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  1. Next week's match is already starting to feel like a must win game. The pressure on Jack Ross is colossal. Which seems stupid after three league games, but here we are.
  2. That's a nightly occurrence for you tbf. I'm no lawyer, but don't think our comedy defending can be held to be attributable for your incontinence.
  3. We played alright for the first 20 minutes that's the funny thing. After the second goal, the players had a colossal meltdown. The way the heads just completely went was terrifying.
  4. If the rest of Scottish football gave us more of a challenge we might start doing better in Europe
  5. I do remember Robbie Neilson celebrating at getting a penalty shoot out once, so there's that
  6. Given how utterly self righteous Barcelona and their fans tend to be, the current events are very funny indeed. What a shower of twats.
  7. Not the biggest error there, but given Ian Harkes is suspended he was always going to "miss out"
  8. I think that's enough changes. Happy with that team. Feel free to come at me at full time when we lose 1-0 and Fletcher gets injured
  9. I fear that Dundee United fans have already seen the best bit of this season
  10. Not sure tbh, I did not expect them to be up there, but their first two results have been hugely impressive. In Preston Athletic news, another disappointing result yesterday but at least this time they scored a stoppage time goal rather than losing one.
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