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  1. David Marshall will be getting some comfort from the other goalies' performances tonight
  2. Wish they would introduce the hockey rule - one player, usually captain, allowed to speak to the umpire. Anyone else approaching gets a seat on the side for 2 minutes.
  3. England building up their chances to be papped out by Hungary would be lovely tbh
  4. I know it's subjective, and a bit of semantics, but it was more that the ball made contact with him
  5. That looked a penalty all day long. Amazed we don't see more of them ETA: That should be a red
  6. I think this discussion might have already taken place on P&B, with the general agreement that Frank's Buffalo is not of the required standard.
  7. Remember when we didn't bother with qualifying so we didn't have to deal with this disappointment?
  8. Willie Miller is on Radio Scotland's coverage. I'd definitely have had him on before McKenna tbh
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