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  1. The end of the 19th frame was madness. Selby has gone. Possible 13 frames tonight, may have to delay the start of tomorrow’s final the way it’s going. I’m liking Murphy critiquing shots and tactics instead of the normal excuses being wheeled out.
  2. Its on sky channel 970 in HD for anyone with Sky. If match coverage is live on BBC 2 or 4 it will be the other table. Really, they should have two streams which show matches completely uninterrupted instead of changing if some shite is about to come on. Fair play to Milkens for coming back to win but Perry was atrocious.
  3. This is brilliant. The rage if Rangers lose will be magnificent. Three penalties given against Rangers at Ibrox, all correct as well.
  4. Great hit but the defending was dreadful, backing off to allow the free shot on goal.
  5. Bollocks. The commentary is appalling.
  6. Thank f**k. Hate how England games are covered and tournaments are ruined until they get eliminated.
  7. The fact all three are in the semi's 30 years after they turned professional is incredible. It's a fantastic line-up if you like watching attacking snooker.
  8. Far more enjoyable watching Williams than O'Sullivan as Williams is just as attacking but you don't get the commentary orgasms with every shot and the idiotic fans. O'Sullivan moaning at the ref and getting told to get on with it was enjoyable tho.
  9. Richards trying desperately not to laugh. Keane is right tho in what he’s saying.
  10. It's another performance from Man U where too many players don't have the want to put the effort in and the tactics etc are so bad no one has a clue what's expected. Same problems as from Ole's time in charge and will likely only be gotten rid of with a clear out which isn't hindered by sentimentality.
  11. Jones starts. Varane at times has made Maguire look competent but this is another level of pish he has to deal with.
  12. Brilliant from Anderson to pull it back to 3-2.
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