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  1. You f**k off. You're in our thread, not vice versa.
  2. So far, this thread is infinitely worse than four years of Championship purgatory. Up your game lads, for f**k's sake
  3. Only because he hasn't played against Lawrence Shankland yet.
  4. It seems perverse that the best centre half in the league is a part time footballer, and yet here we are. Tam O'Brien fully deserves his place in the team, and with all due respect to Arbroath would be a fantastic signing for any full time club at this level. The second pick should be Mark Reynolds, but I am probably biased. A better bet than Christophe "Six Fucking Games" Berra, anyway. Jamie McCart conceded seven goals in the 180 minutes in which I saw him play this season, so I wouldn't choose him, despite the considerable impediment of playing alongside Coll Donaldson.
  5. It's harder to find the time to go to many games these days. I like away days at Dingwall, even though it's a trek. I usually get a train to Inverness and then a bus to Dingwall, and it's nice to make a day of it and the Mallard is a magnificent pub. Hibs and Livingston are relatively close (I am five minutes' walk from Easter Road), so that's good for me. Motherwell and Hamilton are not too bad distance wise either. As I don't own a car and am rather lazy, getting to McDiarmid Park is a ballache. I could quite happily live without ever going to Paisley again, and the ground itself is utterly soulless. I hate Pittodrie, I haven't got the slightest intention of visiting Celtic Park or Ibrox, and I probably won't bother with Rugby Park unless someone wants to take me to Fanny By Gaslight afterwards. Even I struggle with the legroom at Rugby Park, and I am five foot nine.
  6. Jamie Robson. If this Daniel Harvie character was any good we'd have signed him.
  7. It's Liam Smith, because if nothing else the other options are all utter toilet. Yeah, you heard.
  8. I wish I cared as much about Dundee United as Dele does
  9. He's drinking Corona, which is more or less the same thing
  10. Jean-Jacques Missé Missé. Nominative determinism at its finest.
  11. I posted it when we were away to Dunfermline. I was in hospitality. We won 2-0. Like I said, I forgot I had tweeted it but your seething mess of a post triggered the memory. It was almost Proustian.
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