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  1. I presume McCoist charges a higher fee for commentary than he does for basic punditry, as I can't think of any other reason why anyone would want to have Alex Rae on commentary instead of him
  2. ^^^Trying too hard There is nothing in life more certain than a guy being called shite on P&B, and then him scoring shortly after.
  3. I really liked the first few seasons of Arrow. Once all the crossovers started happening, I lost interest
  4. They better have a Ruel St background for that street fight
  5. Didn’t Howard work in an abattoir for a bit?
  6. Ridiculously stacked card for TV, but as good as it is, I surely can’t be the only one thinking “WCW gave away Goldberg’s title win on free TV…”?
  7. I rate Party Rings tbf. Party rings are tremendous. It's the presence of Weetabix, and the low ranking of Jammy Dodgers that have me seething
  8. Some utter HobNob came up with that list, amirite?
  9. This is why I back Cancer Research rather than Macmillan.
  10. It definitely tastes better than the normal one. The premixed chocolate ones are nice, though obviously more expensive
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