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  1. What’s your favourite band/artist

    Neil Young. Over fifty years of pleasing himself as to what he records and performs, and the ratio of diamonds to shite is massively in favour of sonic Ambrosia. Even stuff like Storytone is at least interesting, if not the type of thing you'd put on to convert anyone to the Way of Rust. His movies, as well, are very much what he wanted to do rather than what would sell. His latest, Paradox, although theoretically Daryl Hannah's creation.bears all the hallmarks - green credentials, quality music, and a pretty opaque plot. It's grand though - even if I thought part way through, "this would be awesome if I still enjoyed the old mushrooms"
  2. Croatia v England - semi final

    I'll keep an eye out. Good work your lads are doing fighting the DOO train shite, btw. I'm with the POA - we have tended to keep a low profile at Durham, but thankfully the miners seem to have more or less forgiven us for events in the eighties, as we've all got bigger fish to fry these days. I'm hopeful we can get to march behind our banner next year. No band, mind, although some of our lads do play in the Yorkshire bands which will be there.
  3. Croatia v England - semi final

    I wonder why that is...
  4. Durham Miners' Gala - The Big Meeting

    I really don't think it's Kincy's kinda thing, tbh - despite the amount of drink taken.
  5. Anybody else going this weekend? The biggest Trade Union event in the country, and a great display of Working Class organisation in the beautiful setting of the Land of the Prince Bishops. Quick check on thetrainline shows you can get the full day out (including Billy Brag playing live) for 27 quid return from Edinburgh. Plenty of marching bands, fabulous banners with a massive weight of history behind them, then the main speakers on the old racecourse. This year we have Jeremy Corbyn, Frances O'Grady, Dennis Skinner, Emily Thornberry, Ian Lavery, Jennie Formby, and Matt Wrack (FBU). I've never met Jennie or Emily, but the others range from "shook hands at a rally" in the case of Jezza, through to the regular contact we have with Ian Lavery. This year, I've taken the possibly risky decision to go with a couple of Branch Committee members, lots of beer and barbie stuff and ONE tent (although it's a big'un). Normally it's just a day out for us, but we've decided to use the two night stay to increase our "networking". There's a festival ("People, Pits and Politics") going on today and tomorrow, which I'm sorry to be missing - we'd made our arrangements with work prior to finding out about this. One thing I always take from the Big Meeting is that when you see over a hundred thousand people united in a field, the idea that Trade Unionism is dead is shown to be the ridiculous slur we all know it is. Oh, and this year the loos appear to be a damn' sight closer to the stage than the hike we had last year. Major consideration, that, given the liquid intake forecast!
  6. Croatia v England - semi final

    You going with a Union?
  7. England's Glorious Failure

    This appears to be the threadbare comfort blanket of choice round our way. Two shots on target over 120 minutes - including the free kick they scored. None of my colleagues has given me any explanation of how you can score two or three goals if you can't hit the fucking target, however.
  8. I honestly think Labour will do slightly better, but also that their policies in the main will be acceptable to all non-Tory parties - mainly because many of them are aimed at repairing the damage done by the Conservatives (with the help of their whore friends in the DUP and Lib-Dems). What will also be fun is seeing what happens to those supposed "big beasts" like Johnson, Rudd, Duncan Smith et al who all of a sudden want safer seats than they ones they hung onto last time round. The second half of the year could be very interesting.
  9. England's Glorious Failure

    Going to work in England today is an absolute joy. Adding to the audible agonies of Tyldsley and Hoddle, the glorious telts from big Slav and that horrible hatchetman Keane, the "we never thought we could win it" volte-face from those with traces of red and white face-paint still visible is so easily mocked it's almost like kicking a puppy. That the "fans" (who I'll guarantee won't be tipping up to Bootham Crescent and the like in their droves) thought they'd got it nailed on after five minutes only for reality to gradually strangle their hopes over the next two hours only made it so, so much sweeter. I feel for my mates who were a bit more realistic (and actually know a bit about the game), but the popping of this particular balloon of hype was beautifully scripted. Thank You, Karma! Mrs WRK isn't talking to me either, as I'm apparently a "horrible person for not supporting those brave lads". Don't care - the first un-sunny day here for a fortnight, but the world seems so much brighter.
  10. Croatia v England - semi final

    He's been confirmed as lead speaker for many months. Hardly worth disappointing a six-figure crowd for the sake of whatever sound-bite the Beeb deigns to show (and spin) - especially when the Tories are proving to be more than capable of fucking themselves up. "Let us wait a little: When your enemy is executing a false movement, never interrupt him." - (probably) Napoleon Bonaparte.
  11. Croatia v England - semi final

    We (local Union Branch) are off to the Miners' Gala in Durham for the weekend. When the speakers are finished on Saturday, there should be plenty of time to find a boozer to watch the play-off. My English mates are far more excited about Billy Bragg playing a free set once Jezza has done the warm-up for him. Wise choice, imho. Finding somewhere showing the Game of the Week tomorrow evening might be trickier, mind...
  12. General Politics Thread

    Not sure whether the Maybot was displaying general ignorance or a coded acceptance of Independence for Scotland when she followed up "When we leave the UK" with "these devastating fires in the north of Britain" at PMQs today. Last time I looked, Saddleworth was comfortably in the bottom half of the Island. She's beginning to look like a woman on the edge now - even her pre-scripted responses are being stuttered and mangled as she desperately tries to ignore the vultures around and behind her.
  13. Perks of your job/ skives

    I leave the house at 0756, I'm at the gate for my start at 0800. What's even better is that having put all the bad lads in their cells for 1845, i'm sat with a brew and feet up in time for a 1900 kick-off. And while you might think living next door to a prison isn't ideal, we're in beautiful countryside with zero crime and a bunch of lovely trees hiding the Queen's Hotel from view.
  14. Drug deaths in Scotland hit record high

    This. If you can't eliminate or reduce either supply or demand, then all that is left is to minimise harm. Unfortunately, it would be political suicide to acknowledge this, so the lower orders will continue to suffer disproportionately.
  15. England v Colombia

    Yep, cheated to gain advantage, because attempting to win playing by the rules is for losers. A fitting hero for Today's England.