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  1. I am sure Heppy would have a point to prove to the man in the opposite dugout. Under Mcinally Heppy was responsible for two cup wins and equally the failure to play him at Rugby Park on a big pitch running at Beith defence was a mistake by the manager, played people on reputation that day not people who suited the game.
  2. For Kilwinning the next run of games feels like the position we were in at start of October. A run of games, Hurlford, Talbot, meadow and yourself over 5 weeks or so. Felt that would make or break our season, and we couldn’t manage our way through that run and only picked up a point at Meadow. For yourself you have the games you mention, plus Hurlford and Glenafton before NY, as well as Glencairn. Thats a run of fixtures against 5 top half teams and from what I have seen this season I don’t think there is a lot between most sides in this league, Talbot on their day being the standout side. If you get to New year still top of the league with a reasonable gap to Talbot bearing in mind their games to catch up, then you will be in a great position but still early on in the season and to be fair you have made a great start.
  3. Yes. In the words of a former Aberdeen manager... Statistics are just like mini-skirts, they give you good ideas but hide the most important thing
  4. Awarded for fouls in side the penalty area.
  5. I never said they were stonewall, just that fouls else where on the park. But for the interest of fairness, let’s make the second one not a penalty and just call it 2-4!instead of 2-5.
  6. Don’t think any were soft, fouls anywhere else on the park and the Beith players reaction even confirms that. Especially the second one where the guy outside the box knows number 4 has just hung out a lazy leg.
  7. What highlights you seen? Only clips I have seen since being at the game were the ones Beith guy shows. First penalty both the ref and lino give it straight away and no complaints from number 3, Stuart done him with his footwork. The other one the clip only shows Dallas penalty, not the foul, which was very similar to the first where the defender was done. Interestingly in the build up to the second pen the highlights missed out number 6 taking out a player off the ball and the ref waving advantage yet failing to go back and deal with it for a second yellow card.
  8. Well deserved victory today. Second half you wouldn’t have known who was down to 10. Couldn’t cope with Stuart McCann running at them. Much better from Pollok after a tough last 5 weeks or so. A goal for Shelvey on his debut too.
  9. Thanks. Was winters first game his first win (v Kilbirnie I think?) and how many games in was his first win?
  10. I would have been screaming for a red if it was the other way around !
  11. I am sure if you ask around you will find out. Won’t post on here as in the past posts about this person have been removed from P&B and no doubts things like that would go the same way of mentioned. Tony already looking in at the pollok forum to see if he is getting a mention which isn’t the case. However I will direct you to saturdays latest scores thread where a Lok fan posted a hint to something which might explain what happened. i wouldn’t expect him to get a welcoming reception on any future visit to Newlandfield. I don’t mind Cumnock, so disappointed you have the guy as one of the ground and places in Ayrshire I don’t mind visiting as usually can have a decent balanced chat with fans about the game.
  12. To be fair I dont care if he is cumnock manger what every other team needs is what talbot have and that is stability and stop spending stupid money and get players in that want to play for the jersey it's the only way teams will get near talbot not cause managers have beat us in 1 off games good luck to him he will need it but looking at his stats cumnock will be lucky if they stay in the premiership to be fair Not sure I would be wishing good luck to him, more good luck to Cumnock !!
  13. Yep I agree hes experienced but always a but he did relegate a team regardless how many months or matches he had with them also yes he did beat talbot in the Scottish but how many games did talbot have to catch up with till the final if it was played fair and square at the time talbot would have won but the amount of games talbot had in the lead up to that final doesn't justify and if ur honest a decent final he was with us 5 months before the end of the season, January to May. At that point league seasons started end of August due to sectionals. So he wasn’t with us in the league season September to December, but was our manager for half the season and if I recall correctly we were not in the automatic relegation places when he took over, but only won 2 league games (I think) that season with us.
  14. Just like his claims in the past of never being relegated. Left Shotts when bottom of the league, took over us at end of December and we were relegated that season. Surprised any club went near him since his “departure” from us Not sure who he will bring in as backroom team with them all at Darvel at the minute. Adds a bit of an edge now to Pollok v Cumnock games and I am pretty sure he will get a rousing reception from us Pollok fans....
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