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  1. ^^^Unpopular opinions thread for this pish
  2. Surprised he hasn't told Chris he'll do the review himself and just get Chris to sign it after.
  3. Thinking deeper about this, does that mean that total vote to remain in the UK should be added to the total to remain in the EU? That works for me.
  4. There are few things in life more enjoyable than Kris Boyd in the huff.
  5. Did Mark Corrigan say that? As for your second sentence,
  6. I can't see how the nightclub bit is relevant. Nothing bad ever happens in nightclubs.
  7. Less than a fiver for 2, but not much less.
  8. That sounds utterly magnificent, I have a day off on the 30th, I now have a plan.
  9. I've got stuck in a Motown wormhole on youtube. Absolutely brilliant
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