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  1. This is the thing that always pisses me off, especially in Championships when you constantly have to work up from the back regardless of the result in the previous race
  2. Any raging caddies around?
  3. The whole "entry level" stuff is a nonsense. How exactly do you take stuff off a minimum sentence? Not exactly a minimum then, is it?
  4. He says if I don't come in on Monday, I shouldn't bother coming in the rest of the week. Generous lad.
  5. Are you having a ticketed queue or is it just walkup?
  6. Sorry to derail the Callum McGregor thread, but I hadn't realised Robby McCrorie was the player booked for launching the ball from the dugout towards the end the other night while Ukraine were desperate to take a quick throw. He now has the frankly tremendous record of 1 yellow card in 0 caps.
  7. He said sorry eventually, which gets him four weeks off, but only gets two added back on for being a repeated offender, both in terms of the red card offence and the reaction to the referee. That doesn't seem right
  8. He's just re-filed it in a different court, and added a few defendants. Still plenty of point and laugh material to come.
  9. TBF he probably couldn't read what he was writing through his tears and snotters at Ireland being fucking gash
  10. I've never been a fan of Peter Pawlett. I've always hated the Human League. The combination of the two reminds me of how much I dislike both.
  11. Yeah fair enough, tbh jackling has always been something I've not been comfortable with, for the exact "shoulders below hips" reasons you've laid out. It's pretty much smash the guy's spine to clear him, which can't be something we want to encourage
  12. Think most of the people getting them delivered now bought them about 6 months ago. The lead times on the things were ridiculous. It's a genius business model to make quick money. Charge up front for a product you won't deliver for months, then charge them £50 a month to use it, which they probably won't. Sell business for billions.
  13. Prince George is so cheeky, and not an entitled wee piece of shite like the rest of them
  14. I have no sympathy for him tbh. He was completely out of control, was flying off his feet, and had his right arm tucked - any of those three could have got him a red on their own. That sort of clear needs removed from the game. His behaviour towards the referee was a disgrace as well, and his bullshit "apology tweet" later on should get him no sympathy either. While I have sympathy with the argument that if you're not first there, you might as well concede the turnover, that's part of the game. Get there quicker, or make a better decision when you do. Don't just lose control and try to smash anything that moves.
  15. “sPiRiT oF tHe GaMe ThOuGh” 73 times she was out of the crease as the ball was delivered? No fucking wonder they ran her out
  16. Finishing a 3 match undefeated window with a back 4 of Ralston, Hendry, Porteous and Kingsley sounds like a challenge on the Football Manager sub forum.
  17. The presenter is rightly getting plenty of attention, but I also enjoyed Richard Dunne being fucking seething at a bunch of shitehawks sitting in and trying to hit on the break. Imagine needing a last minute penalty against 9 men to secure 3rd place in a Nations League group. Fucking diddies.
  18. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say I thought Tom Kitchin was a wee dick long before he poisoned half our team
  19. Or if the refs actually enforce the laws correctly instead of constantly changing "interpretations"
  20. That sounds intriguing, disappointing, and disturbing in equal measure
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