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  1. I had forgotten about this game. I miss those days
  2. It's the best thing on television. I fucking love it.
  3. The amount of piss that would be boiled if this happened would be very funny, but my dislike of the Astros probably overrides that
  4. I'm not bothered who wins the World Series as long as the Astros don't
  5. Och, as long as we keep Shankland it's not a disaster. All we need now is to give him the ball occasionally
  6. Mr Alli on a Dundee United thread. This is a rare treat.
  7. Better to put him out on loan to them than not at all, I suppose. I'm a bit annoyed giving Partick Thistle a player on loan given they tried to stop us getting promoted, but the main thing is his development.
  8. And last year Hearts lost. On and off the pitch. Cheers for paying actual money to take our manager though, allowing us to get a better manager. Love you xx
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