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  1. I'm simply pointing out that locking down or not has consequences. The kind of thing anyone with a comprehension level equivalent to a bright nine-year-old would comprehend. No lockdown - end result, end of pandemic through either HI or mutation or vaccine. High mortality and serious illness rate due to case numbers overwhelming available healthcare resources. Complete lockdown - end result, end of pandemic IF mass, effective vaccination takes place before restrictions are lifted. Resurgence of virus if no effective* control measure put in place before relaxation of restriction. Far lower mortality rate than without lockdown, far higher economic damage. The vast majority of the world's response falls somewhere between the two extremes. I'd tend to lean more towards the second example, as I value my elderly relatives and friends more than I do the ability to go for a pint. * i.e. NOT Track and fucking Trace, which is a waste of public money the likes of which I've never seen.
  2. And the less pressure will be put on healthcare resources during that time. But hey, as long as you're not personally in an ICU, that's a price worth paying, eh?
  3. Yep, no doubt, acording to the BBC, Estonia, Luxembourg and Andorra are "major".
  4. Other than inducing thirty four years (and counting) of seethe in English football fans, I'd agree' Hell of a player, mind.
  5. Thank fűck it's no longer a public health crisis, then...
  6. I got mine last week - joined queue, mask on, hand sanitizer, in one door, jabbed, more sanitizer, out the other, mask off. Literally hardly broke stride. Actual GP appointments have been different, to be fair to Todd, but the idea that the vaccination process is some kind of logistical nightmare is absolute bollocks. Of course it helps that those of us in the "flu jab demographic" know what to expect and just get on with it.
  7. Indeed it would- I fucked that one up, didn't I?
  8. I can only apologise for the limitation of one greenie. If that fat Etonian cúnt would only take the bolded bit as his new slogan..
  9. Well, for a start they could tell the population who haven't worked out after eight fucking months that this pandemic is not playing by any rules and refuses to fit into a convenient box that we DON'T FUCKING KNOW whether relaxing restrictions will be a welcome teaser of the good, post-vaccine times to come, or a harbinger of the NHS being so overwhelmed - again - that there won't be sufficient fit staff to administer the vaccine. A month out, experience with this virus shows "the science" has been nothing but guesswork. Guesswork with pretty slides and graphs, to be fair, but guesswork all the same. Still, as long as the hoi-polloi can trawl round B&M and Home Bargains (essential shops in England, apparently) for a load of Chinese platic tat, what's a few (thousand) more dead pensioners? This Christmas could well be a Foinavon moment. We can just about see the finishing line of this shite, and are apparently willing to throw all progress away for the sake of eating and drinking ourselves into a stupor. Well done us.
  10. This. So much this. The last few months have affected us all in different ways, most of them negative. I've been getting more and more pissed off with people starting to ignore restrictions and precautions because, well basically they're bored with this pandemic. That we are seeing all the Governments basically throwing their hands in the air and saying, "we might as well open up for Xmas, as you lot are going to fúck the restrictions off anyway," shows that this country is absolutely devoid of any sense of common purpose. Sadly, I've had a major difference of opinion with a few family members, including Mrs WRK over this. Her parents are both in their seventies, and her auntie is too. She is quite happy wit the idea of having them over, as well as Rosettes No 1 and 2 plus spouses/kids despite: 1. My working in a Prison which is classed as an outbreak site, 2. Her (and her staff) going in and out of clients' houses cleaning, 3. Rosette No. 1 working (midwife) in Hospitals and the community, 4. None of the in-laws being in brilliant health anyway. She went apeshit, accusing me of being a miserable cúnt, when I suggested it might be better to ensure that we get to see Family in the future, rather than risk them for what is basically a Sunday Dinner. Rosettes No 2 (and Husband) and 3 agree with me, but No 2 doesn't want to upset her Mum by saying that Grandaughter 1 can't come and open her presents at ours. Said Granddaughter is more than onboard with the idea of being safe and sticking to the rules, and understands Christmas will be different this year. I am not looking forward to the "festive" season. Or being locked down for the entirety of January.
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