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  1. The players can go f**k themselves with the power of 4,000 suns. Ann Budge has scunnered them? These workshy fucking mutants have ruined the support's lives for 2 and a half b*****d years, they can eat shite and like it.
  2. Who knows - but it's clear all the media salivating about SLEAZY SALMOND and his upcoming fight to the death with Sturgeon don't matter a solitary f**k to ordinary people.
  3. Biscuits yapping to the Sun again like a good wee dug. Risible c**t.
  4. I've spent the day with my calculator and crunched some numbers, lads: Hearts fans - yes, obviously. Hibs fans - yes, obviously. Celtic fans - yes, they were *very* interested in his chat with the prone Johnny Hayes Rangers fans - goodness me yes Rest of the Scottish football fans - my maths only concerns itself with large numbers
  5. The name seems to be out on Kickback, and it's not one that surprises me.
  6. Regards the Sun story, I've to believe that John Murray - a guy I've got absolutely zero fucking regard or respect for by the way - is *that* stupid? Nah. There's somebody in the club that's stirring shit, just as the "HUGE DRESSING ROOM FALL OUT" reported in that paper last month turned out to be. Wonder who it could be.
  7. What if he'd kicked her up the arse
  8. Presumably you'll have missed who the UK Prime minister and President of the US are. If anything, not being a creepy sex case seems to be a hindrance these days.
  9. Oh. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/52006599
  10. Wee Budgie gets about eh. https://en.as.com/en/2020/03/21/football/1584798717_565086.html
  11. Oh, that's unfortunate. Sincerely hope that the clubs supported by the lads providing the last 200 pages of tedious hot takes aren't affected.
  12. Fully support taking legal action, solely on the basis that it seems to be *really* upsetting to some of the worst examples of humanity on twitter.
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