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  1. ooft! Not nice, but we are getting to the sharp end, I suppose!

    Here we go...

    1. John Peel. Good one to start.

    2. The Marshall Plan. Almost surely.

    3. Enron? All I can think of,but seems a bit early.

    4. Revolutions, I reckon. Purely based on Orange and velvet, although Glorious Revolution sounds right as well.

    5.No idea. Army Vs Navy?

    6. Rain(fall). School Latin helping at last.

    7. Red Square. Top Boi, that Mathias.

    8. Bertrand Russell, I think.

    9. The Hollywood Ten, I think. Cracking film, that Trumbo.

    10. Anfield, before they took the huff and left for a new ground - which is now, apparently, the oldest ground in the country.

    There you go, Your Eminence. Fairly happy with that, but I'm not confident - considering the Jaggy One's recent form.

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