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  1. I can't bear any of the four teams left, but I especially dislike the Astros and Dodgers. Oh joy.
  2. I realise you are probably on the wind up here, but if you don't actually realise what a fucking idiotic hill this is for you to die on, then there's not a lot I can do at this point.
  3. Aye, it's a right minter having a manager who takes a stand against racism.
  4. Yeah, our lack of a decent striker is pretty glaring. Max Biamou could be a decent player for us, but his record suggests he isn't prolific.
  5. It's funny to think that Hibs are only a point ahead of United in the league, given all we hear is how great they have been this season. Shows we've been doing something right, anyway.
  6. Hibs fans have spent the last two weeks complaining about an entirely merited red card, so careful about damaging that glass house there. Anyway. We won't win. We just won't. We never do. And if it looks like we are going to, Hibs will get their obligatory offside goal/dodgy penalty/both. And I'm buggered if I am spending £30 to watch Martin Boyle fall over for 90 minutes.
  7. The World Cup should never have gone to Qatar in the first place for a number of reasons, but I do think it's more important to attend (if we qualify) as long as people have the baws to highlight everything which has gone on in order for the World Cup to happen. Sport does not exist in a vacuum.
  8. It was absolutely crap. But Scotland got the win, somehow, and that's all that really matters
  9. Scotland's player of the month Ian Harkes is eligible to play for Scotland. Just throwing that one out there
  10. It's almost as if the hubris of the last few days was rather misplaced, isn't it
  11. I only remember it as a covered terrace from when I started being taken to games in the mid 80s, but my God that terracing felt like the north face of the Eiger.
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