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  1. Good luck to Livi for the coming season. Hope to see you in the SPL next season.
  2. If I am correct we have a budget of around £250,000 at the start of the first season. We must have wasted some of it on Letheran and some of the other shite signings lol.
  3. And your pishy wee team will be relegated next season.
  4. Aye right then Do you honestly think he will come back to you lot. He is at a much bigger club who are in Europe and will be on a lot more money that he would get at United.
  5. No offense to Kilmarnock but he would be mad to turn down Motherwell for Kilmarnock for the sake of a few hundred quid.
  6. Agree here. Money has a major impact but club size ie fanbase, facilities come into it aswell, same as league positions etc.
  7. The Express is normally pretty spot on aswell.
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