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  1. Me and Mrs WRK have just tipped up to see Tim Minchin in York. Venue website states vaccine pass required. Absolutely no checks at door.
  2. Indeed you can, and when you've got an exemption certificate it's free! ...or so I'm told.
  3. That must have been a quiet episode then - I'd say the normal count would be nearer ten times that, added to half a dozen bottles of whisky, in work time.
  4. Not keeping his head down because of sexual assault allegations. No, no Siree..
  5. Of course he couldn't - that decision was already made. What he didn't have to do was legitimise it. He should have resigned then, and let someone else carry the can for Iraq. Which was always going to happen, for so many reasons.
  6. Yes, really. Even your wee cherry-pick there does not draw that conclusion. The likelihood of a reaction against Tory policy has increased whether the assailant was an immigrant, a home-grown fundamentalist, a homeless veteran, a single mother pushed into prostitution in order to feed her child, or any member of the population whose life has been made more and more unbearable by this horrible set of cúnts who are destroying what is left of our country's society in order to fill their fucking pockets. People are becoming desperate, and desperate people react in desperate ways. You really don't have to be radicalised to see this Government as a set of horrible cúnts. A country where children starve and the poor are dying younger than the rich by twenty fucking years because we "need" a weapon system we can never use and a train that goes somewhere most of us don't want to go a wee bit quicker is not a civilised country.
  7. Except I didn't claim that, did I? I simply held up the perception of this country's attitude towards immigrants/minorities being used as a tool by those radicalising youngsters. Before the current scum, the go-to was "our" support of the War on Terror. Not a Tory policy, unless you describe Bliar as a Tory? That Tory policies over the last decade have made this tool of perceived injustice easier to use rather than harder is purely down to the Conservative Party, with a bit of servile assistance from the yellow tories and complicity through inaction on behalf of the Party who ar nominally in Opposition.
  8. McCloy was a bloody good keeper, helped by his evolutionary throwback gibbon arms. Jim Stewart was a superb and consistent keeper for us for years.
  9. bloody hell, sensitive, much? In all seriousness, I wouldn't rate Rough near the top of a list of decent Sotland Keepers in my time. There's three (McGregor, Marshall and Gordon) currently playing who were far better in their prime, and arguably just as good now. Then there's Jim Leighton, Peter McLoy, Ronnie Simpson, Bobby Clark, Jim Stewart, both Andy Gorams.. In my experience as an opposition fan, though, the jammy cúnt seemed unbeatable at times.
  10. Oh, Willie Nelson is absolutely a different story. The original Sum Boi, our Willie.
  11. What claim is that, then? If you mean my statement that many youngsters have been radicalised by using perceived racism against them as a tool, then I'm afraid all I can offer is a quarter of a century of working in the High Security Estate, dealing with extremists of all stripes, the attempted rehabilitation of those already in jail, and community work to help identify those vulnerable to radicalisation in the community. So, yeah, stack that against a five-minute chat with Dr. Google and I must bow down to your superior intellect. Fud.
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