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  1. Enjoying #CarrieAntoinette trending on twitter tonight
  2. TBF, his first TV gig was on Tyne Tees, so really, it's all ITV's fault. This post is not related to any jobs I may or may not have applied for at Pacific Quay
  3. Rams to get into FG range, Buccs to score off blocking it
  4. Just stop, please, for the love of God
  5. Game on. Brady is genuinely unreal.
  6. I don't think a QB has ever actually been murdered in the Superbowl, but if it ends up as the Bengals against the Rams, I would fear for Joe Burrow.
  7. FG was well short for a 47 yard attempt, it actually landed directly under the bar
  8. There's no fucking way I'd want to be standing there with Von Miller, Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd coming after me. Fair play to Brady. At what point does he think "I'm 44, f**k this for a game of soldiers"?
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