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  1. You've lost most of your readers already, good sir.
  2. I think we had a lucky escape to be honest. Given what Klopp is saying this morning about Liverpool being disadvantaged last night through being given a goal that was clearly offside and then the referee overcompensating against them subsequently, it is good that Dallas overcompensated in our favour for the rest of our game after the "dubious" 4 penalty awards.
  3. Maybe we were drawn to him by his full name on that link?
  4. Careful. One slip of the mouse and we could’ve had Ross Jack as manager these last 18 months.
  5. On the right track, mate, well done. I heard it was 1.7 tickets this year compared to 1 last, but who’s counting?
  6. Behave yourself. There are huge financial incentives for teachers prepared to work in inner cities, war zones, the northeast of England etc
  7. When I say "play-off", I mean "play-off" to get into a "play-off" to get into a "play-off".
  8. Last game of the season for Aldershot was on 2nd May against a team local to me (Ebbsfleet Utd) in a play off to get into League 2. From the match report "but Kellermann’s night ended in agony, as he suffered a dislocated shoulder in a 71st minute challenge with Rance."
  9. Sunderland don't appear to be setting their sights too high on thisappointment. If I'm reading it correctly, the current favourite, in some bookies at least, is Alex Rae. FFS.
  10. Just to add to that, the one person I would have really liked to manage us if JR had gone earlier (say to Dundee or Barnsley) is Stevie Clarke. That's not going to happen now, but of the current list of available managers, Robbie Neilson stands out a mile, in my view. I want JR to stay, of course, but there is a part of me saying if JR is going to go, then it might be best for him to go now whilst Robbie Neilson is available.
  11. I would have thought a major consideration would be continuity. We've had a particular style of play over the last 18 months that has served us well and has led to us recruiting particular types of players (and losing others). If JR goes (and takes Fowler with him), surely we want a manager that continues with that, perhaps only looking to strengthen us a little with a bit more physical presence throughout the spine of the team. I'm sure Gordon Scott knows this and so the people he will be looking at are people that could fill the bill. To my mind, that would rule out the likes of Hopkin (regardless of how well he has done this season - and he has) and Aitken and all the old codgers who get trotted out every time there is a vacancy. However, it may well include Goodwin (who is using some of JRs past and present players) and Neilson who JR "interacted very closely with" (according to JR himself) at Hearts.