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  1. Well, for a start it adds up to over 110%...
  2. "We only sing it in the pub, on the streets, and at approximately half our games" possibly isn't the defence you thought it was.
  3. Her name is Merida, the film is Brave. Stop getting Pixar wrong.
  4. Probably called them a biscuit, the vile c**t
  5. They've never needed a valid reason before, I can't see them bothering even with VAR.
  6. I prefer the traditional black shorts, but that would be fine as a cup strip
  7. Is there a definition of a "programme"? Presumably it could be an A4 sheet folded into 4 pages - cover giving match details, middle giving the two squads, and the back for that SFA advert
  8. So there is no issue with our manager taking a stand against racism. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. Are you suggesting racism should only be challenged after an incident occurs?
  10. Yep, taking a stand against racism is an absolute mare. What a daftie he is.
  11. I think everyone is being a bit harsh on you. Did she get you the snowballs you wanted, or disappoint you with an empire biscuit?
  12. My mate Dave is from Swindon, and has scored 47 goals since 5s restarted. Why hasn't Gareth Southgate picked him?
  13. You beating us that day led to a greater good. It was a defeat worth taking. Those #Hiboobies are #Everyonesboobies
  14. They can obviously only qualify for a World Cup in one sport at a time. They haven't qualified for the football World Cup since the Rugby World Cup started in 1987, but had qualified for every RWC, until they shat it against Chile in the qualifiers at the weekend.
  15. Can't believe I hadn't watched this before. I'm only 3 episodes in, but it is tremendous viewing. Really enjoying this too. All 3 leads are excellent, as is Nathan Lane.
  16. If her maw coming to stay for 3 weeks for no apparent reason counts as a gift, then yes.
  17. The current future Mrs Connolly has just informed me that she had a random Waterstones voucher to spend, so she went in today. She didn't see anything she wanted, so she bought Bob Mortimer's autobiography for me. I know it's a trap, but right now, it's definitely a RTBC
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