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  1. erm...I kinda ran of out cream eggs.

  2. Plenty of time to shag your wife now son.

  3. Immortalised IMO.

  4. I can see this one being levelled at me !
  5. Ive been at a couple and while the OF rivalry is more intense there is a really sinister feel to things at these fixtures. I assume its the same at OT but both games i attended were Anfield and it was pretty vile. Hillsborough/Munich chants from start to finish.
  6. Sometimes i think your an arse, but to be fair other times you are rather amusing. Not only did the daft bint bite but it seems her entire follow list did as well I tweeted her from my spoof account but no bite yet. Give it time though......
  7. There was a documentary on BBC last Sunday with a guy who was a PC that day. I genuinely felt for the guy as he explained how he tried to revive a young kid and struggled to complete sentences without breaking down. I think the 'on the ground' cops that day were hung out to dry, they were only following orders, incompetent orders and were woefully under manned and under trained.
  8. The wee dark haired lassie working in the Queen St branch of Ladbrokes in Stirling would seriously get her back doors smashed in..... oh aye
  9. Only watches this film for 'the greenhouse bit'
  10. Work's far too quiet just now, if more c***s were phoning me to fit boilers and showers id have less time on my hands to spend popping onto p&b on my phone every hour or two. Come on people.... PM me... discount for p&b'ers unless you've red dotted me
  11. I used to go out with a lassie who could have fitted at least three full bags of messages up there, never mind a single banana.
  12. Oh the irony Three days you have trolled this thread, trying to say your opinion on hillsborough is that the fans are to blame or partly to blame based on ONE SENTENCE of the Taylor Report, despite the fact that further down the page the were completely cleared of any blame. So now two reports absolving the supporters yet still you think you know better and continue to peddle your utter shite here. You are a catering sized idiot son and would be better switching you computer off.
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