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  1. True. My boy loves a ramble. His wee sister, on the other hand, reckons walks are serious business
  2. isn't one of them dead now? I'm sure the Eye did a Thribb epitaph focusing on the way nobody ever knew one from the other.. Quick Google reveals David pegged it 15/1/21, and is survived by Frederick. Quick re-read of your post shows that I completely missed three words of your post. Wanna guess which ones?
  3. Again, if you are genuinely concerned over masks look up the different purposes masks are used for. If you base an argument on FFP respirators doing the same job as FRSMs, then the points you raise in the rest of your post become liable to be treated with the same level of respect as the others who see "masks" as an all encompassing term for everything from BP-RPE to a manky old RangAyr scarf slung over the face. Rant Not saying I agree or disagree with your other remarks but, while I am fairly ignorant on the real situation in Scotland at the moment (you'll excuse me for not taking the most active posters' tirades as gospel), there are some things I am knowledgeable about. One is that this is not a black and white situation, and the likes of MT, Wee Bully, WelshBairn and a few others deserve at least the respect of their views being listened to before rejected, rather than being treated to a torrent of ad hominem attacks which is becoming a hallmark of this thread. /rant.
  4. And surprise, sur-fucking-prise, years too fucking late.. I would dearly love to see Ken, in particular stand against that UJ mask-wearing turncoat in the next election - one lost "Labour" deposit I would not mourn. No-one, I repeat No-one could possibly run for election on that tory manifesto, continually vote like a good wee party lickspittle and be fit to represent working people just two years later. If he's serious, let him resign his seat and let the CLP select who they want to represent the Party in the resulting by-election. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be that traitor. Just because he's crossed the floor in the "right" direction doesn't make him trustworthy, quite the opposite.
  5. Anyone heard [email protected] lately? He wasn't in a great place last time I spoke to him on here, and hasn't responded to PMs since. I'm a bit concerned, tbh.
  6. Full review in due course would be appreciated, as I'm in a bit of an autobiography groove at the moment. Just finished Tom Jones', which was surprisingly readable, and just about got through And Away.., Bob Mortimer's. Still got Bobby Gillespie and Dave Grohl' s to read as well. Also currently re-reading The Wee Free Men, as I decided granddaughter the first could do with stepping up from Potter to some proper fantasy writing, and I'm enjoying discussing the story of the Nac Mac Feegle as she takes the first steps to becoming as much of a Pratchett fan as I am. Big Jobs!
  7. Fūck me, I'll happily have a go at [mention=8416]oaksoft[/mention] for a lot of stuff, but that's in poor taste. I notice, as well, that at least one of those mentioned was gaily handing red dots around over a week ago. Not because I go looking for behaviour like this, but a fellow poster mentioned it shortly before he disappeared again - hopefully temporarily.
  8. Also from the BBC: Downing Street party: Who is Sue Gray and what is she investigating? Ah, Johnson's Good Old Days when one party was all there was. All of SIX days ago.
  9. This could be what sinks not only the fat fűckwit, but the actual government. Sorry,I can't put a wee laughing emoji here. This is fucking treasonous behaviour.
  10. Adopting English as the world's lingua franca had bugger all to do with the UK or history of empire. Rather, it was the continuing (and expanding) presence and influence of the Yanks across the globe post-WWII. Fun fact - those uppity colonials came within a whisker of adopting German as their national language when the USA was in its formative years.
  11. He'll be remembered as being even more of a cűnt than you. Think on that. It's some fucking bar. 1. He still hasn't "got Brexit done". 2. He won a massive majority based on a raft of manifesto promises which he has spent the last couple of years breaking, one by one. Feel free to mention anything that has been implemented from that manifesto. 3. He isn't even bright enough to lie consistently. 4. Finally, on pandemic response. Much public money was spent on vaccines which work, but I don't hear you trumpeting about the public money spaffed up the wall on vaccines which were found to be unsuitable. The "superb" rollout of the vaccination and booster programmes was due to a Herculean effort on behalf of NHS staff and an army of volunteers (mainly , Public Sector), not that fucking empty shirt - he was too busy getting pissed with his staff. That the only thing he continues to claim for himself as a success is a result of a massive socialist response from the public aiding an institution he is denied to destroying would be beautifully ironic were it not so fucking disgraceful.
  12. I'm assuming you've got your tongue firmly in cheek there. Sue Gray, in common with you and I, it's easily old enough to remember what happened to David Kelly.
  13. There's a few bumble around in the woods near us - I reckon if I see a couple more, I'll have the sett. (Sorry!)
  14. ^^^ Surprisingly upbeat for someone who's going to have to find a new hobby..
  15. "Wee Ayr"? Nah, far too cuddly. Think you'll find the usual term is "that Shite from down the road".
  16. Nine for me on Monday - second guessed myself on Vicky's kid. A couple of other guesses came in, though, so overall pleased.
  17. Absolutely. News and current affairs coverage on Netflix is second to none, as well. And as for Disney's blanket coverage of local radio, well.. (Above post may contain sarcasm)
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