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  1. Haven't got a gif, but that wee welcome to Scottish football is absolutely burned into my memory. Lovely stuff.
  2. Mrs WRK has spent years asking me why I'm watching "that stupid low-budget shite". (I'm a long-term fan) She was absolutely buckled for a good ten minutes after watching Ramsey and Horne getting battered by chipolatas. That Geordie lad is adding plenty of value with his mad games this series.
  3. Last day in the Prison Service today. The GDR* has finally dawned! After a couple of months shy of a quarter century, I'm off to pastures new, and no longer have to give a fúck about "residents" or their care**. As long as they're behind the wall, my new status as Joe Public is happy. It's been a long and sometimes bumpy road, but I reckoned I had one good assault left, and it was probably better to leave before it happened. * Golden Day of Retirement. ** I do still have an interest in the wider CJ system and its current failings, natch.
  4. Ten for Friday - helped by a complete guess for the drummer. Also, one question doesn't have a correct answer option, but I got the "right" wrong choice.
  5. It's always a reasonable shout for neutrals to support Scots teams against foreign competition. Scots teams are not represented by flags of foreign nations, however - be that a Cote d'Ivoire rip-off or a butcher's apron. They don't want to be Scots, ergo they have no claim on our support in these situations. Add the corruption in our National Game which allows these cúnts to even exist, and the revisionism which pretends they've got some glorious history in the face of reality, and last night's long, drawn out loss was so sweet. I could watch footage of crying **** all night - especially the child abusers introducing their spawn to their first Bigot's Awayday. What chance do those kids have?
  6. Yeah, it's called "We own This City" and is,as you say, set in Baltimore - George Pelecanos collaborating again. I've watched the first episode (just "found" it - its on HBO over there), and it looks like it could well be up to his usual standard. Looking forward to finding out.
  7. Yep. "The House I Live In" is an absolutely devastating documentary on the subject. One of the creators (David Simon, iirc*)states early on that we are witnessing "a new Holocaust". Like you (probably), I immediately thought "hyperbole" - then the film proceeded to put all those not-so-fluffy ducks in a row, and I thought "fúck me, that country is going to go up with one massive bang one of these days". Overall, I was more reminded of Apartheid-era RSA, but still, a seriously fúcked up society. Absolutely essential watching. *Writer of "The Wire", "The Corner", and "Treme", to name but a few of his credits. An opinion I respect.
  8. 1. Obviously you can't, because that would betray your thick wc tory persona. The UN, Amnesty, the WHO and many many others do agree, however. International bodies, with no UK axe to grind. 2. Of course the rich pay more - they've fucking got more. You really are over-egging the stupid tory act here. Your statement about earning more "if they see fit" is just a straight lift from McLean's gibbering, and is still fucking ridiculous. 3. Define "safe" from the point of view of a refugee. I'm willing to guess not many people, of whatever origin, would risk their lives and pay thousands for the prize of a council flat and a "flatscreen TV". 4. Who is running this country again? Who ennobled Lebvedev(sp?)? Which Chancellor's wife (and by extension, Chancellor) is still actually doing business in Russia? 5, You're simply not paying attention, then. What do you believe wc England voted for, then? Longer queues at airports? Getting reduced residence in the EU (fucking "ex-pats" screamed like spoiled kids when that one sank in- one of the few pluses of the whole farrago)? I'll assume you've watched the news today, and the treaty issue may be clearer for you. Doubt it, tbh, but you never know. 6. And now we come to the part where responding to a vicious, stupid, ignorant and wilfully contrarian piece of shit stops becoming a bit of fun. Do you actually mean to say that "free will" could have prevented my daughter's physical disability? Are you trying to tell me that she. and hundreds of thousands like her, fucking chose to be born disabled? Not to mention those who have been crippled in illegal wars in support of that "special relationship", only to find that the country they put their lives on the line for doesn't even deem them worthy of housing? Fúck off, you loathsome little cúnt. MODS: Please empty this little w****r. There are trolls on here who can be baited amusingly. This little shit brings down the whole site by his presence.
  9. Nah. Decapitate, garlic necklace, stake through heart and thrown into running water. Can't be too careful.
  10. She's certainly up there with Dowden as an empathy and intelligence-free zone.
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