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  1. I don't disagree with that individual point, but that is a standard way to answer on QT every single week. Some of the bigoted shite she was allowed to peddle was an absolute disgrace, and yet somehow the woman in the audience managed to out-do her
  2. Fiona Bruce has totally lost control here
  3. Ella Whelan really is a vile c**t
  4. I believe it came into effect after the previous home for all Star Trek chat on the board was deleted. About time they brought back the BEASTwatch thread tbh
  5. Deborah Meaden was the best. Kept asking questions for ages, before never actually investing in anything. Exactly the way I'd expect a P&B Dragon's Den to go
  6. Ian Murray provides the balance. He's a man, but also a complete fanny
  7. The club's official social media accounts have posted a picture of Fox with the caption "Happy Birthday Gaffer". While it is obviously a nice sentiment, the comment sections have gone exactly the way everyone would expect. Well, everyone except the social media department apparently
  8. We’re currently a bit like a kids team- start well and score first and we’ll be fine, start slowly and we’ll be pretty shite. Concede first and turn into an absolute bombscare
  9. After the penalty miss, I just assumed your keeper went home
  10. We just got utterly fucked by 10 man Kilmarnock, and our game in hand is away to Livi.
  11. If that happens, it's a fucking guaranteed defeat to the Dees in the playoff
  12. Fucking Aaron Kuhl and Rodney fucking Sneijder would offer more fight than we are at the moment
  13. Fifefud returned his copy in a huff, but fortunately, he still had his wife's
  14. DPB's parents probably still hope he grows out of being a complete fucking bellend
  15. Perhaps appropriately, given all the strikes and general discontent at the moment, tonight's episode of the Simpsons on C4 is the magnificent "Last Exit to Springfield", where Homer becomes President of the Union.
  16. I think the major issue for most people with Watt is that paying a fee for him in January when we were getting him for free in the summer seemed a bit daft, especially when you considered his history of taking the huff. I notice this morning there are quotes saying "I'll get my chance at St Mirren". Aye, until you down tools again. Excellent at his best, massively frustrating 95% of the time
  17. I mean there’s obviously multiple free agents coming in with the Souttar cash, right?
  18. Rhodes to cost Roman at EC. Roman gets his rematch in a triple threat at WM, obliterates Rhodes and Sami, and we're back where we started.
  19. My posting highlight would probably be my narrow defeat to @Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo in the Simpsons meme-off in Tony's Thread
  20. Is the missile British made? If so, I wouldn't take the risk of hitting someone I liked by mistake
  21. That sounds excellent, and he could use the money to help fund the orphanage.
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