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  1. What do you mean, back in the day? Anyhoo, another eight for Wednesday. Two coin tosses falling wrong (tubby and chess), but I was quite pleased with myself at working out the [emoji258] question.
  2. Should be three points each to Accies and Buddies, six away from the dons and six off the green sisters. Now THAT might focus their fucking minds.
  3. Yeah, I thought that was the situation. Why treat them differently? It's not like the virus understands the difference between a friendly and a SPFL fixture, after all. None of the requirements put in place seem particularly onerous (although I'd agree regular testing gets a wee bit wearing, especially on the nose), given what appears to be the wide accptance of the importance of the game. Any player or club who can't abide by the rules - or, as I believe may well be the case, thinks the rules are for the "wee clubs" - should get fucking hammered.
  4. If this was a case of collective action, then collective punishment would be appropriate. It's not, so it wouldn't be. First offence - lengthy ban for the individual, and points lost for the club. Second offence - expulsion for both. While the club will have a "responsible person" when it comes to H&S, each employee has an individual duty to ensure they are compliant. I'll guarantee if celtic were sitting on the verge of getting chucked out of the competition just as they were about to achieve their meaningless* record, they'd take a damn' sight more interest in what their players were getting up to. Just a quick question - did the other Ugly Sisters not breeze along to a game in pre-season without sticking to testing guidelines, as well? *Except to them and their fellow cheeks, natch.
  5. No, they should get a points deduction - full stop. They are responsible for their employees' actions, like any other business. If they lost points, it might encourage the entitled cúnts to get their house in order. This would also encourage them to hammer this, and any future, transgression. Sack the wee twat, if necessary - I am sure a case could be made for gross misconduct.
  6. "Dad, those black and yellow flies aren't as tasty as normal ones." You go disturbing their nest, they WILL get nasty, Boy. At least you only appear to have got one sting - I got three. Same old Alloa..
  7. How exactly would you get the impression that Dawn was driving? It's very clear she's sat in the passenger seat.
  8. I've been "watching" this on flash scores, and didn't want to jinx things by coming on here to catch up. Was it as one sided as a seventy thirty split in possession suggests? Because that would make it even sweeter.
  9. If you've also got Prime Video, check out Hap and Leonard. Come for Hendricks' puppies, stay for Purefoy's Good ol'boy loser and his gay, black Vietnam veteran mate. Qualiy easy watching.
  10. Is that a new one today, as I thought I'd already done this week's? Anyhoo, 18 for joe's - Gyllenhall mo0vies and sport the Achilles' Heels.
  11. Guessed the state and the monarch, fairly sure on handball for a tumescent ten to finish the week. Got a pretty pleasing 22 on Joe's quiz as well.
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