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  1. Airdrie. 2. Stranraer. 1 Clyde. 2. East Fife. 1 Falkirk. 3. Forfar. 1 Dumbarton. 1. Peterhead. 1 Raith 0. Montrose. 1.
  2. The defending has been a constant under the management of Darren Young . The amount of goals we have lost from set plays and hopeful crosses into our box has been desperate. We could be doing with a defensive coach to work exclusively with the back line. We rarely get cut open it’s usually an individual error or a set play that usually costs us. No signs of a return for Ross Dunlop yet any chance he could be ready after our 2 week lay off.
  3. Dumbarton 1. Clyde. 1 East Fife. 1. Airdrie. 3 Forfar. 1. Raith Rovers. 2 Peterhead.1. Falkirk. 1 Stranraer. 1. Montrose. 1
  4. Airdrie. 2. Forfar. 1 Clyde. 2. Stranraer. 0 Falkirk. 3. Dumbarton 1 Montrose. 1. East Fife. 1 Raith Rovers. 2. Peterhead. 0.
  5. If East Fife programme is to be believed Raith have 24 players in their squad how many of them are training day in day out the fitness levels must be better than someone working a 35 hour week and fitting in training twice a week. Falkirk and Raith playing budgets will be substantially more than the likes of East Fife and Montrose. I can recall when we had Jonathon Paige on loan from Dunfermline he was a far superior player than when he joined us on a part time contract.? He lost a yard in pace and after a season or two part time he never looked the same player. Didn’t stop Airdries great scouting system poaching him.
  6. On reflection only Wallace , Dowds, and Scott Agnew gave anything like a half decent performance, the other seven that started were not at the racing. You can maybe carry a couple of players in a game but definently not seven. When you think back a few weeks ago at Airdrie the same thing happened we started of with a shape and formation that was all over the place. Both Raith and Airdrie all be it they are full time looked hungrier and a yard quicker all over the park. It’s the highs and lows of part time football. With full time hybrid models and a much larger playing budget Falkirk, Raith and Airdrie should be way out in front, we have done exceptionally well to stay on their coat tails. Darren will know that the squad needs a refresh and I’m sure he’ll be doing his best to strengthen the small squad we have. Duggan leaving will free up a salary.
  7. Or the last 6 games we have 3 wins you have 2 wins and one draw statistics and all that. Anyway enjoy your night and we’ll see you in March and we’ll see whose still challenging for promotion.
  8. In the last 5 games we have 2 wins you have 2 wins and a draw how’s that for equality
  9. Well the big crowd curse strikes again every time we pull in a big home support we somehow manage to turn in a horrible performance. The shape of the team was wrong from the off and far to many players lost their personal battles all over the pitch.. we made Raith look like a decent team, and if you read the thread their fans are actually believing it. First half the midfield was woeful and holes appeared everywhere. Credit to the players for battling on at 4 1 and leaving the game in the balance till the 95th minute. Players will know they let themselves and the fans down, another big game next week up at Montrose. One thing we’ll need a better performance than we put in today to get anything out the game.
  10. A lot was made of the players Raith were missing but Ross Dunlop and Ross Davidson were a massive loss for East Fife. East Fife were a defensive shambles for most of the game. Raith looked a yard quicker and faster in the early stages and to give them a 2 goal start proved too much. Credit East Fife for making a game of it when we could have crumbled . Wished all East Fife players had a desire like Ryan Wallace. Never good to lose a derby but it’s only 3 points still a lot of twist and turns ahead. We could be doing with some quality in the January window as we don’t have enough quality in reserve when key players are out.
  11. Airdrie 1. Falkirk. 2 Dumbarton. 1. Stranraer. 1 East Fife. 1. Raith Rovers. 1 Forfar 1. Montrose 2 Peterhead. 0. Clyde. 0.
  12. We have failed to hit the net in our last 3 league games in Methil. Hope we have been saving them all for this game. We had a wobble 3 or 4 weeks ago when we lost to B. S. C. Glasgow then put in a horrific performance at Airdrie. Then Ryan Wallace comes back in and we have picked up 7 points in our last three games Since he returned. He can moan but he gets a lot out of his team mates by demanding a lot from them. Raith have shown over the last couple of seasons that they are vulnerable on the road. We have only lost one of our last 6 derbies against them . With home advantage and no silly mistakes at the back unlike the first two derbies I think the boys have nothing to fear. We’ve had a few chances to go top this season but never took them , could Saturday finally be our day.
  13. Clyde 1. Airdrie. 1 Montrose. 1. Falkirk 1 Peterhead. 1. East Fife. 2 Raith. 3. Dumbarton 1 Stranraer. 2. Forfar. 2
  14. Said a fortnight ago after we played Airdrie that Gavin Ross should hang his whistle up.
  15. A lot of Airdrieonians fans on here last week very critical of Darren Young post match . What was the difference this week from Murray didn’t here him give Raith much praise for their victory. All the fault of the ref. What goes around comes around. Especially with the standard of refereeing at our level.
  16. Reading in the press Ian Murray wanting an explanation from the referee how his team never got a penalty at Stark’s Park on Saturday. Well I’ll give him the same explanation East Fife got the week before how Airdrieonians did get a penalty, some you get some you don’t, they balance out over the season. So last Saturdays non penalty balanced out on Saturday.
  17. Airdrieonians 2. Peterhead 0 Falkirk. 1. Raith Rovers 1 Forfar 3. Dumbarton 1 Montrose. 1. Clyde. 0. Stranraer. 1. East Fife 3.
  18. Clyde 1. Forfar 1 Dumbarton. 0. Montrose 1 East Fife. 0. Falkirk. 2. Peterhead. 1. Stranraer. 2 Raith Rovers 2. Airdrieonians. 2
  19. The refereeing performances of Gavin Ross should get a reaction from the sfa and they should tell him to call it a day as he’s not up to the job.
  20. It was obvious from 70 yards there was no contact and he was much closer than that . That game changing decision finished the game.
  21. The penalty though what a decision a blatant dive not even in the box that Gavin Ross needs to hang up his whistle controversy every game he officiates. How he could buy that only he can tell you.
  22. Yes will be interesting to see highlights you can usually tell by the reaction of players and East Fife players sure looked angry with both decisions. Airdrieonians just looked so much more hungrier and their work rate put us to shame.
  23. Very poor team selection today manager has definently got that starting 11 all wrong. No out ball just kept coming straight back at us. However only our first away defeat of the season. Can’t win them all I suppose. Need Wallace and Dunlop back to strengthen up the spine of the team .
  24. Airdrie 1. East Fife 1. Clyde. 2. Dumbarton 1 Falkirk. 1. Stranraer. 1 Forfar 1. Peterhead. 1. Montrose. 0. Raith. 1.
  25. East Fife mail reporting that Ryan Wallace has been stepping up his recovery programme and could be fit to return on Saturday
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