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  1. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Renfrew right in the mix though with their 3 away games left if they can pick up two draws they might stand a chance, maybe benefiting from playing two teams with little to play for. Roby roy and Troo should pick up 3 points in their games v Petershill and Cambuslang, but as you say can they get another 3 points from their other games. kilbirnie should be safe, imagine they will get 3 points to hit 32 and can’t see that being beaten by all the other 3 teams.
  2. West Region Premiership - relegation

    I would argue it’s easier to come back up now that 4 of the better sides are in the Premier, extending the premier has weekend the championship. I am am sure the very top sides are good sides, but some sides have taken real hammering this season which wouldn’t have been as bad in years gone by.
  3. Why Hamilton

    Why does the final have to played as late as it is. Less rounds this season meant we have finalists sorted by first Saturday in April. Therefore the final could have been played early May. Would that not have allowed much more options of places to play. 5th May for example in Kilmarnock, Killie away on the Saturday that weekend, could that have allowed a Sunday game? Or 5th May st Mirren away and their park still in use the week after so end of season ground maintenance wouldn’t have started?
  4. Next season

    That’s correct they do, but the still peak over the summer months. Many people involved with Junior football will have pre planned their holiday to be in line with the usual end of the season. If the season starts as early as 10th July then it is certain that every round have games will have at least a few teams with players and managers on holiday due to pre booked holidays. Many guys who play / coach juniors also have young families, which means they go on holiday during school holidays, early July is peak holiday time. A poster earlier compared playing friendlies to the season starting, there is a bit of difference is a meaningless warm up and a competitive game. Expect to see a lot of trialists playing early in the season while teams try to fill benches. When the season starts in August you still turn up to games where both teams have the odd players missing for holiday, July will be a lot worse.
  5. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    What is it they say You are never more than 6 foot away from a rat at any time and on P&B you are never more than 2 threads away from it descending into how much money a club spends on wages!!! If Hurlford can bring in sponsorship to be able to pay more than other clubs then fair play to them. It’s up to everyone else to either try to do the same or show that money doesn’t ensure success.

    First goal today was always going to be so important for both sides. Either going to be a bit of class or a mistake. In the end it was class from Pope. From that moment forward we had to chase the game and unfortunately don’t have the players on the bench to influence it like Talbot had today. I am pretty sure everyone at Talbot knew the were in a game today after the first half - not the gulf in teams that the score line showed.
  7. West Region Fixture Update

    I assumed (maybe wrongly) he was referring to the website, which may be drop down and he selected the wrong team when publishing the fixtures, hence why he knew the correct one, just published it incorrectly. But maybe wrong.
  8. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    They are Polloks bogie team at the minute, we just can’t break them down despite having much more of the game. Well organized team, with plenty of experience in middle of park with Keenan- who is very good at ref-ing the game too, and Ryan Stevenson who very rarely wastes the ball. A nippy left winger, an excellent left back, in the LB games against Pollok this season he is the first LB who I have seen in Gary McCanns years at Pollok mark him out the game. In goal they have the most deceptive looking keeper ever. About 5ft 10 and looks like he enjoys his pizza but some shot stopper. On paper they are not the best side in the West region, probably middle of the road side who have good days and some bad, but as said seem to always give us a tough game, so don’t turn up wearing Black and White stripes !!!
  9. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Last two ties are potentially top 4 league sides by the time those ties come around. Wouldn’t put money on any of them !
  10. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    Backlog impacts many clubs. Glenafton did the double. When Pollok were winning the league at the start of the super league introduction they were also reaching the later stages of the Scottish semifinals and 1/4s, dealing with games called off. It impacts everyone. The team that wins the league each year is usually the best in the West. It is far from true that every season Talbot have not won the league that it’s down to backlog !!! And pretty disrespectful to all the other 11 league winners in the last 16 years
  11. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    Talbot have won 5 league titles in 16 years of super league Talbot haven’t won the league for the last 2 seasons. No doubt they will get a financial benefit from this run, as they did back in 2012, however to say everyone else will struggle is factually incorrect. The league and cup may be won again by Talbot this season, but equally like the last two seasons they may not (1 out of 4) Your post makes the west league seem like it’s the professional premier league where one team does dominate all of that, junior football is slightly different and for all Talbots success and winning the most trophies, it’s doesn’t happen every season.
  12. How's the grounds looking?

    I am not disputing the weather was worse that week, I am just pointing out that games have been Called off before the Saturday morning, so why can’t that be the case this week. No way clubs who’s pitch was frozen solid on Friday was going to recover for today when temps still below zero, therefore let them call it off and clubs to be able to cancel buses etc and save some cash. Posts above that it’s the ‘rules’ it has to be Saturday, however wasn’t the case last year. Therefore if they can be broken once then why not again.
  13. How's the grounds looking?

    Thursday 1st March 2018, west of Scotland JFA called off every game that weekend 48 hours in advance. But hey, let’s wait until tomorrow....
  14. Scottish Junior Cup Final Venue?

    Is the fact the Scottish is played earlier this year not now open up the possibility of other grounds. The problem has always been the end of championship season is early May to fit in play offs. So ground recovery has started Therefore come the end of May weekend only the Premiership grounds are available, leaving pretty much an option of 1.
  15. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    That was my thoughts at the game when seen the lines up pinned up, but at the game itself no one seemed to say for sure. Nothing on the website despite being updated about Gormley leaving.
  16. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    Morton played yesterday for Pollok, not sure if signed yet.
  17. Cambuslang Rangers Statement

    Can they not just appoint Callum Scott as their official for every game and that’s the Police there too.... Seriously, How long are these meant to continue for? For example If Cambuslang changed their manager would these plans change as assume less need for police protection?
  18. pollok 1v0 glenafton 5.1.19

    Ref was poor most of the game. Let things go that were fouls and pulled up things for nothing. Two very evenly matched teams and it’s took penalties in the cup and now in the league to separate them.
  19. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    I assume some form of medical certificates have had to be produced for this? SBA (I am sure it was them) more than aware of situations like this.
  20. Glenafton Cambuslang

    It’s really a heart breaking tale. Bring a tear to your eye.
  21. Todays scores 22/12

    If Talbot drop points and don’t win the league I wouldn’t put it down to a backlog of games, I would say it’s just there are a lot of teams at a similar level and on their day they can beat anyone. Talbot still have to travel to Beith, Kilwinning, Cumnock, on form Meadow, Bankies and Glenafton That is a hard group of fixtures on the road in the second half of the season. On top of that Hurlford will look for revenge at home and Pollok last year won at Beachwood when Talbot had everything to play for I think on paper Hurlford have a easier second half of season but 1 point from 9 shows they can and will drop points. Plenty to play for with Ford, Talbot and probably Beith up there too with no Scottish games to play, who ever wins it will do so as they got the most points in A very difficult league not because of others slumps.
  22. on a happier note, beith 1v3 pollok

    Think the red card is a hard one to call. He definitely puts his arm on Stuart then pulls it off when he realizes what he is doing, Stuart is at full speed at the time which both end up on the ground. I didn’t think he made that much of a big deal if it when sent off, a few words over at linesman but everyone pretty much accepted it, so I took it that he knew what he did. I actually thought we lost a bit when you were down to 10, before that we were comfortable, creating loads and getting in behind at will. But IMO lino called it wrong with our goal that was chopped off at 0-0. Sheridan dropped back and when boyle wins it in the air Steph is in line, but it’s him the lino clearly sees so easy for him to flag as Sheridan on far side. But pause it on the video and to me it’s on, which a lot of guys were shouting for at the game. Anyway, will take the 3 points as full deserved on that performance.
  23. on a happier note, beith 1v3 pollok

    We can all list players who are out Gary McCann Forde just returning and making bench Gormley Watt Sideserf Mackenzie who has being playing in Siderserf absence Then lose McNeil who is playing in that position and end up with a boy at LB who hasn’t played there for us. Just part of the game and I doubt any team ever has a full squad to pick from.
  24. 2018 Report Card

    League - 6/10 Too many points dropped in first two months of season Stuart McCann - never lets you down Anderson of KL Winning a penalty shoot out v Glenafton, no one expected us to score based on how bad we have been at penalties in normal play, so to get 3/3 along with Longmuir saving 3/3 was unbelievable Hurlford at home - second half we were on top and lost to a mistake Scottish cup - doing it the hard way, but still in it. Other cups - embarrassing in the sectional, a slog in the West.
  25. on a happier note, beith 1v3 pollok

    The biggest change is week in week out we play to a similar formation. Before that it was a lottery what set up we would have. Now even with injuries to our back line Murdie / Budgie have kept it simple and not been scared to play young Coutts in our back 4 when some of the more experienced players have been out. Under Tony we would have changed formation. Up top, we have got McLuskey back and that is helping McCann. Still got Forde to come back (played a few minutes at weekend) Gary McCann who hasn’t played since October but has his cast off now and both offer even more attacking options and would get a game for nearly every junior side. IMO The league is gone, but finishing as high up as possible and a good crack at the Scottish will give the new management team something to build on next season. Overall there just seems to be a lot more positivity around the club, terraces and certainly looks that way on the park too.