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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Can't decide which of the two you're referring to. Would it be greedy to hope for both?
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    You mean all that fruit is going to pick itself? Farmer Giles and his brexit-voting mates will be happy!* *Not really - the only thing I'm looking forward to after Brexit is this lot getting killed and eaten by their serfs before the rest of us have to hone our hunting and foraging skills.
  3. Quick Question Thread

    There's stuff called Parafilm that some modellers use for masking canopies. It's stretchy and looks translucent, not totally clear. I think it's actually made for medical purposes - we sprue-bashers tend to improvise quite a lot..
  4. Things that make you cringe

    "almost"? Also, if by "town" you mean Dundee, it's hardly RP Central, is it?
  5. Things that make you cringe

    Having been married for nigh on thirty years, we've settled into a place where some days we can't stand the sight of each other, and others (lots of others, tbf) where we share experiences we'll remember in our dotage. On average, life's been better with her. High praise, from me.
  6. What Do You Imagine Other P&B Users Look Like

    Or if they had padlocks on their fridges...
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Consider that edited. Christ, the embarrassment!
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    In fairness to Corbyn, he can't be everywhere at once (he's only been in my area half-a-dozen times in the last couple of years) - I would suggest that if Scottish Labour want to keep their devolved status, they should be out there a wee bit more themselves. It'as not all about the Leader, either - I have regular contact with our Shadow Minister (Richard Burgon), who is reasonably local, and my Branch Chairman is on nodding terms with Ed Milliband in Donny. Ian Lavery has helped us sink a few pints over the years, and John McDonnell is a good friend of my Union, who I've had a couple of good chinwags with. Dennis Skinner won himself some more points with me when he referred to me as "young man" at last year's Miners' gala, and this year I even scored a cuddle from Emily Thornberry. Two other lovely women are Angela Rayner and Frances O'Grady (although Ms O'grady can get a bit shrill when riled!) The above is not to paint myself as some kind of uber-activist - just to point out that the current Party is unrecognisable when compared to the stage-managed, image is everything nonsense peddled by Blair and his crew. They actually are a true people's Party, and we (members) love them for it. This is why we're not too happy about Umuna referring to us as "dogs" and "trash". How close to any senior Tory would you get before you were tackled by some massive security bod? Why are they so scared at encountering the public they claim to serve?
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Shouldn't have fucking voted for it then, should they? Agricultural cúnts. (Posted from a true-blue, rural, haven't-made-a-crowbar-big-enough-to-shift-the-cúnt constituency in E Yorks)
  10. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I didn't compare them to the SNP - I pointed out that on a UK-wide basis, the party has more members than the rest of the major players at Westminster, which is where the whole Brexit process is playing out. Just out of interest, although the SNP obviously does not operate in England, I have a couple of mates who are members - living in Yorkshire. I'm sure the Grauniad ran a story a couple of years back about a Branch in London, with membership in the high hundreds. Yep, here it is. I also accept that, in Scotland, the SNP seems to be the only gig in town. Some of the reason for that is the legacy of the likes of Murphy, Deputy Dug and that posturing old cúnt Broon. Labour in Scotland has been self-harming for years, but now are slowly recovering.
  11. General Politics Thread

    As a fellow auld yin, can I just point out that anyone old enough to have voted in 1979 is now 57 years old. I would suggest that the overwhelming majority on here have never known anything but a Tory PM. You'd think they'd like to try something different, even if only out of curiosity.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Even the thickest on here, and I'm not yet willing to class you with the likes of Bennett, would surmise that I was referring to the Labour Party. Unless otherwise stated, I would have thought any rational person would realise that discussion on here refers to parties nationally, i.e. UK-wide. What with Brexit being an issue for the UK Parliament, and all that. Once we get rid of the Tories, we can see the debate on Independence opening up again, with maybe a bit more rational argument. It seems a wee bit short-sighted to continually abuse the Party which offers the only possibility of attaining that. What is notable about Scottish membership is that, while it mirrored the collapse in membership seen in the rest of the country during the failed project years, it hasn't seen a similar recovery in recent years. This, I would suggest, is because you're lucky enough to have had a party in Scotland which at least professes to be progressive in outlook. FWIW, I returned to Labour after almost thirty years in 2015 - had I still been living in Scotland I'd have become a member of the SNP when I packed in my Labour card in 96. I'm not sure I still would be, but I would probably be back in the Labour fold anyway.
  13. What Do You Imagine Other P&B Users Look Like

    I can confirm Dennis did pass away recently, as he was resident at the Greybar Hilton chain at the time. I'm not sure he ever had a P&B account, mind.
  14. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It's not nonsense, it's a fact. The only people influenced by Corbyn, I would argue, were those who actually went to see him speak or read verbatim reports of those speeches. Not those, like some on here, who are glad to accept the provably biased media representation of him, and be influenced by that. As for badly supported - the absolute lowest estimate of current membership is comfortably over half a million, not counting registered supporters and affiliated TU members. More than the Tories, SNP, LibDems and Plaid can muster between them.
  15. General Politics Thread

    Labour, Plaid, SNP, Green, possibly SDLP. Basically anyone with a progressive agenda which treats people as, you know, people.