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  1. Was absolutely brilliant and absolutely fucking insane at the end. The feeling of having totally fucked it up when Killie got the third only to get a penalty immediately afterwards was incredible only for to go way beyond anything I've felt for a long time. Considine's celebration after the OG winner was outstanding.
  2. So unbelievably shit. Slow, very little movement, misplace passes and even the Kilmarnock goal was in slow motion. Can’t even get excited on the Craig Brown corner count.
  3. Questioning some players mentality, some players are pish so probably should have brought others in and it wasn't a penalty.
  4. The fall-out is going to be brilliant. There will be a clear handball for Killie's first, clear bookings missed by the ref, Morelos's goal ruled out and f**k knows what else. Bring it on.
  5. 'Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)' - Margot Robbie is great as the unhinged Harley (and hopefully returns) but the film is another bloated comic book outing that sags a lot. The Birds of Prey were shit, Ewan McGregor a dreadful bad guy, and one bit reminded me of one of the worst Doctor Who moments ever. 'Underwater' - utterly dreadful aliens at the bottom of the ocean pish. Never scary or imaginative and you could guess everything that happened before you sat and watched the garbage that unfolded.
  6. First Aberdeen game in what seems like ages so should express my excitement before the game turns into an absolute shitfest.
  7. Game over. So many errors and just pish regardless of the conditions.
  8. I fucking hate Phil Yates, snookers equivalent to Jonathan Pearce. Phil offers f**k all analysis at all, just either spouts pointless stats that have no meaning or the most mundane shite imaginable. And anyone who calls Dott (who is a detestable player) Dottie should be put into quarantine from all humanity.
  9. Fucking hell! Newcastle 😁
  10. Why the f**k was Shakira playing the drums?
  11. The Lighthouse. No idea what to make of it, quite a bizarre film with some real fucked-up weird moments. William Dafoe's beard is without doubt the star of the film. The Rhythm Section. Run of the mill thriller where woman turns assassin and goes on missions fuelled by revenge. Agree with the above that The Gentlemen was very good and Hugh Grant was brilliant; never warmed to him in anything I've seen him in before but his appearance in the trailer made me go and see the film. 1917 was also good and I liked the single camera approach a lot but the pacing was off at times. The battle settles were brutal. I also want to mention 'Wolf' which I saw months ago in the cinema. A horror film which was one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever seen and where over half of the folk watching walked out during the film. Not in the slightest bit scary due to f**k all happening for so much of the film. the acting was abysmal and a lot of the time it was impossible to have any idea what they were saying.
  12. Turned it on for the first time in ages only to have Richard Gordon asking Chick Young a handful of times who had scored as Chick rambled on about how much of a bizarre goal he had just witnessed. For the record Dunfermline had scored.
  13. Stuoid fucking b*****ds. Great Irish defending but utter pish by Scotland again.
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