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  1. I enjoyed it, particularly after the missed opportunity that was Yesterday. The Thunder Road sequence with Rob Bryden was top notch.
  2. Which family, exactly? One of the ones he's abandoned, or the one he's currently assembling for PR purposes?I remember when Tories stood for family values. In public, at least.
  3. Do you know what? I'll show Johnson the same amount of compassion as he and his party have shown the working class of this country. That ok with you? I'm not a violent man by nature, and bar the imaginary friend try to be fairly Christian in my behaviour - I.e. There's no God, but that doesn't stop us being good to each other. I will not shed a tear if this dicksplash croaks: we could wipe out the Tory party root and fucking branch and not come anywhere near the butchers bill they've run up with their policies in the last decade. This sympathy shite just goes to show they had it right when referring to the electorate as a "herd".
  4. I've just finished watching that - agree it's an absolutely top class slice of entertainment. A solid nine - loses one as the country house mystery isn't the most original setting. Watched The Gentlemen last night - another twisty, turny piece of fun. Possibly Hugh Grant's second best performance - after Paddington 2, natch. Another nine.
  5. Seconded. Pratchett, while an outstanding writer, wrote mainly due to a formula, imho, but you literally never know what you're going to get with Gaiman. American Gods is a particular favourite of mine, and I have an attachment to Neverwhere, which was my first encounter with him. How you doing now, btw, Moomintroll?
  6. Official Secrets. Keira Knightley stars as Katherine Gunn, GCHQ whistleblower. Worth a watch, if only to remind ourselves what a set of lying c***s were in charge here and in the U.S.at the time.
  7. Many hospitals already have a staff-only shop - I know York does because they let HMP staff use it when on bed watch duty.
  8. The Untouchables. Bears up pretty well considering it's over thirty years old. Accent aside*, Connery is outstanding, and De Niro plays himself as well as he ever has. * Why does everyone bring up this particular minor example of inappropriate accent, and leave Brad Pitt alone for that abomination in "Basterds"?
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