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  1. You are wrong in these cases. Cold boiled eggs and egg mayo, however, are enjoyed only by BEASTS.
  2. You can understand the argument that Jones at 15 gets him in the wider channels, but that means f**k all if the guys inside aren't creating space for him. That's before addressing the fact that he's also the best 13 at the club by a distance
  3. There's so many things going on that a ref could ping that it always will be. I enjoy seeing a good scrum, but as a former back, I'm in favour of the "one reset then just fucking ping someone" approach. They definitely need better coached in that area though. Every top team has a scrum coach, and the refs could do with someone too. There was the story that Sean Fitzpatrick went to an IRB refs meeting before the 2003 RWC, showed them 10 clips, and then explained why the refs' take was wrong in every one! Yip. The two of them and Dobie show good signs, although there is still the rumour that McLean's hip is an issue. Baptism of fire for Ollie Smith too, being run over by Sau for the last Embra try.
  4. Yeah agreed, but at least he's decisive and doesn't fanny about, especially at the scrum. I think there were only about 2 or 3 resets tonight? Thought Ross Thompson was excellent. That performance should be enough to see him as first choice until the summer at least.
  5. I'm aware of the law change, it's actually something I'd been screaming for for years, I absolutely hated when players put their hands on the ground and scooped it as they got blasted backwards on the clearout. I felt he was on his feet, Adamson obviously disagreed! Ross Thompson confirming there that the players are as ignorant as me with regard to the 1872 rules this year!
  6. Is it a 3 game series for the 1872 again this year? I thought they were maybe trying to get the aggregate score in their favour
  7. They're trying to win the Cup here rather than just the game surely?
  8. He wasn't though, every replay showed his hands on the ball, and him on his feet. I agree if it's a penalty against him, then it's cynical and a yellow, but he did nothing illegal.
  9. How the f**k is that a yellow card? Penalty the other way
  10. Very poor decision from Price there, just keep punching it forward
  11. That is a very flat pass from Watson to Cherry
  12. Credit where it's due, you often see refs shite out of binning a guy there, but Adamson has just gone for it.
  13. Also, Blair Kinghorn is shite. Vastly overrated. ETA: and he fails to kick it 10 then passes it into touch. I enjoy being right.
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