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  1. Now there's no way of knowing how, but since I posted this I've been blocked by him on Twitter. Literally never interacted with the guy on there. Not once.
  2. If you check the politics forum, Pet's a Tory. I understand why he's spitting blood about someone who may be not be a white Anglo Saxon.
  3. Can't do a violence if you only last 15 seconds.
  4. If the human race survives climate disaster/nuclear holocaust, the folk in 500 years are going to absolutely pish themselves at us.
  5. There's the likely main challenger to Trump calling some punter a big fat dumbfuck and challenging him to a push up contest.
  6. I know this isn't *exactly* rooted in any science, but you just know by looking at the laddie why he's so into this patter. You just know.
  7. Heavy into mind cripples on Kickback losing what little shit they have because "Jambos r Helmetz" says Stendel wants £12k a week.
  8. The big man rage quits the NATO summit because Trudeau ripped the c**t out of him.
  9. Tbf I'd be all over the "Ross pied you patter" if it was the other way round. It has about as much basis in reality as me boasting of our 18 Champions League wins, but I'd 100% be using it.
  10. You need to understand what almost 4 years of Leveinball can do to the psyche
  11. I ken it'll be elsewhere, but the ABSOLUTE OWNING of Richard Tice deserves amplification.
  12. Wee Budgie would need a fucking police escort if she gave him the gig after 5 weeks of pissing about.
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