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  1. If by some chance, Engerland. win this thing over the summer, I trust that the BBC will remind us all that they have not won a "Major Event"
  2. Hmmmm. I remember Ross County in the early 2000s. Both of us in the league below, one of their "fans" on here threatening to lob tins of spam at us all the way back down the A9. Or is my memory playing tricks again?
  3. What it says is that if we get two injured/suspended CBs, then the manager will be at least as comfortable using (Paul) McGinn as a makeshift or else using (Nick) McAllister or McBrearty than using Baird. As such, Baird needs to go out on loan and show JG what he can (or can't) do.
  4. I think they both still post on B and W Army, but under different names. The Captain is back on here after a long absence as Jeremiah Cole. Having a good go, for old times sake, on our Sevco match thread this week.
  5. Yeh, these things even out. Four penalties given in the game at Ibrox last year balanced out a little by one not given today.
  6. If we win by 11 we go top - for a couple of hours or so at least.
  7. If I understand "Media Dreams Expert" Ian Wallace correctly, this is a classic, quite common dream (dream number 17). The first part (1-1) means you are a balanced individual, comfortable with the ebb and flow, ying and yang of 21st century life in the West of Scotland. On a more practical note, it means that, remarkably, Sevco are going to miss three penalties again. The second part probably means that you live up a mountain somewhere on the Cockbridge to Tomintoul road and its going to snow heavily on Sunday evening.
  8. Typical of the authorities to fix it so that Celtic had to play in two cup competitions on the same evening. Little wonder that they lost in both. Didn’t happen to Rangers I see. It’s a clear conspiracy.
  9. If that entire first 11 got injured or suspended but everyone else was ok, we could still field an 11 of: Lyness, McPherson, Baird, McAllister (N), Erhahon, McGinn, Magennis, Djorkaeff, Kellerman (or Breadner), Mullen, Cooke. Add an experienced defender who can play anywhere across the back, and I reckon we are nearly there. When does the league cup start?
  10. Agreed, but a club like ours can't have both. When he was good (at Hamilton first time) his role and style was compared to that of Cesc Fabrigas and, in fairness, he scored a fair few goals. We could never play him with two strikers as well, unless we were chasing a late equaliser/consolation goal or else playing guff like EK Thistle, Edinburgh City, Albion Rovers or Morton.
  11. We are going with 4 - Mullen, Andreu, Obiku and Cooke. It is just that we've lost Cooke for the season already, Andreu stopped scoring in 2017, Obiku hasn't arrived yet and Mullen only scores against teams from Dundee.
  12. Whatever the strategy, you'd assume we'd have the full set of players we want fully bedded in by the 14th of September (more than 6 weeks from now). We will only have played 4 league games by then.
  13. First three games are against teams better than us. The "easiest" is the first against Hibs but it is away so we are still big underdogs. These three teams are better than us now and would still be better than us if we'd loaded the team with mediocrity just to get the job done. We might or might not pick up some points or even a win from these, but against the odds either way. The first game to really target is the away game against Livingston exactly a month from now. If, by then, we have bedded in a few of the better targets we've been aiming for, or else acquired some newly available targets who have run out of options when the English window closes next week, then we will be in a much better place than if we'd just signed bodies to make up the numbers. From everything I'm hearing and reading - that is the plan. Let's see if it works.
  14. I'm sure that deep down all players harbour ambitions of playing in 2 qualifying rounds of the Europa League. Are Hibs hoping to be better than Killie then?
  15. Last season was a 3 horse race. We decided to turn up in a pantomime horse outfit with a donkey leading us round the paddock and, no surprise, we finished last, despite quickly swapping the donkey for someone that happened to be passing by on their way home. Somewhat inexplicably, the wonderful city of Dundee bailed us out. Twice. This season looks like a 4 horse race, but I'm not ruling out the fakes or even Killie joining in for a laugh. Despite our performances to date, we've got the core of a decent squad and a promising manager. Now we need to build it into a team through acquisitions, loans, development and management. It's July ffs. The time to even begin to start worrying is at least 6 months away.
  16. Been excellent value this thread, but all good things...……………..
  17. This thread ffs. SN1F sums it up in one word- “needy”.
  18. I reckon they’d have stuck with the idea of a promising manager from the lower leagues. The Clyde manager, for example. Or the young guy at Airdrie.
  19. As in, Matteo "don't take away the" Muzek? …………………..I'll get my kazoo.
  20. Had a similar, but reverse, experience at Bolton Wanderers in the Anglo Scottish Cup back in the day. I’d been chucked out the ground earlier (long story) and as it was a Tuesday evening I watched “Its a Knockout” in a pub across from the ground then sneaked back in the home end when they opened the gates with 15 to go. At the end of 90 we’d lost 2-0 (Sam Allardyce double) and as we’d won the home game 4-2 and I was on my tod in the home end, I thought we were out on away goals and headed for the exit. Soon realised no-one else was leaving. Turned out away goals only counted after extra time (odd rule). The rest is history. Jimmy Bone scores. We won the game and later the cup itself. Finally got to leave the ground for the third time, for good, in triumph. They knocked it down and moved to the Reebok a few years later, but I’ve no been back.
  21. I think the fact that he's just become a dad makes a difference - he wouldn't be 100% on it. Better saving him until Sunday. Cooke gave us that luxury by scoring a hat trick last Sunday - had to start after that. Is Jackson back for Sunday?
  22. Sorry to hear that DZ. I'm sometimes "perplexed" by your posts on here but there is no denying your loyalty to the club and your commitment to supporting them whenever and wherever you can. Hopefully a better result than Accies tomorrow will cheer you up regardless. Or, failing that, a fine playoff victory next weekend that you can enjoy in person.
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