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  1. A grand total of 3. It was 394 the year I was born
  2. We will be doing well to finish this game with 11 men. Still, Spain are clearly rattled, which is lovely
  3. As much as the play acting was embarrassing and pathetic, that was fucking stupid from Andy Robertson
  4. Tony Watt didn't just play against Barcelona in the Champions League, he scored a winning goal. That went well.
  5. The McGinn brothers, maybe? John has 53 caps and Paul has one.
  6. I don't know much about coaching goalkeepers, but it's one hell of a coincidence that the spells during which our current goalkeeping coach has been at the club have coincided with us having fucking useless goalkeepers.
  7. I've been in Wroclaw this past week. Lovely city, I'm sure some folk from here would have visited when we played Slask Wroclaw in 2011. Anyway, was browsing through their current squad, and found this guy *shudders* https://slaskwroclaw.pl/strona/druzyna/michal-szromnik-836-358
  8. In mitigation, Gretna walloping Dundee FC in the 2006 Scottish Cup semi final was, and always will be, utterly hilarious.
  9. I don't blame Gretna themselves or anyone involved at the club*, they did what they did and must have known how it would eventually end. The fault, such as it was, came from friendly media types like Chick Young who perpetuated the fairytale nonsense and gave a clearly unsustainable club the soft soap treatment from day one. Dundee United, in other news, remain the only club to lose a top flight game at home to Gretna. *except James Grady, because he's James Grady
  10. The bold Jos might struggle in that situation given he's more used to hitting women.
  11. Probably. However, between his cock up at the start and the team's cock up at the pit stop, it cost them 15 seconds. The wounds were self inflicted
  12. Sky are fucking desperate for Alonso to be penalised, aren't they?
  13. You come at the king, you'd best not miss
  14. George Russell is such a grassing little shit
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