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  1. Letter from HMRC - paid too much last year and due a £1374 refund. Happy days!
  2. When I was going through cancer treatmenta few years ago, my daily "commute" took me up Harehills Road in Leeds. In about half a mile, there were fourteen hairdressers, three nail bars/salons, and a couple of mobile phone shops (cases, chargers & unlocking rather than a Carphone Warehouse deal). Every one a legitimate business, I'm sure.
  3. Aye, having to leave the North East to such second raters as the Party Chairman. Oh, and the lovely Laura. Maybe check front benchers' constituencies before coming out with such uninformed tripe in future.
  4. Thirty years married, and four rosettes should say different, plus I get to spend time upstairs with a model while Mrs WRK watches her soaps. [emoji4]
  5. I'm kinda half thinking that I'll get a Gannet at some point, but only if I can buy or cobble together appropriate markings for the one that was (is?) gate guardian at HMS Gannet at Prestwick. Beautifully ugly aircraft.
  6. Lib Dems have more chance of shagging the Pope's daughter. Labour win. Even more confident of this after that performance.
  7. Nope, they've painted him into a corner. Being called out as a coward by Neill is going to hurt him, and his crew - especially with the placing of Brillo's wee rant just after he'd grilled Fromage, ensuring that a lot of brexit obsessives who were considering flipping from the nasty party to the natsy party might be encouraged to take that step.
  8. Meet Casper. Dad is a lab, mum a cocker. He's a fucking loon - current favourite toy is a mug..
  9. The grandkids ain't getting anywhere near this beauty, don't you worry! They will, however, be getting a few starter sets from Aldi and Lidl*. Nice simple wee kits which might keep them quiet for a bit, and gently introduce the concept of delayed gratification. *Both of which have had airfix sets at a fiver recently. Half price, so worth picking up if you fancy a go. All (well, some) paints, brush and cement included.
  10. Got an airfix meteor (1/48) on fleabay for fifteen quid. No decals, so bought a sheet including Belgian, Aussie and Syrian markings for seven quid from Hannants. Total saving on usual shop price - twelve quid. Proper chuffed.
  11. How many of his qualify? However many he actually has...
  12. The Irishman. Got peace and quiet to watch this today. De Niro, Pacino, Pesci, marshalled by Scorsese. You kind of know what to expect here, and you will not be disappointed. A bit numb in the extremities after three and a half hours, but not disappointed. A bit more measured and sedate (in pace at least) than classics like Goodfellas and Casino, the same tawdry glamour of mob life informs and seasons the life story of De Niro's hitman character, from skimming meat deliveries to rising through the ranks of the Union to become a confidant of Jimmy Hoffa, to the end where he is alone in a home, all his associates dead, even those who survived the Life. Quality movie, and Stephen Graham must believe he's made it now, having shared a scene with two of the greats and not looking out of place - plus, he got to put Pacino on his arse! 9/10 easily.
  13. All right,I haven't watched it yet, but The Irishman just showed up on Netflix. I am proper excited for this, so shall be waiting until I've got a guarantee three and a half hours(!) free of "dad, where's my work shirt?" and "you'll never guess who I met today?". Showtime : tomorrow, 9.00am. Can't wait.
  14. Quite an achievement, indeed. Especially when she hasn't had the benefit of the media telling everyone what a cùnt she is for the last four years. She's had to do her own publicity, and she's not disappointed.
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