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  1. Stevie Crawford saying that the transfer market proving to be very difficult. He says everything has changed since covid saying you could normally get players to come to a higher level but now they are happy to play closer to home. It’s fair to say he won’t have a lot of money to tempt possible signing targets. Last season was the end of a group of players that had been at Bayview for a while. Always going to be hard doing a major rebuild in 6 weeks. Fans will just need to stay patient and hope Stevie is able to attract 3 or 4 new additions. No point signing players in panic signings, we seen that old chestnut last year. I still believe Craw is a decent coach and I’m sure we’ll be competitive come the end of July when the real stuff begins. I’m sure he’ll have a few loans in mind to bolster numbers think we’re all asking a bit much expecting everything ti be sorted in 7 or 8 weeks since the season finished. A major rebuild will take time bigger clubs than us struggling to get players through the door.
  2. Hearing your manager will be interviewed by the Kirkcaldy scum next week. It would appear Kevin Thomson wanting too many £s. Paying Goodie a grand a week must be stretching their budget.
  3. Your chairman in Spain on a golfing holiday so be surprised if any announcement this week.
  4. Well thank the lord we have been put out our misery and season 2021-22 is finally over. The losing mentality prevails right to the last kick of the ball. Given a 2 goal start and still fold like a pack of cards. Just like the first game last July against Arbroath snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. There won’t be many people got a harder job on their hands than Stevie Crawford has between 17 00 hours tonight and mid July. I really feel for all the good people around the club from the volunteers to the kit man in what has been an absolute shambles on the park. We can only put our trust in Crawford and hope he has an idea how to sort out the mess we find ourselves in. Can’t see Crawford wanting to retain many of the present squad and probably best for all concerned that there is mass clear out.
  5. Airdrie. 2. Peterhead 0 Alloa. 1. Montrose. 1 East Fife. 0. Cove. 2 Queens Park. 2. Falkirk. 1 Dumbarton 2 Clyde 1
  6. We are unbeaten against Peterhead in the previous 4 games this season surely Peterhead will beat the worst East Fife team in 25 years this time round. Be tight but our inability to find the net makes it very difficult to win games of football.
  7. Clyde 0. Airdrie. 2 Cove. 4. Dumbarton. 0 Falkirk. 1. Alloa. 1 Montrose. 2. Queens Park. 2 Peterhead. 2. East. Fife 0
  8. The last figure I heard that our never to be seen majority share holder was looking for was 500 grand. Now I don’t see many people in the Levenmouth area sitting with that in an overseas bank account. So likely we are stuck with what we have for the foreseeable. We have been a well run part time club under the current chairman for 7 or 8 years now but by their own admission it’s been getting harder to compete as players wage demands have increased. As you said we can only spend what is being brought in so we are way behind in terms of budget to teams who have board investment. Unless there is some way Rankine can be bought out I’m afraid it will be down to the good will of the board and supporters to keep the club afloat.
  9. There have been some pretty dire times supporting the Fife over more years than I care to remember but what has been allowed to go on in the last year is up there with the worst. Season 1996/97 last time we were in the 2nd tier lives long in the memory for how bad that was but the season gone by will even give that a run for it’s money. The summer recruitment was a disaster and there was no plan B in January. Agree majority of players need to go as the losing mentality that hangs around the club has to be broken. Crawford never stood a chance as he had to plough on with the majority of the squad that was put in place prior to his arrival. The lack of goals would drive any footballing enthusiasts away from the game. We had a decent team there for for 4 or 5 years but things have been in free fall since the first games back after COVID. Took 2 seasons to come up last time we got relegated I wouldn’t put money on that being improved on, but we can only hope that better days can return again. Hopefully the board learn lessons from our pre season planning last year and get a plan put in place that has things ready to go for mid July.
  10. Airdrie. 3. Dumbarton 1 Clyde. 0. Montrose. 2 Cove. 3. Alloa. 1 East Fife. 1. Falkirk. 1 Peterhead. 1. Queens Park. 2
  11. In all honesty I can’t ever remember so many injuries in a season as East Fife have had do you think when your at the bottom and not winning games players go on the injured list much easier. Biggest contribution probably playing and training on plastic. Why the hell we ever ripped up our grass pitch it was a fantastic surface. I know money bla bla but it’s a poor substitute for a food grass pitch. To the game both teams form pretty dire but with our inability to score a goal, and make our usual defensive calamity you think Falkirk will edge it one or two nil.
  12. How predictable a 92 minute penalty sums up our season must be a footballing record for a professional football team having so many nils.
  13. Alloa. 2. Clyde. 1 Dumbarton. 1. Peterhead. 1 Falkirk. 0. Cove. 2 Montrose. 0. Airdrie. 1 Queens Park. 3. East Fife. 0
  14. I know the January transfer window is difficult to sign players in but for me not bringing in striking options in that window has played a major part in our down fall. Since Stevie has come in the defending has generally been better but our lack of a goal threat has killed us. Kyle Connol is more than decent at this level but he has had no service or any one of decent quality playing along side him. Once Kyle goes back to Kilmarnock we will need to find new striking options. Since the start of 2020 things have been going down hill and the fans knew the squad assembled for this season would really struggle against teams that were spending big and bringing in quality for league one level. The jury is still out on Stevie Crawford but 4 months and a January transfer window is never going to be enough time to sort out the mess he inherited. He without doubt deserves a chance to build his own team and bring in the types of players he needs to compliment his footballing style. He’ll know better than anyone what he’ll need to do it will just depend if he can get signing targets to buy into his vision.
  15. Alloa. 2. Dumbarton. 0 Clyde. 1. Peterhead. 0 East Fife. 1. Airdrie. 3 Falkirk. 1. Montrose. 1 Queens Park. 1. Cove. 1
  16. You’ll find the exact same set up at East Fife owners who take nothing to do with running the club or putting in a penny. Both clubs relying on a board that are basically fans running the clubs. Only interest is the profit that can be made from around the stadium.
  17. Cove Rangers and Kelty Hearts average home attendance this season is 660 and that’s on a season where they are having runaway league success. Airdrie running a full time set up averaging 800 fans clearly outside resources funding all this, at what stage does the Gretna impact kick in. When your depending on one man like Brooks Mileson then it will clearly run it’s course. How long can Falkirk go on running a full time club paying one player a reported £1500 per week . Good luck to them all but the figures don’t add up,
  18. It’s no coincidence to find East Fife and Dumbarton in dire straights the whole ownership thing of both clubs is a mess that doesn’t look like being resolved any time soon. Silent owners not interested in the football side of things only seeing the land round about the stadiums as a cash cow. No financial input from either owners so there is no way any of the two of us are competing against teams paying players £500 per week. I’d assume a good wage at East Fife or Dumbarton would be £250 to £ 300. You need owners who are going to engage with the community at this level and engage with local businesses. There is no way the East Fife team of the last 2 weeks will win 2 more games so Dumbarton pretty safe in 9th place. Since your Kelly’s and Cove have came around and started to fling silly money around it’s been a dream for players as they can negotiate much bigger salaries. If your team can’t afford the £500 per week gong rate for a league one player you’ll find it harder and harder to compete.
  19. Unbeaten against Peterhead in 4 games this season with one victory and a draw at Balmoor one a cup tie. Having said that after our last 2 performances I’d say your probably right.
  20. Majority of players just not good enough for 1st division level just look at the boy Boyd playing for Alloa today couldn’t get a sniff of a game for East Fife a couple of years ago but he would comfortably be our best striker by some distance now. Lost a lot of quality and just never been replaced, last 2 weeks have been as bad as it has been. Not sure about Crawford but I’ll give him the benefit of building his own team and see where we go. Decent home crowd today but not sure many people will part with £15 to watch what has been served up last fortnight. Board not blameless in the mess we find ourselves in.
  21. Airdrie. 0. Cove Rangers 1 Dumbarton. 0. Montrose. 1 East Fife. 2. Alloa. 1 Peterhead. 1. Falkirk. 1 Queens Park. 2. Clyde. 0
  22. Airdrie 0. Queens Park. 0 Alloa. 3. Peterhead. 2 Clyde. 0. East. Fife. 0 Montrose. 0. Cove 1 Dumbarton. 1. Falkirk. 2
  23. Our luck with injuries this season have been the worst I can ever remember, huge credit to the guys who came in today and played out of position. The whole team gave it their all and over the piece deserved the 3 points. The difference with Crawford is the teams work rate has increased 10 fold and they are making the opposition work for everything they get. The early goal gives the whole place a massive lift and was a really good finish by Kyle Connol. We were on the front foot until Dumbarton came into it a bit before half time. We started the 2nd half well and missed a couple of golden chances and you get a feeling it could bite you in the bum. If ever a player deserved a goal it was Danny Denholm his work rate was unreal and how he enjoyed his moment. Still a lot of work to be done but we have given ourselves a fighting chance. I’m sure Stevie Crawford won’t be getting carried away as he knows a lot of twist and turns lie ahead on the road to safety.
  24. Cove Rangers. 3. Clyde. 0 East Fife. 0. Dumbarton 0 Falkirk. 1. Airdrie. 3 Peterhead. 0. Montrose. 1 Queens Park. 2. Alloa 1
  25. Crawford has certainly made us harder to beat and we have managed to stop losing goals by the barrow load. Think most Fife fans would have taken a point if offered before the game. Think the board will now be wishing they hadn’t given Darren Young so much time, as games are running out. Crawford has turned things round the last half dozen games after it took him time to root out the players who just weren’t putting in much effort. Still lacking a bit of quality in the final a third and our lack of goals for is the one big concern in our bid for survival. Three massive games coming up against bottom 5 teams Dumbarton , Clyde and Alloa. These games will make or break our season.
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