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  1. Maybe some gobshite mentioning "bodies piling up in their thousands" as being acceptable rather than another lockdown?
  2. (Bolded) - that would be why I posted in the General Politics thread. (1) Why not? How's Brexit panning out round your way? have we not seen people vote expressly to prevent a man with a beard becoming PM? Because they "just dinnae like wee Krankie"!? Because they follow a particular football team? Some people certainly do not deserve a vote, but that's the price we pay for Universal Suffrage.
  3. Let it go, man. The "extremists" leading Palestine didn't start out that way, as mentioned previously they were seen as a moderate option. Decades of Israeli landgrabs, oppression and gratuitous killing have simply proved the adage which explains why our Prison System is nothing like the Yanks': "If you treat people like animals, don't be surprised if they react like animals". ..which leads us to the current situation where the Palestinians have simply run out of options. Exactly what the fúck do you suggest they do to stop the killing? How far would you have to be pushed to see attacking a modern military state (which is practising genocide on you and yours) with glorified fireworks as your only option? The more you try to paint this as some kind of two-sided "conflict", the thicker you look. And the pillockometer is reading pretty high right now.
  4. While the anti-semitic abuse launched from this "convoy" in North London absolutely needs condemning in the context of the UK being a tolerant democracy*, I've been somewhat surprised at the lack of awareness shown in some of the vox pops on the mainstream news**. "Jews don't feel safe in this country any more" - from a well-dressed middle-aged woman*** in a tree-lined street full of seven or eight-figure houses. I was waiting for the interviewer to respond, "surely you feel safer than some ten year old in Gaza who has just lost her home and family?" I don't care which fucking deity you use to justify your prejudices and morals****, killing innocent people is fucking wrong. Is it really so hard for someone to admit that Netanyahu is an absolute cúnt? *Yeah, I know. ** Who made no claim to have seen or heard any more than anyone else of this incident. I may be an old cynic, but "antisemitic abuse", while unacceptable, could range from "fúck off, heebie" to "kill all jews". However vile it was, however, I'm sure it did less damage than the average airstrike,. ** for "somewhat surprised", read "totally unsurprised" **** Each and every one of them appears to be fine with non-believers dying by the million. Gods - a right set of cúnts. At least Buddhist Devas don't concern themselves with mortals.
  5. This may be what finally steers the GBP back leftwards. A recurring theme of Tory propaganda has always been, "Labour will take your stuff and give to undeserving "others"" - easily peddled when, mainly through RTB, the working class suddenly had assets to protect. That generation are now dying off, and the coming generation (I'll take my kids as a benchmark, so say from 25-30) are bright enough to know that, without Gran or Grandad (or Mum or Dad) leaving them some inheritance, they will probably end up paying off multiple mortgages without ever owning a house. "Labour will take their stuff" isn't a threat when they've got fúck all, or in many cases less, as they prepare to carry that millstone of Student Debt around for decades.
  6. Ten for Tuesday. Instinct steered me right for the greek food, and the snakes were a process of elimination - not in a St. Paddy scenario, mind.
  7. We had an officer at my old nick with that surname. Much hilarity when he got promoted to Senior Officer, and then Principal Officer.
  8. Er, yes - I don't think it's too difficult to understand. Yep, that would be it. Not killing their wives and children might be a start.
  9. Farmer comes back from sales with a couple of llamas with split personalities, and much hilarity ensues, often at Bitzer's expense. (Spoiler Alert) our woolly hero sorts it out in the end. ETA: there's actually three of the camelid pranksters.
  10. Shaun the Sheep in Farmageddon. Don't judge me. I love the Aardman studio's output, and this is one of their best. Just delightful from start to finish. (Amazon Prime Video) Nine from me.
  11. Absolutely love this. A proper musical, with a proper overture, and even an interval. I can only think this was as an attempt to make a night at the cinema as like a night at the theatre as possible. Oliver! has the same set up - and is also a great musical. They've both been on my by box for over a year, as even just having the songs on in the background makes the day better. Tradition!
  12. I didn't, and I'm guessing you didn't either.
  13. We did that in 2017. Unfortunately, Jeremy had a beard and liked gardening. As posted above, voting for a character seems to be the way forward. I guess stopping children starving isn't as big a vote winner as serial lying, adultery and corruption.
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