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  1. As much as it was only one game, and a tough one at that, today's performance was atrocious. There was nothing there. I only hope that the manager talks differently in private to how he talks in public. I get that there is an element of spin there, but the comments in the post match interview were borderline delusional.
  2. Guess not. I think Bryant, Rizzo and Baez were all free agents reasonably soon
  3. Bryant, almost certainly. Baez, very probably. It was a good few years. I never imagined I would ever see the Cubs win a World Series, so as sad as the end of this era is, at least that happened.
  4. You could maybe counter that by saying that because our last game was last Tuesday, other teams knew what they had to do to finish with a better record than us. Had we known before the East Fife game that a 2-0 win would guarantee a seeding it might have changed things. Maybe.
  5. Sooo...a last minute St Mirren goal means we are unlikely to be seeded for the league cup next round, unless Hearts somehow fail to beat Inverness by two goals. Quite unfortunate to lose out to two teams who had 3-0 wins awarded to them due to Covid, but c'est la vie.
  6. Absolute scenes in the women's road race as Annemiek Van Vleuten celebrated as she crossed the line, not realising that there was a rider ahead of her - Anna Kiesenhofer had broken clear more or less at the start of the race and was away all day. Brilliant win
  7. The Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians
  8. 1999 should have been his year. In the best car, Mika Hakkinen's brain and Michael Schumacher's leg were away for half the season, but sadly he utterly fucked it.
  9. As much as I think Lewis Hamilton was at fault today, an angry Christian Horner is always very funny.
  10. Most of the great drivers of the last 40 years have been massive bellends on some level or another. I've watched this sport long enough and seen drivers who were much dirtier than Lewis Hamilton has ever been, despite his professional foul today. I can only imagine how many penalties Michael Schumacher would have got under today's regulations.
  11. To be honest, I am more annoyed with the stewards than with Lewis Hamilton, he was not responsible for the level of penalty received, even if he was responsible for putting a man in hospital. By the way, thank f**k for the halo, again.
  12. Yeah, but it helps no end if you get to shove the only driver capable of beating you off the track and receive a minimal penalty for it.
  13. Ah, but people do tend to forget that Ayrton Senna used that remark to try and justify settling a world title by deliberately crashing into Alain Prost. As great as Senna was, he was one of the dirtiest drivers to ever enter the sport.
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