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  1. Is slow cooking lamb steaks a thing? I can understand that for a whole shoulder or leg, but I'd have thought pan frying or grilling for the steaks
  2. @Moomintrollwill be raging at the Celtic fans singing that song. No mention of Celtic or terrorists
  3. Butcher should definitely have been sent off. He should have been fucking fired into the sun after his red against Aberdeen though. He's a fucking liability, and we have him under contract until 2024
  4. I just saw the Falkirk score That gif also pleases me
  5. Well, I've certainly never seen them in the same hot tub together
  6. Tories gonna Tory This, of course, being the same Lucy Allan who modified an email, then complained to the police that it was a death threat. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35027252 Future PM IMO
  7. If you use the word "doggo" as a substitute for the word "dog", you are OFTW
  8. Definitely, have heard him commentate before and that's definitely his style. He's quite likeable for a Welshman
  9. Frank Murphy is an utterly shite referee. There are 30 guys out there who genuinely have no idea if he's going to blow his whistle, and for what reason if he does
  10. Such a good player, but his throwing is embarrassing at times
  11. Looking forward to seeing Josh McKay and Domingo Miotti tonight
  12. Either way, it's a pointless stat that they used to justify that massive price tag
  13. He was the most fouled player in the Prem. Clearly Pep just thinks they need to work on free kicks before that becomes useful to City
  14. The forum is performing well this evening considering this afternoon's football results...
  15. Jonny Gray outstanding for 72 mins there for Exeter
  16. TBF, he's been the one person who has kept their position consistent* throughout. *No euph **Maybe slight euph
  17. Mazepin produced a brilliant move to avoid smashing into Hamilton. And yes, those names are the right way round
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