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  1. Who Else ‘Has It Coming’.

    Every time someone has a go at Kris Boyd's weight,I can't help thinking, "you obviously never saw that lardy twat at Cappielow then"
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Fúck that. Just answering.
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Really moved by that. There really is no other club like us.
  4. Who Else ‘Has It Coming’.

    Mine were mostly players at some point. Except for that thuggish imposter Scott Brown, of course.
  5. Who Else ‘Has It Coming’.

    Jabba. Gordon Smith. Andy "does fúck all except score (especially against Killie)" Ritchie. Bryan "Hand of Dog" Prunty. Scott Brown. So much Scott Brown. Ally McCoist. David "ex-Celtic (and nobody else, apparently)" Provan. Scott Brown. Alan Fucking Rough. Michael Johnston. Pat "Two short ones" Bonner. Chick Young. Oh, and Scott Brown.
  6. Rangers vs Killie - the Halloween Match

    Well, I'd have taken that at start of play. What went off in the last few minutes? Six yellows and seven minutes added on - I could almost feel the dodgy penalty award coming.
  7. Things you want to share with P&B

    The bloody Somme is closer to mine!
  8. The very start of my cancer treatment, when they needed a sample of tissue to see if I was in fact just suffering from a blocked saliva gland. Expecting the "local and a wee sliceand a stitch" biopsy a few mates have had,I was intrigued to hear of this " fine needle aspiration" method they would use. Cue the hypodermic into the neck below my jaw. So far, so standard. Then the absolute bastárd of a doctor stated rotating the thing like he was winding a clock "to break up the tissue". He will never know how close he came to losing his balls for that sneak attack. A close second was the day my regular stomach troubles turned out to be a duodenal ulcer, which ruptured a week or so before my nineteenth birthday, flooding the ol' chest cavity with gastric juices.
  9. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Lukas is Willie Nelson's boy. He and POTR have been working a lot live and on record with the godlike genius that is Neil young for a few years now. Fine band.
  10. What, from this? Middle England won't vote Corbyn into office so I don't think Labour will gain south of the border from the last GE where they performed better than expected. Most switchers down south will go Tory to UKIP if the government goes into the election offering a softer Brexit. The Lib Dems should gain ground with calls for a peoples vote. In Scotland I can see Labour slipping a little and the SNP taking the votes that were offered because Corbyn became leader. Quite possible the minority parties ( not Con, Lab) could receive more than a 1/3 of all votes. 1. "Middle England"? The majority of folk I speak to (in a public service of the "crown on the shoulder" type) have gradually come round to the idea that, much as they aren't impressed by Corbyn, a vote for the Tories (i.e. any non-Labour vote) simply promises more of the same shite. At least Labour are offering change, and an increasing number are willing to give them a chance. 2. "Better than expected". By who, exactly? I had a nice wee spread bet with a work colleague when he said Labour would lose at least thirty seats. Three hundred and fifty quid later, he pays a wee bit more attention... 3. Why on earth would anyone switch to a single-issue party whose issue is no longer relevant - especially when the Tories are enacting policy the BNP and even NF would have hesitated to promote? 4. I think you might underestimate the effects of the Lib Dems' betrayal on Tuition fees. People down here, especially those who were directly affected, their parents, and those who are now faced with the opportunity of Labour's free NES, will never vote for Cable's zombies. 5. I do not have the on-the ground knowledge of the issue in Scotland, although I do feel Labour took their voters for granted for far too long and opened the door for the SNP to take advantage. 6. To suggest that the Tories and Labour won't amass 420 seats between them is frankly batshit mental.
  11. Congratulations - I don't think I've ever seen such a high proportion of ill-informed pish in one short post.
  12. Nope, but it's the Labour we've got, and a damned sight closer to the Party's founding principles than anything served up by a selection of capitalist chancers since John Smith died. A choice between the current Labour Party and the May-fronted crew across the House is really no choice at all.
  13. Full agree with your final statement,GD. Whether approving of Corbyn's leadership or not, the Party has actually got a raft of policies which for the first time in a generation put clear water between the parties, and mean there is a real choice. We have got our party back and nowhere is that more evident in the responses to Umunna's stance. No,Chuka, we don't think you know what's best for us. We do, however, feel your pain at the fundamental changes in Labour. Perhaps you'd be more comfortable on the other side of the House? Door, arse, way our, etc. Yours, half a million Party members.
  14. What are you afraid of?

    Evil fucking things. I literally wouldn't kill a fly, I'd even pick worms of paths so birds can't kill them... But Wasps; no regrets Wasps are the neds/chavs of the insect world, but respond well to a damn good belting - with the bare hand if necessary, 'cos the pointy bit's not on their backs. What perturbs, rather than frightens me are moths. What is the point of these bulky, badly-assembled, unaerodynamic, clumsy bastárds? And that weird dust they're covered with makes my skin crawl. Only ever dispatch them with book/mag/paper as I can't bear the idea of contacting that stuff. If they'd keep themselves to themselves, then no worries - live and let live. Battering themselves off the inside of my bedside lampshade when I'm trying to read? You're going down, pal. If you're that attracted to light get up in the daytime and fúck off to the sun.