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  1. You must be the biggest cock at stenny you were humped home and away you deserve going down we may see you next season if we do if you are that shite we will do you all seasons get it up ya
  2. Lol your big physical team are fighting relegation for a reason we are looking for promotion your diet Carlisle jibe proves you lot think Scotland stops at hamilton cant wait by the way your manager learned his trade at Annan
  3. He gets an unfair advantage from other gamblers by being in regular contact with the manager let's say inside information ( form , who's not available etc) what's wrong with some Annan fans principles he broke the rules he should pay the price and that is by not being the figurehead of the club the punishment by the sfa was pathetic and not consistent as for the committee they want to grow a set ps hope the rumour is not true that the club is paying his fine lol
  4. There is time to hoof the ball and a time to pass the ball Annan am afraid under Mr Chapman are still hoofing therefore needlessly giving away possession making the fans frustrated - the whole team didn't seem bothered yesterday and that is down to the manager - time to go chapman
  5. Well all that pishe you doonhammers have just spouted there was only one one person on the pitch that kept you in the cup and that was the ref
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