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  1. Strange one here I only comment now and again. I'll health last year. Like the Fife teams more than most. But Blairgowrie dee used to be the cheerleader for Blair. Now Coupar Angus!!!
  2. No cheating at all from what I hear a genuine mistake. These things happen. Feel sorry for Downfield too be honest best team in league regardless of what they spent. But for Lochee to be running scared of a team not in there division is a shocker. Or is it personal. I think I know the truth.
  3. Lochee told Kennoway. Fact. Kennoway told the league fact. Lochee scared of Downfield next year fact. Sour grapes fact. Hope Downfield still go up.
  4. Great insight in how this leagues going. No one really interested
  5. Thoughts please gents. Has to be between Downfield, Luncarty or Kennoway. Discuss
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