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  1. This isn't massively helpful or constructive I know, but I absolutely hate Oasis. Boring derivative nonsense fronted by a pair of charmless morons.
  2. I think Chris Mochrie is now our youngest ever player. John Souttar was younger when he made his debut too iirc
  3. United always seem to have problems with Alloa, so it's great to get the win. Can't think off hand when we last won six in a row, maybe that unbeaten run in 1996/97?
  4. We'll win, but not by much. 2-1 United I think, with us conceding a comedy goal around 60 seconds before Ben Siegrist was going to beat the clean sheet record.
  5. Argentina will shite it like they always do.
  6. Good news lads. I'm out of the country this weekend, so United will definitely win. There's very little point in Morton even turning up tbqh
  7. Especially Paul Watson. Looked appalling at right back, but is actually a very good centre half at this level. Who knew?
  8. I was a bit concerned about yesterday, as it's exactly the sort of game United historically f**k up. Especially without our one good player I would have taken a shitty 1-0 win, so such a dominant performance is pleasing.
  9. Yeah...Marseille's cheating was confined to domestic football and not in the Champions League. Very hard to see oldco beating Milan that season, but hey. We could have wrung another couple of million out of them for Duncan Ferguson
  10. Forcing us to play without Lawrence Shankland devalues the match, the Championship, Scottish football, and the entire sport itself. For shame
  11. I'm going to see Anna Puu is Helsinki at the end of the month, and as much as that sounds like a joke, it isn't. Saw Mikko Joensuu last year at Iceland Airwaves and loved it. Icelandic music is more my thing tbh, because I am hipster as f**k.
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