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  1. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I quite like how all the chat is about this new shape to ‘unleash’ Frear, but personally I’m more looking forward to the return of hammerfest once we lose our first game
  2. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    His head was so big, angular and quite frankly beautiful
  3. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I wouldn't be averse to putting McCormack on the left and playing Johnson in the middle - was that not where McCormack was mainly used the last time? I'd like to think we'll also be seeing more from the likes of Scott and Hastie in the second half of the season. If Robinson is serious about a 4-3-3 then you'd hope that some combination of Frear/McCormack/Hastie over the piece would be an option. Exciting times...
  4. Scotrail

    Best of luck - I tried that after being delayed/cancelled about five days running, for the princely sum of £1 back. Thanks, that’ll go a long way to paying for the £60 in taxi fares I had to fork out, useless c***s. The 1719 Queen St - Alloa is the fucking worst thing ever. Express to Lenzie with only 1st Class seats is surely the answer [emoji106]
  5. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    There was also the bold Mike Grella but he doesn't really count...
  6. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I actually refuse to believe we might be trying to play 'football' the rest of this year. This guy looks good, and there's a lot to be said for a totally random signing out of nowhere. Starting to tick the boxes in terms of what we're needing across the squad, I'm kinda looking forward to the County game now.
  7. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    Spent a good bit of time trawling through the player database on MotherwellNet last night. The amount of folk we had who made literally one sub appearance before leaving again is bizarre. Although I suppose all pre-Bosman, transfer windows, restrictions on playing trialists etc. Saïd Chiba though [emoji7]
  8. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I remember being at the Dundee Utd game with the reduced entry - pretty sure it’s the only time (aside from the Dortmund game) where I’ve been sitting in the south stand?
  9. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    Very true - just shows how the amount of money we were throwing around on pretty average players back then was mental though!
  10. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    We paid money for Scott Howie?!
  11. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I always thought he looked pretty good? Sad times.
  12. Nathan Thomas was a weird one. Never quite worked out why he played so little, only to go on and do reasonably well back down the road (the obvious reason is that he was mince). Forgot about Lee Lucas too - he actually looked ok in patches for the thirty seconds or so he’d manage per game before he got injured. I’d also like to throw in a few randoms from the McLeish/Davies/Black-ish era, namely: Steven Cosgrove John Davies Steven Nicholas Franck Bernhard Steve McDonald (a player so bad no images apparently exist of him - perhaps a Butcher signing but still)
  13. We’ve had our fair share. Honourable mentions to: The Holy Trinity: Danny Murphy, Trevor Molloy and Paul Keegan Abel Thermeus Connor Sammon Calum Elliot Deimantas Petravicius Most of the folk from the tractor picture with the exception of Holm Kraska, who I don’t think actually existed Kevin McBride after we signed him permanently, utter shitebag
  14. CM 01/02 revisisted- random memories and players

    Can’t remember if it was this one, but I made a point of trying to sign Ibrahim Said, Assane N’Diaye, Julius Agahowa and Isaac Okoronkwo no matter where I was. Was this the year too where Fiorentina started off in Serie C as Florentia Viola? If so, a pairing of Ivan Bosnjak and Wael Reyad was phenomenal [emoji91][emoji91]
  15. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    Well, now we look REALLY fucking stupid. ‘Mon the Competition Winner.