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  1. You know, I actually enjoy watching cricket when there are no spectators.
  2. Lewis Hamilton is quicker over one lap, and is also one of the greatest drivers in history. Alonso doesn't quite have that searing one lap pace, but nobody is better over a race distance.
  3. Got the same reply. It's nice to get a response, as generic as it was. There were probably too many emails on the subject for them to do anything else tbf.
  4. I think it's great. He's unlikely to be at the front next year, but I guess he's hoping the change in regs in 2022 will make the Renault more competitive. I think he's the most complete driver I have ever seen, and it's a crying shame that poor career choices and bad luck have led to him having only 31 wins and two titles. His 2012 season was, I think, the greatest season any driver has ever had. That car was fifth best in the field and he nearly won a title in it.
  5. You see, this is what I think. The fact that he's even under serious consideration for the job is enough. In a way, it no longer matters to me whether he actually takes the job or not. And as you've said, this feels serious enough that right now I couldn't see myself going back to Tannadice under the current owners even after Mackay leaves.
  6. Cheers, but to be honest I would not condemn anyone who came to a different conclusion. This is my decision, other people are free to make theirs, whatever that is.
  7. You know, the fact that United are quite openly after Malky Mackay is enough for me. If they can't see why that is a problem, I dont want to support them any more tbh. I'm fucking done.
  8. Fair point. It wouldn't be good timing at any time, but to do it in this climate is particularly offensive.
  9. Yenitit is a Dundee fan. Infatuation with United is part of the job description.
  10. Being an uglier Paul Hartley is a physical impossibility
  11. Our current assistant manager, although rumour has it that him and Lee McCulloch are following Neilson to the Championship Hearts
  12. Craig Levein? Aye, if it was 2009 maybe. He has shown nothing in the intervening 11 years to suggest he would be anything other than an abject failure.
  13. I think for a few reasons Tommy Wright is unlikely. Barry Robson, anyone?
  14. I liked Neilson, but I find myself oddly ambivalent about his departure. I have a feeling the new head coach will be straight out of leftfield. It may very well be some American guy we've never heard of
  15. Is there a statue now? Wow, I didn't know that. Will pay a visit if/when I find myself in Paisley next season
  16. Getting sick of Hearts fans lawsplaining about duties of care because they once heard Tom English saying it. It's like thinking you can do open heart surgery because you watched an episode of Casualty once.
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