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  1. Fantasy Football 2016

    Thanks for playing everyone. Better luck next year. X
  2. Standing Bowl XV

    Bengals & Ravens
  3. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

    Congrats to MoWonderboy who came out of know where on the back of the Todd Gurley show to take the title. League in need of a revamp next year IMO. Same faces as last year end up chucking it. Less players next season?
  4. Fantasy Football 2016

    In only my 3rd year of fantasy football I've risen to be top of the pile in the Premier League after back to back promotions in my previous two seasons. This was despite me trading Gurley away... Thankfully that owner didn't make the playoffs though [emoji1]
  5. The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV

    Eagles and Panthers
  6. Daily Fantasy Sports

    One spot left!
  7. Daily Fantasy Sports

  8. Daily Fantasy Sports

    Two spots
  9. Daily Fantasy Sports

    3 spots left in 10 man competiton on DK if any interest?
  10. NFL General Discussion

    Has Fiedorowicz been down with concussion before? Must be a bad one if it's put him on IR?
  11. Standing Bowl XIII

    Bengals & panthers
  12. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

    No IR spot this year?
  13. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

    QB: Luck RB: Hunt, Montgomery, Gore, Ingram WR: Nelson, D. Thomas, M. Bryant, Parker, Maclin TE: Graham D/ST: Rams K: Bryant Will be needing a QB for Week 1![emoji23]
  14. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

    Is there links for ESPN that I've missed?
  15. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

    No. I had loads left last year and then found out later everyone has the same waiver budget.