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  1. MacDonald Muirhead McCracken Grant Leahy Taiwo Sibbs Vaulks Alston Smith Loy
  2. His name isn't William Wallace btw, the lying b*****d.
  3. Love Nirvana but they were fond of a rip off.
  4. Beating Hibs at Hampden would be about the only thing that could possibly give me closure on what happened in 2013. However, I don't want them, because of what happened in 2013. As for the Falkirk-Queens rivalry thing, I think it does exist due to the situation both clubs are in. Similar sized clubs competing at the same level for the same thing. Correct me is I'm wrong but didn't our rivalry with the Pars start out simply because we were never too far from each other in the league, either fighting relegation or competing for the league?
  5. Shite game but one of the best away days I've had in a long time. Also, worth noting it's the second time in 3 years we've made it to Hampden without playing a Premiership/SPL team.
  6. Usual for a game against Rangers. They're average and we should be beating them but it's been that way for 3 years. Gollum being ref doesn't help but if we play as we can, logic dictates we should still win. Probably 2-0 them with the first being a contentious 87th minute penalty and the second being a screamer though.
  7. This still going? Just joined - MeteoraRob. Feel free to add me and give me a shout for races etc. I'm pish but hey.
  8. Fucking excellent from us today. Defended as well as I've ever seen us defend and seemed to use possession sensibly. Only thing we lacked was a bit of cutting edge - namely Loy, which is a little concerning - but we'll take a lot of confidence from that, deservedly so. Taiwo looked better playing wider, which is a relief as he'd been chronic as a centre mid. Leahy, Sibbs and Vaulks stood out, but imo the only failure in our team was Loy. However, he's allowed a bad day at the office, especially when we win it like that. COYB
  9. This still on the cards? If not, I've got a copy of Destiny that I got as part of a bundle as a birthday present that I'm looking to punt. If anyone's looking for one, give us a shout. ETA: PS4.
  10. So I shamelessly jumped ship last month and got a PS4. MeteoraRob.
  11. There's no superlative that can get near to describing our inconsistency. That said, there's also no superlative that can get near to describing Hibs' shiteness. 3-2 Bairns.
  12. Heard he died a hero's death saving multiple children and a cat from a burning orphanage. Not sure though.
  13. Hiya pals.

    1. Addie


      Oh Hai Rob. How are you? I'm very busy today.

  14. Anyone else seeing injuries occur way too frequently? It's like one per game for me just now.
  15. We don't? Kind of hoping they'll stop selling the core of their first team for 20k each this year then. As for getting sacked, well I'm not getting paid anyway and I already have my free copy of the game, do what you will.
  16. Sup peeps, just got this today and as fate would have it, I'm off college tomorrow so guess where my Monday's going? Out of interest, anyone played as/experienced Falkirk in this years game? Any horrendous errors? I did the research so I'm just looking for a bit of feedback.
  17. This Champions League Challenge sounds like a laugh, may as well give it a go as I'm bored of all my other saves.
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