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  1. Presumably Gordon was telling himself which bit of his body he should have moved towards that
  2. I've never seen a player explode his own head in celebration...
  3. This is tremendous from Collum tbf, he has both sets of fans absolutely seething
  4. I'm not convinced Craig Gordon has chosen the right day to try to be a baller
  5. Souttar has been superb so far. He's either scoring the winner or selling the jerseys
  6. It would be a right shame if the last contribution of the greatest penalty saver of all time (according to McCoist and Miller on Wednesday) was to save 0 penalties in the shootout in his last game.
  7. Has anyone done a "Ramsay ready to come off the bench and miss a penalty" joke yet?
  8. Amy Irons is a good broadcaster, and gets better every time. She and Eilidh Barbour are to Jane Lewis as Richard Gordon is to Pat Bonner.
  9. Ramsey can be a pain in the tits on other stuff, but he's hit the perfect balance on this between trying to win and doing completely mental shit. His reaction when the Sausage Machine started was brilliant, totally obvious that he had come up with the idea, but hadn't tested it, and was suddenly shitting himself. Best episode of the series so far
  10. Disney+ trending on twitter, so had a quick look to see why…
  11. Royal Conservatoire’s big team found
  12. Sounds like the sort of guy who would struggle driving a line of trolleys
  13. Jack Grealish to score an own goal to secure the title for Liverpool please
  14. You will try not to eat your own body weight in Pasteis de Belém. You will be unsuccessful.
  15. The one from Kamada was like a computer game where you aim as wide as you can with maximum swerve
  16. To be fair, Frankfurt have their fair share of fat ugly c***s in their support as well
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