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  1. Oh I think there’s room inside Willie Miller’s head
  2. Can Rangers end Celtic's domination?

    Hopefully with a 8 inch drill bit
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Now that Billy Bowie has made it clear that this is how it’s going to be in the future for all visiting teams perhaps the Lego munchers will calm down .? ?? No me neither
  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    The smart thing to do now is invite Gordon Smith to be a guest as part of our past players club If of course it has been proven that he did indeed say these things *
  5. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Can I suggest that statement is moved to the banter years thread. ‘I’ve every confidence it will age well
  6. Don’t like McInness especially but I agree with his comments re the sectarian singing yesterday and “ it will be interesting to see if others get punished “ The more this is called out the better
  7. Gorgeous Greg is like a violin he needs a master to get the best out of him SSC is Yehudi Menuhin Deek is your primary 2 schoolboy Come back Greg ignore the dark side walk to the light
  8. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    Why would the fans of 2 Scottish teams march to commemorate something that happened in Eire ?
  9. The joke thread: a thread for camaraderie and hilarity

    David Beckham gets into a taxi at Dublin airport , he sees the driver looking at him for about 5 minutes in the rear view mirror. Eventually the driver says “ OK give us a clue then ? ‘ Beckham sighs and replies “ well I had a glittering career for Man Utd , married a spice girl and played over 100 times for England is that enough ?” Drivers says “ no you thick c**T , where are you going !? ‘
  10. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    What’s the What’s the difference between the top and the bottom picture ? Answer it’s easier to put the mongrel in the top out of its misery
  11. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Hate saying this but ....come on ra cellic It’s our faint chance of keeping SSC if we get European football , sorry Dons fans I’m a selfish bas*8*d
  12. Keep, Punt or Undecided

    SIR STEVE CLARKE .....KEEP The rest takes care of itself really
  13. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    In the hyper rarified atmosphere of English 1st and 2nd tier football SSC is not a stellar name , they seem to have the same manager carousel that we have , but with fancier names . I hope wee Steve from Saltcoats is too common for Mr Khan
  14. Scottish Football Missile Assault

    Strict liability
  15. Top 6 fixtures

    Because it’s sevco and the media dictates what happens . The spineless and clueless blazers don’t see the problem with the arrangement as it stands