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  1. ..and the rest - Greendale came out in 2003. A cracking album (and film), tbf, but not quite what fans were expecting. Still, Neil does what he wants.
  2. If, as has been mooted, those of us exiles resident outwith Scotland will get a say, it'll be a YES from me.
  3. Hope you get on the mend sharpish, Slips. Get the cűnt addressed for maximum compo. Doesn't matter if the road's in Ayrshire, Yorkshire or Thailand, a cűnt's a cűnt.
  4. Nine for Friday - Catholics letting me down again. Also nine for Wednesday, which I don't seem to have posted earlier - illogical, captain.
  5. ..and just a 50% chance of it getting sneezed on...
  6. A month ago I would have wholeheartedly and unhappily agreed. Now? I wouldn't be too sure. The tractor-shagger also had a 24k cushion*, and now the Lib-Dem candidate in the by-election is currently 1/4 with the bookies. I am, as is well known on here, a sunny wee optimist, but I can't help feeling there is an undercurrent of "we'll move on when we're ready, cúnto" spreading down here. I've heard a few tories pissed off at being TOLD what they think is important. After yesterday's performance, it's obvious that Johnson has "lost the dressing room", and is about as popular as Brian Clough was with the Leeds players back in the day. *Which is a couple of thousand more than "Silent" Greg Knight, my representative. Hope springs eternal, as they say, but a swing of that size to Labour is a lot to ask in a mainly rural constituency.
  7. FTFY. She might have a 24k majority, but how many of them are going to have been impressed by her recent displays of instability and, I'll say it, an obvious problem with substance misuse evident when she's actually "at work"?
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