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  1. I thought it was ok. My favourite thing was just seeing it rain all the fucking time tbh.
  2. Lovely day in Connecticut. 24 degrees celsius, birds singing, fireworks in back gardens. Just a really nice day to get drunk as f**k, watch the Breeders Cup and imagine the horrors of a slightly less awful government. x
  3. Bad game, three points. Don't have anything else to add because I'm more engaged in trying to make Trump fans cry on the internet. Love my JTs pals though, hope you're all well x
  4. None of us are naive or moronic enough to think Aberdeen will be allowed to win. Thread starts here. Get all of your upset about Hearts being owned by female out before December 20th. All of the ugly bitch/cocksucking gags done by - let's say - November 2nd and we can enjoy 6 weeks of fun before hand. x
  5. From the perspective of being across here it was awful. Decent first 30 minutes but then the twitter rumours started swirling so I didn't really give a shit until it was confirmed after both goals in normal time had been scored. After that I just wanted the game to end. Happy we won but far more upset about Marius. Not a great time tbh.
  6. I'm not really erudite enough to give Marius a tribute. All I can say is I know that in every single game he gave his all and captained us to the greatest Cup final win a team could have, whilst being an absolutely decent human being. I'll miss him.
  7. As ever, no beef with the Hibs bois on the site. Most of them are lads I'd happily share a pint with in smalltown CT or in Gorgie Edinburgh (not Leith, I'm allergic). We'll get hosed in the final by Celtic anyway, but sending all my love to the Zaliukas family. x
  8. Meshino a powderpuff wee slag. Washington ran about a lot. Hickey's going to be a good player in a few years but Kingsley's better right now. Clare a better option than anything we've got now *when* he was on form. Main difference on the park is in goals where we're no longer suffering Tony Melendez. Of course there's a huge difference in dugout abilities now too, and I'm no even a huge Neilson fan.
  9. Couldn't give a f**k if he's on Fox. Boy thinks he's some some of celebrity. He's not.
  10. There's no been a derby for 8 months, so I for one shall not be pretending that I'm not absolutely champing at the bit to act like a complete fucking cretin all day again.
  11. Greenwald, Weiss etc call themselves journalists when literally all they are is (extremely) highly paid shitposters with god complexes. Obviously I'm more than happy to taking no salary for that gig.
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