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  1. Insane defending albeit ending in a clear handball and penalty.
  2. The game needed some talking point as there has been nothing else to fill the half-time chat.
  3. It's a far better watch without that pish crowd noise.
  4. Taken from the Sun website (yeah the paper is shit but the only other place I could find quickly was behind a paywall and I can't be bothered hunting). First load of fixtures and their tv channels.
  5. Strange watching the Davis V Johnson final and hearing Johnson is applauding Davis for making a century early on in the match. Nowadays it’s minimal standard and you’re seen as pish if you don't clear.
  6. It was very bizarre as he got a chance to speech, spoke no sense, and then was instantly slated by Tom English and Michael Stewart. I don't know why he was on the programme as his motion is utterly meaningless and pointless so hardly worth spending 3 seconds on never mind 5 minutes.
  7. Watching the 1992 highlights and Jimmy totally shat it in the end. Far too many pish shots when in and in a position to put Hendry back under pressure. I'm not sure what side I’d have been on during Jimmy’s 6th final. I'm a fan of his (tho he's now a bit of a joke) and part of me would have wanted him to finally win. Yet, Hendry who was so attacking and great to watch plus Scottish. The first world final I remember watching was Hendry losing to Doherty and was gutted. The worst I've ever felt was after Edbon won it in 2002(?), I was utterly devastated. I hated Ebdon and so wanted Hendry to get his 8th.
  8. Most incredible break I've seen is Hendry’s 147 in the final frame to win a trophy (Liverpool victory Challenge) beating O’Sullivan. ITV showed again it last year. It's utterly ridiculous. Hendry had been miles in front in the match and so to go and do that was insane.
  9. Listening to Hendry and Davis pulling up players for playing poor shots highlights just how out-dated Virgo etc are when they are constantly blaming every miss on kicks and the pressure of the Crucible.
  10. I'm hoping it's behind closed doors as then tickets will be transferred over. I won't be going this year as I have underlying health issues and therefore wouldn't be sensible to travel down to Sheffield. The Hendry v White 1988 match this afternoon was class, both players all out attack. Yeah, they missed a number of pots but far better than playing safe on 20 when the red was slightly difficult. Can only imagine the effect it had on those watching at home that there was someone else on the scene who was going to have a go and could match the regulars, especially when there weren't many others who were more attacking (White, Higgins (in 1988 past his prime), Drago (who was also quick but pretty shit over long matches). Other item of note was the commentary where they often were silent. Virgo was co-commentating and he rarely spoke, was a pleasure not having to put up with all his shite that we now suffer every year.
  11. Listening on delay. Dodds raging about not getting the Dundee job. 🤣
  12. Thought it was how the programme should be; interesting and mostly relevant with proper journalism in trying to get the facts without tons of useless speculating, interrupting, shouting over each other or pointless rambling pish. As others have said, the absence of Bonner and all the other regulars was a massive positive. Miller made a cameo and Willie seemed to have little understanding of what was going on but the others were good.
  13. Who doesn't enjoy a good old-fashioned love story? 🥰
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