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  1. I mean Celtic can go f**k themselves, but the FM literally congratulated Sinn Fein the day so it's maybe no the route you're aiming for here eh
  2. Used to be a good fixture when there was the panto aspect of Brown and/or Lennon. Deid to me now, at least until Celtic sign another bigot, arsehole or bigoted arsehole.
  3. Boyce is an absolutely smashing player. I could name at least a half dozen players I'd see the arse of before him. Us Hearts fans though, we've got this disease. We crave strikers that can score goals. Crave them. Then when we get them, we call them c***s. Juanma, Isma, Boycie, we hardly knew ye.
  4. I've only watched Hearts, because I'm not a cuck. Therefore: PotY - Cameron Devlin YPotY - Ellis Simms MotY - Shaun Maloney
  5. Would like to see us give game time to our extensive range of moronically named u18s. MacAuley, Bailey, Leo, Makenzie and Sean - this is your time
  6. Just passing by to say "I enjoy Heart of Midlothian". I enjoy Heart of Midlothian
  7. Some mess from top to bottom at the Easter Road - I'd like to wish all my Hibs pals on here my best and hope they get out of it soon. I'd like to, but I fucking won't.
  8. Didn't watch the game. No even sure what the final score was. Just want to praise SHAGGER for calling the *** support fucking arseholes.
  9. Ideal. Can act like an insufferable billy big baws when we win without actually having to suffer watching the game
  10. If you can get through the impenetrable 1990s formatting, this is a good link: https://www.londonhearts.com/scores/club/dundeeunited.html
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