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  1. Nope, paying off debt wouldn't affect any profit or loss. It affects the cash and creditor balances only.
  2. In other news, a Leicester player nearly scores after failing to give their opponents the ball back. I hope Rodgers is equally as scathing as he was in his last game for Celtic. More faces than Big Ben. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk › ... Brendan Rodgers slams James Scott as Celtic boss insists youngster has 'no ...
  3. Heard a rumour that our manager will be leaving soon but not to Hearts, Hibs or Norn Iron. He's going somewhere south of the border.
  4. With all due respect to you, salary % to turnover ratio isn't anywhere near as relevant as cash in the bank and net current assets. RFC have £25m net current liabilities and £1m in the bank. That was in June. The accounts state that funding is needed right now - Nov19 is clearly quoted - with at least £10m needed between now and the end of the season. This is before taking into account further soft loans received since Jun-19 and shelling out another £11.5m on players. There are numerous other things that should cause alarm - interest accrued on deferring transfers and numerous contingent liabilities being just two of them. But hey, you beat bottom of the league Hearts in a Semi final, so life is good, right?
  5. The figure is £11.5m, it's on the last page of the accounts. There has also been circa £10m in additional soft loans since Jun-19. The most worrying thing in the whole accounts is that funding is required from shareholders Nov-19.
  6. To get back on topic, unfortunately I have first hand experience of being cheated on, my ex-wife had numerous affairs. To cut a very long story short, the devastating affect it has had on me, both families and my four year old can't be understated. The chances are that she was unfaithful before we got married too and my thoughts are that someone must have known something and no one cracked a light. In short, my life, and the lives of my (and her) nearest and dearest have been brutalized, financially and most importantly, mentally. If anyone is aware of a friend who is being cheated on, tell them, no matter how difficult the conversation is going to be. The trauma of a broken marriage and failed family is horrific. I wouldn't wish the pain on anyone. Basically women and people who know and say nothing are c***s.
  7. 4pm on a Sunday? ooft. Did no one give any consideration to the seats?
  8. Well done to Killie, great to see them flying high. It goes to show what a difference a decent manager can do. Hope they finish third. Terrific support too. 1800 my arse. From our point of view, we got to see what our Plan B is. Instead of firing the ball from a cannon at Curtis Main's face, Plan B is to fire the ball from a cannon at Danny Johnson's face. Accies will bum us on Saturday.
  9. I doft my cap, an excellent post. McCall should have resigned after Albion Rovers.
  10. Yep, that's where my old man started me off at FP too Capt. Sad, end of an era in a strange way.
  11. This could be a long afternoon for the Shire good guys I fear. What a car crash of a match thread, both my brain cells are bleeding after some of the putrid trash being polluted as fact here. Celtic FC - Olympic champions at whataboutism. Well fans - we're better than stooping to this level of stupidity.
  12. So am I the only one that thought they were bang average?
  13. I'm pretty sure that the first line of the statement is grammatically incorrect. The line should have been "Rangers is shocked" rather than "Rangers are shocked" because "is" refers to a single entity such as a company whereas "are" infers that there is more than one Rangers. Oh, wait ... To be fair, it's the only line I read. I'm sure I could guess the rest of it.
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