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  1. To avoid any lads who've been in conveyancing for 3 months answering, I lobbed this at my stepfaither who was in private practice for 17 years, served as director of the Law Society's professional practice team, has had a book published and a lifetime legal award. He said it's a waste of time and money. On the flipside, I'd say it's outed so many utter scumbags on this site, that I genuinely used to love posting on, that it's made it and my decision to f**k off extremely worthwhile. You boys have a ball mocking the disabled and calling women ugly. However if I wanted to post with the absolute dregs of da's on hibs.net, I would. Take care. x
  2. That it then? Been a good run for ol' JT - some of you ****s are alright.
  3. Every single thing Doncaster has done since getting the gig has warranted him getting punted. I can't fathom how little self respect I'd need to have to start caping for him now.
  4. I'm a big fan of when satire is actual government policy
  5. Greeting about red dots? That's a red dottin'.
  6. I see they announced a £5 million fund for landlords whose tenants are having rent difficulties earlier today. f**k all for the tenants, but thank god the landlords will be ok.
  7. Plates of mince and tatties thrown against the wall up and down the length of P&B when it's announced we'll be stinking out the Premiership for another season eh.
  8. Tbf these silly c***s have been apparently been diligently prepping for Doomsday for years, yet start shitting their nappies when they haven't had a haircut for a month.
  9. She continues to employ Craig Levein if you're after a proper gotcha tbf
  10. That was Scot Gardiner though, we sacked him and everything. Perhaps you lads should just go back to calling her an ugly bitch.
  11. I didn't listen to Tom English today (and nor will I, I'm not an oddball), but because he supports what I want I can confirm he was 100% correct.
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