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  1. I’d ask the honourable gentleman to rephrase that, he inadvertently misled everyone multiple times over multiple subjects. Didn’t lie though, no siree
  2. Carrie to be appointed to the House of Lords and made Chancellor IMO
  3. Mogg has also just said he has no intention of serving any other Prime Minister. Do the right thing, Boris, and take that c**t with you
  4. Unbelievable performance from him. “People forget things, there are always rumours, even journalists have rumours about them”
  5. JRM on C4 News saying “ Of course I won’t resign, the people voted for him!”
  6. “I knew about the other 30 sex pests we have in the government, but I didn’t know about him”.
  7. When this c**t manages to be right, it tells you everything
  8. McKenna will also sometimes bring his “Private Schools are destroying the world” article out of hibernation, where he regularly claims he deliberately failed the entrance exam at a certain school in Glasgow when he was of primary school age.
  9. Is it a straight remake of the remake? Andy Garcia is not exactly the first person I’d think of in the Steve Martin role
  10. IIRC that guy is an actual former racing driver as well, yet he can never see any wrongdoing by other British drivers
  11. How come he didn’t use the photo of Hamilton waving the Union flag after firing Verstappen into the barrier last year?
  12. Patrick Grady is my MP, and I’ve voted for him every time he has stood in the constituency, and even as far back as the student union elections at Strathclyde. One of the reasons is that, as well as being a good MP, I have always believed him to be one of the good guys, and he has given me that impression anytime our paths have crossed. I would struggle to vote for him now. I appreciate everyone makes mistakes, but politicians cannot try to claim the moral high ground while simultaneously attempting to brush their own issues under the carpet. This especially applies in the current climate, where it becomes impossible to call out the Tories for their scandals if you are up to your neck in the same shit.
  13. That was a cracking match. Would happily watch those two face off over the next few years
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