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  1. The absolute figures in terms of number of cases MUST be wrong as government advice for people with mild symptoms has been, for several days now, to stay at home, self isolate and don't call 111. So no-one will know how many of us have had it in a mild form. We can get estimates of the number of "mild" cases by proper random sampling of small (but big enough) groups and then extrapolating, but there is no indication that this is happening. We will need to know this number in the longer term to determine if our "herd immunity" strategy has worked or not. If we don't know how many people have had it and are immune (hopefully) - we won't know what to do when the second, third, fourth wave comes - which seems to be the main point of our "unique" strategy. In other words if you lock down too quick and most people don't get it, we'll have to keep locking down every few months until enough do or a vaccine comes along.
  2. One problem is that they haven't told us what evidence they are using - they would be well served to make that public. There are some merits to their plan (say for schools, where, if they closed now, many kids would promptly be sent to their grandparents killing many of them as a result), but other aspects of it differ from what many other countries are doing or have done to date. One difference is that China and Italy had local hotspots which they locked down. Our cases seem more evenly spread, so perhaps it is right to take a different approach. I'm not sure, though - this is where we could do with more transparency on their thinking, at least for the benefit of those that have the expertise to comment on it either positively or negatively.
  3. Our government's approach is the "Let's get CoVid19 done" approach. It's a viable approach, but if we get it even slightly wrong, there will be a large number of unnecessary deaths, primarily among the old and the otherwise sick. As far as I can see, no other country is adopting our approach at the moment.
  4. Got to feel for Liverpool fans this morning. 31 years and counting since any or them will have actually seen them win an English league title.
  5. So just the usual "working from home" then.
  6. I think this point is important. From about 2006 - 2014, we survived by the skin of our teeth in the SPL/Premiership and must have lost (or not won) more league games than any senior team in Scotland and England in that time. It became a turgid shit-fest. The only thing worth clinging to were a couple of "must win" away games at Falkirk and Motherwell; which were great, but just a couple of games. The other real positive in that time, though, was that being in the top league meant we were good enough to go on some cup runs, culminating in the disaster of 2010 followed by the redemption of 2013. Clubs like us are never going to win the top league - cups are our only hope of tangible success ("top 6" isn't something I'll remember for the rest of my life) . However to be good enough to win a cup, we really need to be in the top league. After 40 plus years of this pish, I've come to the conclusion that it is better to cycle between the leagues, win some (2nd tier) championships and, hopefully get to the odd cup final/semi-final, maybe even win it, once or twice in a lifetime, rather than sit hopelessly 9th/10th the Premiership year on year on year.
  7. You would expect about a doubling every 20 years just due to inflation, so it is not that far off. However, to put it another way, it is quite understandable that my fellow buddies remain as outraged now as they were 20 years ago.
  8. If by some chance, Engerland. win this thing over the summer, I trust that the BBC will remind us all that they have not won a "Major Event"
  9. Hmmmm. I remember Ross County in the early 2000s. Both of us in the league below, one of their "fans" on here threatening to lob tins of spam at us all the way back down the A9. Or is my memory playing tricks again?
  10. What it says is that if we get two injured/suspended CBs, then the manager will be at least as comfortable using (Paul) McGinn as a makeshift or else using (Nick) McAllister or McBrearty than using Baird. As such, Baird needs to go out on loan and show JG what he can (or can't) do.
  11. I think they both still post on B and W Army, but under different names. The Captain is back on here after a long absence as Jeremiah Cole. Having a good go, for old times sake, on our Sevco match thread this week.
  12. Yeh, these things even out. Four penalties given in the game at Ibrox last year balanced out a little by one not given today.
  13. If we win by 11 we go top - for a couple of hours or so at least.
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