, however - be that a Cote d'Ivoire rip-off or a butcher's apron. They don't want to be Scots, ergo they have no claim on our support in these situations.

    Add the corruption in our National Game which allows these cúnts to even exist, and the revisionism which pretends they've got some glorious history in the face of reality, and last night's long, drawn out loss was so sweet. I could watch footage of crying **** all night - especially the child abusers introducing their spawn to their first Bigot's Awayday. What chance do those kids have?


  6. 12 minutes ago, williemillersmoustache said:

    Couple of guys just installed a wee milk delivery safe outside our office. World is fucked if our 4 litres of semi skimmed needs this level of security 

    What a Gem of an idea...

  7. 3 minutes ago, Duries Air Freshener said:

    As suspected, you’ve responded with yet more nasty, sweary nonsense.

    Being a keyboard warrior may appeal to you, but it’s not my style.

    Maybe you resort to this drivel to get out of answering points put to you, much like you did in the abortion discussion, who knows.

    I’ll not be putting the whole board on ignore btw.. just you :)

    Go and bore someone else.



  8. 7 hours ago, DMCs said:

    He's making a new program btw. David Simon I mean. 

    Something to do with a rogue Baltimore cop unit that basically behaved like gangsters.

    Yeah, it's called "We own This City" and is,as you say, set in Baltimore - George Pelecanos collaborating again. I've watched the first episode (just "found" it - its on HBO over there), and it looks like it could well be up to his usual standard. Looking forward to finding out.

  9. 6 hours ago, BFTD said:

    Well, it's criminalised a hell of a lot of people that the ruling class don't like. Some might say that's the point.

    Also, in America at least, it's been responsible for rounding up huge numbers of non-whites and putting them back into slave labour. That very definitely appears to have been the point.

    Yep. "The House I Live In" is an absolutely devastating documentary on the subject. One of the creators (David Simon, iirc*)states early on that we are witnessing "a new Holocaust". Like you (probably), I immediately thought "hyperbole" - then the film proceeded to put all those not-so-fluffy ducks in a row, and I thought "fúck me, that country is going to go up with one massive bang one of these days". Overall, I was more reminded of Apartheid-era RSA, but still, a seriously fúcked up society. Absolutely essential watching.


    *Writer of "The Wire", "The Corner", and "Treme", to name but a few of his credits. An opinion I respect. 

  10. 6 hours ago, Duries Air Freshener said:

    Good post, WRK.  I'm not actually looking for bites though.. just reasonable discussion as always.

    1- I can't agree that the Tories deliberately (or otherwise) victimise the poor and vulnerable.  I'd have to see exactly what she said before commenting on the supposed Ukraine/Protocol connection.

    2- I don't agree about the tax regime.  The rich already pay far more tax than the poor.  I look at it differently and see a tax system that applies to everyone, with people able to climb the ladder and earn more if they see fit.  What we do need to clamp down on is big business using loopholes though, and I don't think the Tories have an appetite to do this, which is wrong.

    3- I don't think the Tories criminalise refugees at all, but someone taking a life risking journey from France isn't escaping a war.. they're 'escaping' a safe country.  It's a very good point you make about our manufacturers making a profit from these wars, which is of course wrong.  We should not be meddling in the affairs of other countries across the world as if we are some sort of global policeman.

    4- Completely agree with you, but I don't just see this as a Tory problem.

    5- Completely disagree, especially with your 'racist vote' claim.  The very term 'racist' has lost all meaning due to it's overuse.  Also disagree about the treaty.

    6- They don't actively kill off anyone.  People have free will.

    1. Obviously you can't, because that would betray your thick wc tory persona. The UN, Amnesty, the WHO and many many others do agree, however. International bodies, with no UK axe to grind.

    2. Of course the rich pay more - they've fucking got more. You really are over-egging the stupid tory act here. Your statement about earning more "if they see fit" is just a straight lift from McLean's gibbering, and is still fucking ridiculous.

    3. Define "safe" from the point of view of a refugee. I'm willing to guess not many people, of whatever origin, would risk their lives and pay thousands for the prize of a council flat and a "flatscreen TV".

    4. Who is running this country again? Who ennobled Lebvedev(sp?)? Which Chancellor's wife (and by extension, Chancellor) is still actually doing business in Russia?

    5, You're simply not paying attention, then. What do you believe wc England voted for, then? Longer queues at airports? Getting reduced residence in the EU (fucking "ex-pats" screamed like spoiled kids when that one sank in- one of the few pluses of the whole farrago)? I'll assume you've watched the news today, and the treaty issue may be clearer for you. Doubt it, tbh, but you never know. 

    6. And now we come to the part where responding to a vicious, stupid, ignorant and wilfully contrarian piece of shit stops becoming a bit of fun. Do you actually mean to say that "free will" could have prevented my daughter's physical disability? Are you trying to tell me that she. and hundreds of thousands like her, fucking chose  to be born disabled? Not to mention those who have been crippled in illegal wars in support of that "special relationship", only to find that the country they put their lives on the line for doesn't even deem them worthy of housing? Fúck off, you loathsome little cúnt.

    MODS: Please empty this little w****r. There are trolls on here who can be baited amusingly. This little shit brings down the whole site by his presence. 

  11. 11 minutes ago, dirty dingus said:

    Jeezo even ardent Tory fan boy Nick Ferrari was ripping the piss out of the idiot Mclean this morning.  

    She's certainly up there with Dowden as an empathy and intelligence-free zone.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Duries Air Freshener said:

    You conveniently didn’t go into the full story, I wonder why? :)

    Ms Maclean said she was not “suggesting for one moment” that such an option would work for everyone.

    But she said those with extra capacity could visit job centres to apply for either more hours or better rewarded employment.

    She added: “It may be right for some people, they may be able to access additional hours, but, of course, it is not going to work for people who are already in three jobs.

    “That’s why we need to have the other measures, such as all the help we are putting into schools, the help with the local authorities … and that’s where we are going to target help to where it is most needed.”

    Sounds like it’s general advice, and good advice at that.

    People often want to blame the government for all their problems, whereas in reality it’s not as simple as that.

    If someone is struggling due to the cost of living then you’ll often find a story behind it of someone not having saved and planned for the future.  Not saying the government shouldn’t try to make it easier for people, but blaming them for everything is crazy.


    Alright, I'll bite. I'm not blaming them for everything - the rain I've just got caught in didn't appear to be Johnson's doing, for example.

    However, I absolutely will blame them for

    1. Over a decade of concerted and deliberate victimisation of the poorest and most vulnerable in society. The moron McLean this morning on KB's Sky show actually connected the Ukraine war as a reason for the "failings" of the Protocol. Not someone I'd take advice from on anything, to be honest. Just today's sacrificial sycophant, desperate to hang onto a ministerial car defend her boss's behaviour.

    2. A tax regime which ensures those at the bottom of the economic heap suffer disproportionately in tough times.

    3. Criminalising people trying to seek refuge from wars and attacks often carried out using the products of British "defence" manufacturers. Turning refugees into profit units.

    4. Allowing our entire political system to be supported by dirty money, and actualy ennobling a Russian against Security advice - simply because he might bung a few millions to party funds. Failing to actually take any sanctions against Russia or Russians which jeopardise this cosy arrangement.

    5. Lying like cheap watches to ensure the racist vote would carry them over the line in an election, then attempting to blame the EU for not being willing to change an international treaty which Johnson and his crew of fuckwits had signed up to in order to commit the biggest act of economic self-harm ever seen in exchange for another five years at the trough.

    6. Failing in every single measurable way to govern this country in the way they are duty bound to, and not having the honour to admit their incompetence, venality, ignorance or mendacity. Actively killing off the poorest and most vulnerable, whose lives they are sworn to serve, in order to overfill the already bulging pockets of their masters with taxpayers money which will disappear into tax havens, never to see these shores again.

    f**k 'em.


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