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  1. UEFA representatives are sitting opposite me in the hotel. Were discussing the latest rule changes to someone at a different table earlier who was asking about penalties.
  2. Murray and Williams out and take the sycophantic pish from Sue Barker with them. With Konta dumped out and the English Womans team having their obligatory love-in, Wimbledon becomes a far more pleasant watch.
  3. Murray and Williams getting humped 4-0 in the third set.
  4. I wonder if the bookies will do bets for first player to be struck by lightening or run off the pitch due to shitting themselves because of the thunder.
  5. Konta looks done. Getting battered at the moment. 3-0 down in the second. Some really shit shots she’s now playing. Coverage is far better when home interest is ended to be fair, tho still have Murray and Williams to have forced down our throats. Would genuinely be more willing to watch the match if we didn’t get Sue Barker insisting it’s why tennis is just so special.
  6. Konta looks like going out - a set and break down. Far too many unforced errors and looks to have no idea how to get back into the match.
  7. First Aberdeen European game for two years and looking forward to it. Love a European night at Pittodrie and the predicted thunderstorms will make it even more so if they arrive. Will be interesting to see the team due to all the changes but hopefully will have enough.
  8. He knows nothing whatsoever but if it had been for Sweden he'd be claiming that such an incident shows why VAR exists.
  9. Dion Dublin also proving how much of a deluded biased rambling moron he is by claiming it was a brilliant goal by Ellen White and shouldn't have been ruled out.
  10. England once again demonstrating just how shite their defence is for both Sweden goals.
  11. Doubt Pearce gives a shit about either team or the match and would rather spend the 90 minutes rabbiting on about the brave Englanders and how unfortunate they were. Surprised and disappointed he's commentating.
  12. What's Ellen White clapping sarcastically about?
  13. Brilliant. England’s shite defending comes to the fore
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