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  1. ^^^never watched Hearts
  2. Is the SPFL getting better?

    I'm no saying I'm dead keen on a 20 team league, but if it did go that way it's worth pointing out that Sky can make Everton v Bournemouth sound like it's Real v Atletico. If it did happen, you'd have to hope those whining "BUT IT'D BE SHITE EH" wouldn't be in charge of the marketing.
  3. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    It's certainly quite the head scratcher why loony lefties might not be too cool with extreme right wing governments that are right into the murder.
  4. Oh Kez!!!

    Odd one that, but hard to give a f**k either way. Is wee Dunc holding a street party this weekend in celebration?
  5. You missed out Scott Brown's career.
  6. If the Celtic appointed referee cheats us out of our inevitable absolute hounding of his heroes in May, I hope we react in exactly the same way as Aberdeen today, only worse.
  7. f**k even being funny about this. A genuine misty eyed moment for ol' JT.
  8. Aye, I might even have read it on Kickback, I just cannae mind. He 100% deserves time ahead of Lee whatever the script is.
  9. Story I heard* is that Levein fell out with his old man who was greeting that he wasn't getting enough game time, so he's on the naughty step.
  10. Few things I applaud the club for these days - it's nice to be able to do it here.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    There are very few good things in the US right now, but a guy getting arrested by the fascists he bent over backwards to help elect is pretty low on my list of things to give a f**k about.
  12. The Official President Trump thread

    So is that Assange a good guy again this week? Boy should be in the WWE.
  13. General Politics Thread

    Angus' favourite simpleton is at it again lads