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  1. Dundee Utd have also got Celtic at home, but not sure that will alter too much. Maybe a draw?
  2. Injuries and the February fixture pile up are really hampering us. We only realistically had 2 subs to use for the second game in a row - and that is a real handicap. Under the circumstances, this is not a bad result today. Looks like things will be more even in both regards against Motherwell in the week. I also hope we can see at least some additional players back for Ross County next Saturday - Mason. Quaner maybe even McGrath? At least then we'd have the option of 3 or 4 fresh pairs of legs during the game.
  3. It is an odd line up for sure. D-H and Flynn need managing so them being on the bench makes sense, but we could do with another body in there. Is Mason injured or away? Is Tait carrying a knock? Unless Connolly, Durmus and McAllister have been briefed to get stuck in, we are potentially carrying too many passengers when Celtic have the ball. Alternatively, JG is a tactical genius.
  4. Then it is just as well they went to Dubai last week or it would be through the whole squad by now. Wonderful foresight by Celtic to ensure the game tomorrow night can go ahead.
  5. Problem is that it might mean losing the league cup final to 9 man Saintees a few days earlier.
  6. I'm curious as to how many points should be deducted though? Why should it be related to the number of games postponed? - that's just chance. Maybe 2 points each team? Or 1 point for each major "rule" breach. If so, you''d expect retrospective point deductions for Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen.......... They really ought to have decided all this at the outset. By allowing Celtic to go to Dubai the "games missed in the middle of a pandemic" argument is out the window and if they are going to focus on anything it has to be rule breaches and associated points deductions. So we and Killie might lose points, but Motherwell and Hamilton shouldn't gain any. However, I'd be surprised if the SFA can rule on any of this. They can only say whether our appeals are upheld or not.
  7. In the same way that when Celtic's game with us was re-arranged because of a Covid breach by one of their players, we had to play without any of our goalkeepers and one of their scorers (in a 2-1 win) wasn't even at the club when the original game was due? Edit to add - I see Ric has covered part of this already. Carry on.
  8. Looking on the bright side, if that game had been scheduled for October, we'd both have been awarded 0-3 losses
  9. I thought 3/4 subs were ok but in the wrong order. Should maybe have had McPherson on for Tait, then McAllister and Dennis on for Erhahon and Connolly after about 60 mins. I wouldn't have troubled with Erwin at all, unless Obika was lying unconscious on the half-way line and even then it's a close call.
  10. We didn't cope with the pitch at all well for the first 60 mins. I know its the same for both sides but I'm certain it contributed to us looking much worse than we have for weeks, in terms of passing and lack of creativity.
  11. I"m not sure what the problem is. You don't really need a keeper against us with that winning formation - someone else can pick the ball out the back of the net, following our fast counter attacks, surely?
  12. On the second day of Christmas the SPFL table gave to us 🎵 3 extra points 2 goals for -6 goals against and 1 game more to play than on Christmas Day 🎵 Merry Christmas everybody!!
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