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  1. It's testament to Griffiths' many many "escapades" that no-one remembers the time he nipped 500 sheets from his disabled uncle. Anyway, score draw. Nap.
  2. I ken I'm late but "Scotland doesn't exist anymore because the UK does but you jocks all hate the basturt English (who by extension don't exist either") is utterly incredible btw
  3. Are there still decent human beings who pay their tv licence? Couldn't be me.
  4. It's going to be great, and referees will never cheat in favour of the Old Firm again.
  5. Club with a piece of fucking garbage owner signs a piece of garbage racist manager. Fans act like racist pieces of garbage. WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED
  6. I mean all of this is objectively true, but when folk from Glasgow etc say "Edinburgh", they mean "George Street". Take a pub tour of Gorgie. Go for a pint in Musselburgh. Christ, if you're posh head down to Stockbridge and the boozers they've got down there. What not to do is go to the one place in Edinburgh where all the helmets congregate then say "Edinburgh's full of helmets"
  7. Almost green dotted this, then almost red dotted it. Let that be a lesson. Inverness always a great weekend too. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU CAN SEE THE CHANGES THAT HAVE COME OVER ME
  8. Oh come on, we both know 90% of Hearts fans are utterly unbearable idiots
  9. Now I'm on my high horse, wee places that are more or less a high street like Linlithgow, North Berwick and Burntisland are easy to enjoy too. Basically if you want to have a shite time, you will. Couldn't be me.
  10. My old dear moved just down the road from Culross no long before I moved to the States. Would have had no idea it even existed. For a bunch of reasons I've no been able to get back since I got here in 2017, and maybe I'm getting all misty eyed but it makes no sense to me to pretend half of it is shite. Christ, one of my favourite away days out was in Shotts ffs.
  11. Edinburgh is great. Glasgow's good too. Aberdeen has it's moments, and I've had some good times in Dundee. Kind of think folk who complain about other Scottish cities are oddballs tbh.
  12. Our constant penalty awards this season are certainly nothing to complain about, but that's not why we call them naughty words.
  13. Actually because you mentioned him, I thought big Bevis did your lads a right good turn today.
  14. Watt's effort was class, as was the Van Veen volley. However neither are what I'd call good chances, they were individual pieces of skill made out of nothing. Anyway, we can fart and piss about who was better and who wasn't, three points stay with the Champions elect.
  15. Bookings for Devlin and Baningime today - we'll be seeing a lot more of those now folk ken how good they are.
  16. Chuckling at the lads who think obvious dives would be punished. Away and look at the VAR penalty Real Madrid got the other day.
  17. c**t makes more surprise reappearances than the wee lad out of Dungeons and Dragons
  18. Big fan of Welsh/Scottish independence being made out to be a form of racial purity eugenics. Jesus fucking christ.
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