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  1. He's still a diving, cheating, (alleged) rapey c**t
  2. Absolutely stunned to hear Peter Walton agree with the decision that was made
  3. Listened to the first half of the Portugal-Ghana game on 5Live. Ian Dennis and Matthew Upson were excellent. Got the second half on the telly, and it's Champion and McCoist. The worst game so far has ended up with two of the best commentary teams.
  4. Asghar is exactly what he needs to be - the main scapegoat when things aren't going well, and a man to be praised when they are
  5. I didn't know that was what Chris Jack looked like, yet it's exactly what I thought he looked like
  6. This seems to be the thought for a lot of teams so far. There don't seem to be that many "decent" teams
  7. Reminds me a bit of watching a lower league team in the cup persisting with it because "it's the right way to play", even though they don't have the players for it
  8. Phantom of the Opera looking favourite for a red here
  9. That penalty is even worse every time you see it
  10. That was more of a penalty than the handball. He just stood on his foot
  11. Belgium are absolutely shiting themselves here
  12. That's about the third time already that De Bruyne has taken the wrong option.
  13. This is what annoys me about him even more - he actually bothers to prepare, but then delivers all the information in such boring monotone. I'm sure he used to be much better when he was on C5
  14. BBC almost guaranteeing the next World Cup will be on pay TV in the UK with their coverage of FIFA
  15. Should have been booked, I was pretty sure FIFA had banned Love at this World Cup
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