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  1. If I had been in that position I would have passed a lot more than that
  2. Waiving £500k to sign Shankland would be...bold Spending £300k to sign Dylan Levitt, if we actually can afford it, seems like a chance worth taking
  3. Lewis Hamilton is going to win this race, isn't he? Just as well I put a bet on that very outcome earlier in the week
  4. It's funny. My two favourite albums of theirs are Achtung Baby and Zooropa. Nobody else seems to agree. Boy is very good as well though.
  5. Good of Bernie to help his old pal Nelson out. Nice diversion tactics
  6. Nelson Piquet has previous for making horribly offensive remarks about certain drivers but he's managed to surpass himself this time. Stupid old racist.
  7. Although Taskmaster is one of the greatest programmes ever devised, All4 is such a hellish app. Makes you realise how good the iPlayer is.
  8. Bit late to this (someone I work with who knows him told me about this) and you're right, it's a very good signing. I'd be surprised if Tranent were not quite high up in the LL this season, given the amount of dead wood there seems to be in the league (even ignoring the Open Goal vanity project).
  9. A very very young Hamish McAlpine in the middle of the back row there
  10. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter
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