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  1. I would also think it’s a bit easier for things like planning permission in local councils in Ayrshire than it is in Glasgow. I can’t imagine anyone in Auckinleck in a house local to the ground trying to block Talbot doing something, compared to that being in Glasgow. (All hypothetical as have no clue what planning Pollok need - just trying to illustrate some of the difficulties we may have compared to more local ‘village’ based sides)
  2. I have seen how this team have played this season and again seen how they played today with 8, 2 more men on the park and I have no doubt this team would have ran out winners. But the ref was hell bent in being the centre of attention, I assume he had someone watching him today so desperate to be the ‘star of the show’
  3. Superb Pollok. 11 v 11 one team going to win, 10v11 one team going to win. So the ref somehow sends a Pollok player off when getting treatment and abuse cos he tells a fan to F off, and another when he is fouled and lands on their player. Had to help Talbot somehow
  4. Obsessed by Fraser. Still not got over us pumping you.
  5. Was on the bench V Pollok, came on for last 30 or so, didn’t really stand out like he has done in the past, but you are still worry about giving him space to shoot.
  6. Our next two league games are Meadow away and your team at Home. Those games will likely shape any realistic thoughts on us challenging you for the title. I am not sure if our level of consistency is good enough to challenge Talbot, you don’t drop many points and are good at getting out of tricky situations (2-0 down win 3-2 etc) but I certainly expect us to be in the top 4. We have a few young players in the team which makes a nice change as we have had previous managers who seemed to think signing 30+ players was the way to go. The younger players alongs side some established players at this level have us playing well, and lots of energy in the side.
  7. I never said it was a red card for your player, just said what happened. He went over to try and get a reaction and collapsed, it wasn’t a red card, but certainly wasn’t a red card for Fraser either - but did find it funny that he tried to go over and get a reaction and ended up sent off himself, a bit of Karma in that.
  8. What you mean the camera angle from 100 yards away rather than the view 10 yards in front of me. He pulled at Fraser trying to cause it and then collapsed to the floor to try and get him sent off, Lino right in front of it.
  9. The Pollok player made nothing off it ! Fraser went down after a challenge and was on the ground, the Clydebank 6 went over to have a go at him and put his hand in his face, Fraser flicked his hand away and the number 6 collapsed holding his face trying to get Fraser sent off and instead ended up being the one sent off. Pollok played well today for 50 minutes or so, sending off actually helped Clydebank we lost the momentum and took a great finish from Forde in the last seconds to settle it. A good 3 points v a Decent Clydebank side, and another good crowd. Would also add that the set up Clydebank and Yoker are building is excellent - well done to both clubs
  10. Ball over the line at Pollok? I didn’t think so. You have a team of ex seniors who can’t cope when an experienced group at this level get in their faces and have a bit of pace in the team to get at the over 30s in your defence. No one should be surprised at what is happening, happens all the time when clubs think a bit of cash thrown around will suddenly make them the best team in the league. There are plenty players at this level who are easily as good as league 1 players, they just chose to stick to this level for various reasons, all the teams Darvel have dropped points to are the ones who have been in around the top of the league / later stages of big cup comps for seasons, it was delusional to think Darvel could be promoted and suddenly be the best team in the league.
  11. First time I have seen Darvel play. Clearly they have good players in the squad. However to me, they seem to have made the mistake that Pollok have made in the past, assuming older ex seniors will drop down to this level and easily be standout and walk games. This good teams at this level (which lets be honest is still junior football) have good players, but possibly more importantly have players who are able to get stuck in, fight, and work hard, as they know that’s the only way to get results at this level. Talbot for seasons now have been the benchmark for this. In additional they add in a bit of youth, which often means pace and with that comes problems for aging seniors.
  12. Hard to tell how many Darvel had with them as thankfully didn’t score to hear any cheers. Definitely a few through, I would think we would have had our core 500 / 600 that will come for big league games at home then the rest would have been helped by two clubs not playing today
  13. 902 confirmed at Newlandsfield today.
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