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  1. I assume these will be to do with who was back in their dug out yesterday ? (According to a poster on the latest score thread?)
  2. That is correct they don’t have options if they play the final at the end of May. This was always a problem when we had an extra round in the cup due to East teams. However over the next few weeks the 1/2 finalists will be confirmed. That means the last week in March and first week in April could be used for the Semi. Senior football outside the top league finishes on 2 May (and play off games) Could easily look to play on 3rd May at Thistle or Ayr, thistles is a ground that has been used in the past for semi finals when single tie matches. In thistles case also, I doubt the grounds staff are kicking on with re seeding on the Sunday, so since they play at home on 2/5 work wouldn’t have started on their park. (And if they get in the play off to avoid relegation then no chance work would have started, same goes for Ayr)
  3. Will that be down to the target of finishing the league early? If you are correct and not going to doubt you, then that’s a crazy decision. Scottish cup final probably June again. We should be getting it played at the start of May on a grass senior park and the reduction of teams has made that possible both last year and this year.
  4. Think that’s likely too, but probably Talbot v Pollok. Would that be the 3rd year in a row I think if drawn together? Or would it be 3rd time in 4 years
  5. You implied that people who pay tax have employment rights. I was only pointing out that those who don’t pay tax also have rights. Paying tax is not the tick box that gives your rights.
  6. Unbearable for Tony, haha, unbearable for Pollok fans watching a team with no structure and formation play. As for abuse to his family, not heard that from Pollok fans, however have certainly heard unprovoked stuff from the mouth of his family at games. Tony took abuse at games from away fans and home fans towards the end of his time, however equally he was happy to give it out to refs and encouraged Pollok fans to do the same too. So you can’t be happy it’s done one way and not accept it might come your way at some point. The last two times he has left a club it’s been under a cloud (12 month ban, reduced to 6 at Shotts before he was dismissed at Pollok) But I am sure it’s not been his fault either time. As mentioned earlier in the thread. Good luck Cumnock, a club I previously didn’t mind, but happily seen them relegated this season. 18 months max I can see him lasting.
  7. Not sure what paying tax has to do with employment rights. Plenty of people In UK don’t pay tax (earn less than personal allowances due to part time work).
  8. You are right, it technically wasn’t done ‘right’ and should have been done better. My point was it wasn’t done any different to how most junior clubs would have handled it and as a result will likely be done different in the future and other clubs would need to do it different too or run the risk of things like this happening that very rarely happened at this level.
  9. Firstly the team you mention were not his employees, but overlooking that and ignoring the deliberate small minded pettiness - please explain how most junior clubs let their managers go? I am pretty sure it’s not that different to this situation. The only difference was the action of the person after it. That said, I am sure we will handle things very different going forward which means we unfortunately tar all people with the same brush as a result of one persons actions. I hope Cumnock have went in with their eyes wide open.
  10. What’s this certain fans website you refer to? As the only Pollok fans website is the unofficial forum and nothing of the sort has been posted on that about him.
  11. Hmmm. He brought us straight back up after playing his part in us being relegated (despite what he would likely believe, 11 games out of 22 he was in charge for)and consolidated things in the top league that I agree with. The Scottish run included a great victory at Bonnyrigg, probably one of the best performances from Pollok for many years. However that was achieved with a fantastic support from the club to allow him to have the financial support to build a squad with both Winters brothers and Carlo Monti. However we did then get to the final by only scoring penalties from the 1/4s and the 2 1/2 final matches. So carried luck to get there. The final itself the best player at the club in the run up to the final was Heppy. A guy with pace on a large park being able to run at a slow Beith defence. However the manager being his stubborn self stuck to his favourites, something that was without a doubt the story of his time at Pollok. He stayed too long, as we consistently repeated the same failings, with a splattering of hope each season quickly diminished by the lack of consistency in team shape and playing his favourites His actions at the end of his time at the club in how he conversed with supporters, his actions at a certain game and his actions after he has left will be how he will be remembered by the majority of Pollok fans.
  12. I don’t think they did. But my point is still valid, for Glencairn to get out the situation they are in then they need that’s sort of run. Meadow did it last season, so it’s not unique to Rossvale. However did say at the weekend to a few people, Gormley is looking like manager of the season
  13. Yeah they would, but unsure what’s funny?
  14. Agree with that. Both Cumnock and Troon have the issue of not many games called off either through park or Cumnock going out cup early. So teams do have a chance to pull points back and come later in the season there will be a lot of dead games where one team have something to play for and mid table lot don’t. Would like to see Glencairn stay up, but unfortunately they seem to be really struggling after a couple of wins at the start of the season. They really need to put a Rossvale type run together. Out of the teams down there, happy to see KRR go down and ideally Cumnock due to the guy in the dug out.
  15. Should have kicked him into touch for thinking Danny Boyle could play Right centre back in a back 3 !
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