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  1. There was no benefit, the ball fell to Starfelt . That's usually pretty beneficial to the opposition tbf
  2. It doesn't make any sense, if the first one had actually been permanent, the following 16 would never have got the job...
  3. What new, non-sectarian song was that the Rangers fans were singing to the tune of Billy Boys?
  4. Fucking pish. We need to strengthen our midfield options. And probably to sign Tony Watt or someone similar.
  5. It looked really bad, but the replay showed the ball just skidded through on the wet surface rather than bouncing. It was the sort of uneven bounce you only ever get on artificial surfaces like this...
  6. Quite funny that happened to O'Donnell given some of the views on him here, but the ball has just hit a puddle and not bounced
  7. 2 guys unmarked at the back post stand and look at each other instead of either one putting it in the net FFS
  8. Barry Maguire stepping in there to take a yellow as we were about to score. On the Eve of Destruction, if you will...
  9. Joe Jordan wouldn't be anywhere near Scotland's Top 100 players of all time.
  10. I saw that, and I genuinely have no idea what's going on. All seems odd though
  11. "Willie, tell us you have no idea about any of the ties you've just drawn without actually telling us" "Well, isn't the cup wonderful, jumpers for goalposts"
  12. I've only watched the first episode so far, but it's excellent. You can see why George got fucked off, given how strong Paul and John were as personalities, and with Ringo just being laid back as f**k. The footage of Yoko has done nothing to change my opinion that she was a fucking bellend
  13. Where's DA Baracu's? He's normally like a moth to a flame with superfluou's apo'strophe's. FTFY
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