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  1. Why didn't these people just vote Lib Dem
  2. Well I mean the stuff about her being an ugly hag and sucking off Craig Levein wasn't because she's a bad owner.
  3. To think I took the huff with this website (whilst riding high after being voted the 5th best Hearts poster) because of the misogyny towards Budge, and now I'm not sure I like her very much. Alanis Morrissette stuff.
  4. Lads I'm beginning to think other fans might start making fun of us
  5. I don't want to be rude, but anyone who thinks Boyce isn't an automatic pick for any team in Scotland outside of Celtic and Rangers is borderline mentally handicapped. As I said, I don't want to be rude.
  6. Regardless of the result, I think we can all agree that annoying some of the worst people on this website was all worth it.
  7. Can confirm I only chucked ICT twenty sheets to bend it up Queen of the South
  8. Can't even be arsed to mock the dribble lips who voted for their clubs to get horsed every week for precisely 12 quid. Is this procession over yet?
  9. I've been here 3 years and only heard of three of them. And one because he was an american football coach. Honestly everyone is correct that the Tories are ****s, but imagine Sam Allardyce was an MP
  10. Yes, but so is my old boy and he would be absolutely seething if he could work the internet and see that, so it's 1 nil Alberto tbf
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