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  1. Can anyone confirm if John Hartson is a fan of artificial pitches?
  2. I take back my previous suggestion. The Strathclyde Hilton has to be the choice.
  3. They are great fun, and the soundtracks are sensational
  4. "Free to race" Please let them crash into each other.
  5. Not a chance. Parking spaces in London go for more than that car.
  6. The whole thing is so cleverly written, with lots of little touches linking everything. One of my favourites is the Jones family manure company being handed down through the ages.
  7. You can guarantee there won't be a follow up story if they get the appeal.
  8. Rosie Jones is also a woman, so my misogyny must count for something?
  9. Is the sight of children protesting exam results in George Square really that impactful, given it's not that long since they were doing it on the basis that they thought Nat 5 Maths was a bit hard?
  10. Normally a big fan of Cats does Countdown, but this week they managed to have Rosie Jones AND Tom Allen on.
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