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  1. I've nothing against Rossco or his fans, but his gaffer is human fucking garbage so I'll be looking for 8 or 9 nil.
  2. Sound Gogsy, then give me a shout when the former rather than the latter are in charge
  3. Tories have just announced they're going to drown brown folk, back to second place you go Keith
  4. Clearly. Have to admit "shared heritage" gave me a chuckle though.
  5. "Tinycastle" Do none of the Hibs boys who don't have the patter of a 50 year old divorced da post any more nah?
  6. Imagine being this angry/unhinged because you're no allowed to be racist anymore
  7. The Edinburgh derby is catnip for wee guys that have given serious consideration to starting a Murray Davidson substack
  8. Not sure which exact part of the club I own, but it better no be trap 2 in the Section F shunkies
  9. I'll step up my chat soon. Just excited to be back with my favourite Hibs boeys, and you.
  10. Folk always come up with overwrought mental gymnastics as to why their rival team don't deserve to win/be top of the league/exist. Not me. I just simply say it's because they're dugmeat.
  11. Simply lmaoing at the life of any club not into double figure points yet.
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