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  1. This is a Pep alias isn't it?
  2. Get the details posted. That way we can side with your colleagues and you can have one here too
  3. If there's any justice, the under 30s queue jumpers will have got the AZ vaccine.
  4. Further to my previous post, Live is also Life
  5. Absolutely correct opinions thread for this pish
  6. It's the name of the game, and I wanna play the game with you. Nice to see you, to see you...
  7. Absolutely horrified that I was the only one wearing a black tie in this morning's zoom meeting. Already drafting my letter of resignation.
  8. The average final round score for the winner is 69.7. His 73 is the highest final round score by the champion, and the first over par, since 2008 when Immelman shot 75
  9. Pleased for him. Very good player
  10. Pretty sure something like the Top 75 in the OWGR get into the PGA as well?
  11. If he turns a couple of the bogeys each round into pars, he's a real contender. It was clear he was a wee bit naive/inexperienced round there this week, and he still made something like 22 birdies.
  12. Bob is an absolute fucking star. He'll win at Augusta at least once
  13. Due to that last minute away birdie counting double.
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