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  1. Not from that role, but presumably she could be sidelined from higher duties
  2. If I was Deputy Leader, and the press told me about a reshuffle that I didn't know about, I'd probably think I was getting binned.
  3. Absolutely shocked to hear you had no knowledge of one of the leading lights of the fashion world.
  4. Is that down to the Chelsea player making an active touch on the ball rather than just there not being a shot? I mean that bit of the offside rule that nobody seems to understand, but comes up now and again
  5. Fred has dived, then it looked like he punched Rudiger while he was sitting on the ground
  6. United are determined to give them the ball on the edge of the United box as well. It's not as if they need the help
  7. 2 absolute c***s I hate for multiple reasons thread for this pish
  8. He was a sub for my team this year, and was in for next year, the useless c**t. RIP, condolences to the family, etc
  9. Fully expecting Bruno Fernandes to dominate this game, as he always does in big games.
  10. It's amazing how often players doing stupid things is the fault of the rules, not the fault of the thickos doing those stupid things. See also: we want to see 22 players on the pitch, the refs need to stop showing cards for those things the laws require them to.
  11. So you're saying they traded ever having a Top 6 finish again, just to shaft you lot in 86? Worth it IMO
  12. The art of implosion in the last two minutes. On their line, then 3 stupid penalties and Treviso have a kick to win it. Fucking hell lads
  13. Are those your brothers in arms? One of them is the Sultan of Wings
  14. It's definitely one of those "fun to play, shite to watch" sports
  15. Misheard the variant name, and was worried it might be this lad
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