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  1. Big difference when Morgan moved back into midfield and was able to get his head up and make key passes, like the one to Grant in the move for our first goal. He is so much more effective from deeper.
  2. It was upset about the result today [emoji4] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-50196061
  3. Absolutely. Top player, lucky to have him. He’s often ahead of the rest of the team in reading the game. Dreadful decision to play him at RB. Not his position and was to the detriment of the midfield and attack. Demonstrated by yet another goal from an intelligent run to the back post after he was put back into position
  4. Ryan is never a right back was wasted there. We were rotten in the first half, slightly better in the second but always ran the risk of losing to a mediocre team from a lower division.
  5. Why so? Apart from the offside decision I thought he got the rest of the decisions right.
  6. This season hinged on the semi final against Haddington in October. We won with 10 men in a run that saw us lose only one in a dozen. Two weeks later we were out of a potential big Scottish Cup qualifying opportunity because of a clerical oversight and we had only 9 outfield players available out of around 20 and were reliant on a player's brother and players coming off nightshift to field a team against Bonnyrigg. It was no surprise we got beat by three. Had we had a team of players playing for a cup final place it would have been so very different. Post that defeat Kerrigan looked and sounded like a dead man walking. The hat tricks (including for defenders) dried up, we lost points at Tynecastle and other games we'd have expected to win. We had suspensions (including Kerrigan) and Michael Gemmell covering full back and centre half positions instead of driving the midfield. Tranent was the final straw. The same set of players (less peripheral players let go and Nicky added) won 17. Tougher training sessions twice a week don't make that change in isolation. Attitude and application changed too. Kerrigan must wonder why they didn't continue to do the same for him.
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