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  1. Yes. The word would have got around to the players who would have stopped it.
  2. Players asked the ref to stop the game and to get the medics over to the crowd with the defibrillator.
  3. Should just take the players off and give them time to get the person the help required. Good, they are.
  4. England are fucking dreadful to watch. Really boring pish.
  5. It's down to Clarke to get Cooper on and sort the defence out. It's a complete shambles just now.
  6. That's ridiculous to book Dyles and not allow the goal.
  7. It was realised months ago McTominay is not a defender. Why Clarke has therefore put him in instead of Cooper is plain stupidity.
  8. We look like we have f**k all idea how to score, our passing is pish and the ref is also completely ineffectual and a bit of an arse. Thank god for alcohol.
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