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  1. It’s a fair point, but given that he comes from Paisley, isn’t it Motherwell that’s ‘half an hour along the road’?
  2. Or as Elvis would say, it's the worst sit-in in town.
  3. Last game for Leicester was on 8 January in a cup tie against Watford. Got a game because Leicester had only 8 regular outfield players available from their 25 man squad named for the league. Was substituted at half time, as already on a yellow card and was one (mistimed) tackle from being off. Was replaced by Wanya Marcai-Madivadua because of that arcane FA cup rule that you can't replace a starting player with one that has a less exotic name. Having said all that, he was being played as a full back on his 'wrong side' so was hung out to dry a bit by circumstances. I follow Leicester closely (since living there in the 80s and the 'good' old days under Jock Wallace when, apart from Lineker, the line up was almost entirely Scottish) and while he hasn't kicked on as hoped, he is not a complete disaster and could do a good job if he settles. His first game will be important.
  4. In the very early days of P and B, I remember some Ross County fan on here threatening to pelt our buses with tins of spam, prior to a midweek away game. Haven't seen the likes on here since. You haven't fallen on hard times and moved south from Dingwall have you?
  5. Claudio Ranieri at Leicester would fit the remit quite well.
  6. So, no space here for 'Saints and Greavsie' patter then?
  7. I was at that game with my dad. Only time we ever went to the football together. We are almost certainly in the picture. England goal greeted with absolute silence around us and a sizeable number didn't even know they had scored. I only saw it because I was on my dad's shoulders at the time. No scoreboards anywhere, at least none visible from our position. I remember some bloke in front of me at half time saying we were doing alright but nil-nil probably fair. Him and several others couldn't be persuaded we were losing 1-0 - nearly kicked off a brawl.
  8. So the concussion substitution rule only applies if someone develops an unusual heart rhythm mid-game in addition to possible concussion? Who knew?
  9. Yeh, but if weekend games are played on a Saturday (which they mostly are) and you have a midweek game, then you have 3 games in 8 days and 5 free days. So neither Tuesday or Wednesday is perfect. If the Saturday games both start at 3.00 pm then the midweek game should kick off at 3.00 am on the Wednesday for parity. 7.45 pm on the Tuesday is 7 and a quarter hours too early, but 7.45 pm on the Wednesday is 16 and three quarter hours too late.
  10. Was it Hibs, way back in 2020-2021? Depends how you define "strikers".
  11. Why would we copy you lot, ffs? Surely our ambitions are higher than a top 6 finish, a Scottish cup win and a League cup win?
  12. A good point about eras, but another way to look at it is to ask how good they were relative to the other teams in the league in a particular season. By that criterion, the 79-80 Jim Clunie side (built on Fergie's furies plus Doug Somner) is the best St Mirren team of my lifetime. Genuine title contenders in March and Anglo-Scottish cup winners against some quality opponents and Sam Allardyce.
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