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  1. I don’t recall Bankies on here being discussed as one of the clubs who allegedly spend X on beating a team to a player. I certainly didn’t mention Clydebank in my post, more so made reference to the teams often discussed on here as the big payers And then everyone denies that there is someone putting money in.
  2. The reality is they will find the cash, as the clubs that are still playing are not the clubs with the bigger attendances as you said, they are the clubs where money comes in through other means - Hurlford being a prime example of a Premier club with 100 core fans but pay big. The clubs you mention who pulled out, are the clubs more dependant on fans, and their investment in players is paid by attendances, fan incentive payment schemes, match day hospitality etc Maybe this episode will end the age old P&B debate about clubs spending money on wages as X is putting the cash and it’s not from fans etc, think it’s clear to see who these clubs are now.
  3. Sweden without a lockdown estimated 15% of the population in Stockholm have had Covid and that is in a much longer period that 6 weeks - they believed it would be around 40% with the lack of lockdown there.
  4. Spot on. The moment in live when you agree with anything that comes from strain is a moment to take stock of your life. Hated within his own club, but the committee got scared and brought him back. A guy as you said, played for Meadow for years taking plenty of cash that nearly ended that football club, then talking about money. Interesting how the clubs who have chosen not to play have been dignified in their statements and not critical of those that choose to play. However some of those that are playing seem to be more upset that someone isn’t instead of getting on with it. Maybe cos they know the ‘league’ they are playing in now isn’t worth a thing with the big clubs not playing.
  5. But 9 teams have publicly announced they won’t play !!
  6. With no fans strain has less people to argue or fight with at the side of the pitch, so instead needs Twitter The man would cause a fight in an empty room
  7. I assume you are in, as I am sure your manager was annoyed on Twitter about the point getting made by clubs like Pollok that the decisions are made with the wellbeing of the players in mind, him feeling that was implying those who are playing are not taking their wellbeing into account.
  8. Kilbirnie certainly did And one of the prominent posters on here who is a member of the Pollok committee canvased opinion on the Pollok forum prior to him participating in a committee meeting. So that’s 50% of the prem clubs that pulled out that have asked fans opinions I am sure AT and Cumnock would have got some feedback too.
  9. No Talbot, Pollok, Cumnock, Kilbirnie. The teams who have the bigger attendances. This situation has clearly shown the teams that have people putting money into their team v the ones who generate their income from gate receipts / fans.
  10. Pollok announcement https://www.pollokfc.com/2020/10/11/club-statement-on-season-2020-21/
  11. He certainly played very well for us last time around. Left to go back senior and sure he was made captain when he went to Albion rovers. We badly needed options at centre half to play along side Gallagher.
  12. Christie confirmed by Pollok. If Butch gets Heppy’s head straight and committed, (easier said than done) him running down hill for 45 minutes could blow a few teams away!
  13. Any idea where some of those guys are off to? Simeon scores a lot of goals and McRobbie is always a danger.
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