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  1. parforlife is an Arbroath fan?

  2. I'm serious, certainly the biggest thing to happen to these games since I've been here. Personally I prefered it when we would just discuss at the end of a game who was gonna be hosting the next one. Then all of a sudden a few weeks later a sign up thread would pop up. Kept the tension and i would always be wanting one to appear. Nowadays you know they'll be one in what appears to be like a week. I get what you're saying Forehead when you say "folk don't have to sign up", but for me and others I'd imagine, I don't like missing one. Just because I know what could happen in it.
  3. The Mafia World is in turmoil as the old guard try to defend themselves. It's been building but it appears Scotty T's game has sparked this. We need to be careful lads, whatever happens tonight could change the course of Mafia games forever. 13th of March, 2012.
  4. This is quality, proper "old school" verses "new boys". It's like a mafia game in itself.
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