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  1. I never considered the possibility that Waffenthinmint could be a woman, but it turns out mathematics is married to her.
  2. The continued selection of Tagive at even pro level is even more baffling than the decision of Sean Maitland to go out for pints with his mates last week.
  3. I think this is a bit harsh on my namesake. He only looks slow because he somehow manages to run twice as far as he actually needs to. If he could run in a straight line, he'd be ok.
  4. Shaun Edwards will be murdering a few Frenchmen shortly.
  5. Harsh on Wasps but Exeter have been the outstanding team in Europe all season. Delighted for them. They also had all four of their Scots on the field at full time.
  6. I think I might require a transfusion given the amount of blood streaming from my eyes watching us over the last few weeks
  7. Can't wait to see the highlights on Sportscene. Mainly because I'm interested to see if there were any.
  8. I though Danielle Waterman was decent. She was also the only one who explained why the Irish try was correctly disallowed, rather than jumping on the bandwagon.
  9. Wonder if Sexton will get the same shite as Finn did for throwing an intercept under no pressure?
  10. What a strike that is to keep them in with a bit of a chance
  11. Stand free, wherever he may be, He got banned from P and B.
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