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  1. The Official President Trump thread

    And as long as no one quotes him the ignore function will ensure his trolling shite is averted from my peepers
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    In the same way that watching Hearts when Cathro was in charge was "interesting".
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Scotland needs to shut the f**k up and do what 61 year old Bill from Barnsley wants tho. Gr8 work, lads.
  4. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

  5. Budgets mean nothing when you're being bankrolled by Facebook
  6. P & B Curry Club

    That's the one. Couldn't tell you the name of the street, only went when I was visiting mates that lived in the West End.
  7. P & B Curry Club

    Place I loved in Glasgow was the Banana Leaf. Had a wee look on Google and see they've got three shops now, rather than just the wee front room. Good on them - top scran.
  8. That should please the part of our fanbase who think the SPFL should have presented it to him the second he woke up from the anaesthetic.
  9. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Still hope it was Mr Romanov: a) Because it'd fucking clamp a lot of Rangers fans, and b) Because I love him and it'd be another absolutely hilarious episode to add to his list of japes.
  10. Levein very gently pointed out that it was wonderful to see Soapy getting a cap as he'd lost his way a bit at United. United had a hissy fit, most of their fans told them Levein was absolutely correct and to shut the f**k up. One of them also called Csaba "Spazlo", which has kept me chuckling all day.
  11. Undoubtedly the worst thing about moving over here has been the absence of a good sash bash with the lads. These days all I can do is type "the Pope" into Google and boo at the pictures.
  12. I've got hunners of time for Livi boys cause IFA Saturday morning footbaIl. Great boez. Still tho man.
  13. Can't really be fucked pretending that Hearts aren't going to absolutely piss this by 5 or 6, but you lads go ahead and I'll see you at full time.
  14. St Mirren boy doing another club a favour for a fiver, eh?
  15. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    That video doesn't mean "the left", it means "liberals". Most stuff does these days.