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  1. I was quite up for Simo but I think this will actually work out quite well. We don't have the resources to bring in a raft of new players to try and fit some philosophy that a newcomer to the club thinks will work. Hammy might not have the direct first team management experience of others, but he knows the club inside out and is likely to have a much better handle on what is expected. I'm particularly keen to see what this might mean in terms of blooding more of the youth players - we've seen a few of the guys popping up on the bench since Alexander left and I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see much earlier integration going forward. Certainly there seems to be far more of a link between the first team and age group sides which can only help us in this respect. But regardless, a few new faces this afternoon wouldn't go amiss.
  2. Healy would be an incredibly uninspired choice. I don’t know much about his management career but he strikes me as another Robinson, in terms of his general profile. I’m kinda of the opinion that the club needs to do a bit of work to win the fan base back round after Alexander, no guarantee the likes of Simo would be much different but I’d assume Healy would be dealing in pretty much the same transfer market as Robinson, Alexander and even Baraclough. Simo at least has the cult hero thing and whilst that’s no guarantee of success at all, it’s a touch more interesting than the usual.
  3. That's a good point re. Simo. With Hammell, I wonder if he'll even really need to be interviewed - he's essentially had two games work experience and however long as Academy Director to make the club aware of how ready (or otherwise) he is to step up.
  4. Any idea/rumours about who the other two are on the shortlist? Hammy, Simo and…?
  5. I quite like the idea that Alexander has some kind of press team drafting these statements.
  6. Does seem unusual that there's a specific Twitter post about it - who knew P&B had such global reach?
  7. Remember... Luc Nijholt Mitchell van der Gaag Eric Garcin Roy Essandoh Holm Kraska Simo Valakari is only a phone call away...
  8. Just think of it as a pressure release after this week. It’s fun to throw daft names about for a bit, helps to offset the depression when we announce Terry Butcher.* *kidding, it’ll be Ian Cathro.
  9. Still plenty of time to get the tractor out, I’m all for it.
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