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  1. At times like these, I get misty eyed about Clatty Pat's. TBH, that should have been the name for the Glasgow field hospital.
  2. The main takeaway for me is that I hope they never have to do Mania without a crowd again
  3. Just had a horrible thought. When all this is over, we’re going to end up with a shitey concert fronted by c***s like Bono, Geldof and Martin.
  4. The last few pages have reminded me why I used to go to the Union instead of statistics lectures.
  5. @Tynierose - do you still have that banhammer handy?
  6. ^^^Football account. The issue is that morons are retweeting it and sharing it on FB. If I hadn't already had my exercise for the day, I'd be going on a murdering spree
  7. The worst thing about Calderwood's behaviour is that it's given Janey fucking Godley a chance to do another of her shite voiceovers
  8. Stripes (Netflix) Absolutely brilliant. I love Bill Murray.
  9. Spectacular effort from security at Sainsbury's in Crow Road there. Rightly enforcing the "single shopper - no groups" policy at the door, arguing with what I assume was pozbaird and his mrs that it couldn't be changed to suit anyone. Unfortunately, inside there was a bloke standing in the middle of the aisle blocking it, shouting items on the list to his bird (both of them were student age) as she walked up and down the aisle, picking up items and bringing them back for his approval. This was completely ignored by a second security guard who actually looked down said aisle.
  10. Either tbh honest. Or in memory of Bill Withers
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