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  1. Must admit I am enjoying the irony of St Mirren fans complaining about players not trying in important league games against former clubs.
  2. It doesn't feel like a normal semi final, that's for sure. I can't watch the game live because reasons, which probably doesn't help.
  3. Then you get the Cubs, who have been pretty much rotten do far, sweeping the Dodgers.
  4. We should lose on purpose, because Dingwall is a cracking day out and Ross County have a grass pitch. I don't make the rules.
  5. I still can't quite believe that hopeless team we had in 2016 was a penalty shoot out away from getting to the Scottish Cup final. Wild.
  6. It might be better to face Hibs in the semi final given they lost in the semis in the last two cup competitions...perhaps. Whoever we get in the final (if we get there, obviously), it will open up some major psychological scars for me. I never really got over that 1987 final.
  7. Sorry, I maybe should have used choking instead. Or capitulating. Or even just failing.
  8. Hopefully Hibs carry on their recent tradition of Hibsing semi finals
  9. I did not see that coming at all. Excellent performance from everyone. Harkes and Butcher in particular, and good to see Mark McNulty's A game at last
  10. At least we've won it in the last 30 years, unlike his beloved Aberdeen
  11. Mind you, if he's right and the clubs have signed a legally binding agreement, things could get interesting. JP Morgan will have very expensive lawyers
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